The Book of a Thousand Lores

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    Here's a fun game.

    Let's all make some Gods, or some creatures, or some Epic Heroes of Legend, or a new Religion or Prophercy.

    Title of Entry:
    Race: God, Demi-God, Mortal, Dragon...
    Role: Goddess of the Ocean, for example.
    Responsibilities: if any.
    Natural Powers:
    Symbol(s)/Objects: if relevant. Also includes colours, herbs, natural happenings, whatever is relevant.
    Use: What the story/God/creature is used to denote by people in your society, such as 'This Goddess is used by Pirates as a raging symbol to spread fear into the hearts of sailors, merchants and fishermen. They spread rumours and myths of her loyalty to swashbucklers.'

    A Tale: A piece of folk Lore about them. The main tale, or one of many.

    These can be made up for fun or taken from your Novel.

    Only two rules. Maybe one and a half...
    Don't repeat or plagurise.
    If you find inspiration you want to use in your Lore, you'll need the permission of the author. I'd advise a conversation. Expect a no.