The epic Alcea Collection is now available in audio formats.

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    With the release of Alutar: the Great Demon, the entire Alcea Collection is completely recorded and available at my site.

    The complete Alcea Collection contains over 2.5 million words in 17 volumes. The audio versions are over 234 hours long and require 23 MP3 CDs or 205 CD Audio discs. The MP3 download files come in at just under 10 GB.

    All of the audio is unabridged and read by the author.

    The books of the Alcea Collection:

    Alcea Collection

    - Targa Trilogy
    -- Origin Scroll
    -- Dark Quest
    -- Ancient Prophecy

    - Sword of Heavens
    -- Sapphire of the Fairies
    -- Unicorns' Opal
    -- Abuud: the One-Eyed God
    -- Dwarven Ruby
    -- Emerald of the Elves
    -- Dragons' Onyx
    -- Amethyst of the Gods

    - Demonstone Chronicles
    -- Knights of Alcea
    -- Final Voyage of the Remora
    -- Council of War
    -- Demonkin
    -- Heirs of the Enemy
    -- 13 Day War
    -- Alutar: the Great Demon