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    Easily one of the most contentious issues on this board has been the Goodkind vs Jordan debate. Having not read Jordan, I decided to stick up for Goodkind. Rereading his whole series I have realised what a downward spiral he is on. Soul of the Fire was woeful. It seems to me he got to some imaginary page limit, then decided he had to finish the novel and chopped it off in 10 pages. The ending seemed rushed and wasn't very well explained at all.
    So I decided to read the reviews on this site for Faith of the Fallen. Living in Australia, it hasn't been released here yet, and I'll wait for it in paperback anyway.
    Anyway, the general gist of the reviews was that Goodkind was the greatest author ever, and his series just kept getting better and better.
    I tend to disagree with this. In my opinion there are several authors easily better than Goodkind out there. Donaldson. Wurts. Brooks. And as I have previously stated, I believe that Goodkind is on a definite downward spiral with the Sword of Truth series.
    It would seem to me that the review area isn't really getting used for reviews. Saying you like a book isn't a review. Saying you like it and justifying why is.

    So here comes the questions for discussion:
    Who are these people that think he is the greatest author? Do they post on this board? Does anyone on this board post reviews on the main site?
    And if the review posters are reading this communication, may I ask why they think Goodkind is the greatest author and how they can possibly justify stating that the series is getting better?

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    I tend to agree with you, Eventine. I like Goodkind, and was absolutely enthralled by the first book of his Wizard series, but the last one that I read seemed to drag, and drag, and then just end. Nothing really happened except Kahlan and Richard are once again up to their ass in trouble. I will still read the next in the series, but it can wait until it comes out in paperback. The intensity of the first couple of books is gone.
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