"The Heart of the Mirage"

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    Well, I have not been around for a while. Why not? The Heart of the Mirage is why not...

    Deadline for HarperCollins for book 1 of The Mirage Makers trilogy is 1st May...and I have just finished. Tomorrow I send it off and wait in trepidation for editorial feedback. So far comments from beta readers seem to be wonderfully favourable, even from people who read an earlier draft which I now think was a bit crappy!

    (I often wonder why people want to be beta readers. I just don't get why someone wants to read an unfinished, unedited version of what might at the end of the road be a much better finished novel. Still I love 'em, those beta readers of mine, and I know that because of their early comments, the book ends up a better read.)

    The Mirage Makers is set in a Roman Empire type world (with some important differences) and it's about betrayal (of just about every kind), invasion, insurgency, and lots of other good stuff. It is due for publication April 2005.

    In the meantime, The Aware is now out in the USA. If you haven't read it - give it try! :D Take a look at my website for reviews and a pix of the cover here
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