The Sky at Night - 1963, Arthur C. Clarke

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    Found this on Twitter this morning. It's an episode of the show The Sky at Night that was once lost, but has recently been found again.

    There's not a lot of sci-fi in it, but there's Clarke talking about satellites and a now-laughable prediction about moon-bases from Sir Patrick at the start.
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    Thanks, that was a great show in a flashback kind of way.

    Clarke's novel A Fall of Moondust is based on that lunar sea idea. I have never seen that discussed before only read it mentioned in a few places. I don't see why Clarke didn't use it to promote his book. LOL

    I'm not entirely sure how laughable a Moon base is though. The US just failed to live up to the 60s optimism. I don't really understand why we don't have robots prospecting on the Moon right now. Why send robots to explore Mars when we can control them on the Moon since it is less than 2 light seconds away?

    Why ship material to the Moon if it can be mined and processed there? Have a base ready when people get there. The Moon could then be the jumping off point to the rest of the solar system. FTL makes nice sci-fi TV shows but I won't be surprised if it is impossible and even if it is possible it might not be figured out in the next 300 years. So what do we do in the mean time?

    No man on Mars by 1988. LOL But nobody was talking about Peak Oil and Global Warming in 1963.

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