"The Tainted" gets voted in the top ten...

Discussion in 'Fantasy / Horror' started by glendalarke, Jul 20, 2005.

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    I'm actually a bit embarrassed by this.

    HarperCollins Voyager had a big birthday celebration for their 10th Australian anniversary, and there was an internet vote on the Top Ten Voyager books of those 10 years. No surprise that Lord of the Rings topped the list. Some of the others were no surprise either: Fahrenheit 451, The Hobbit, Feist's The Magician. Anne Bishop, Goodkind. There were 3 Australians on the list (Fallon's Medalon was certainly no surprise). But The Tainted was. I thought it had so little to do with me that I never even bothered to announce the vote on my website... I was flabbergasted, touched and enormously pleased.

    If anyone reading this voted for me - please accept my delighted thanks. :D