Time Machine

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    A starship 5 kilometers long and 500 meters wide is detected approaching Earth,
    it puts out a significant amount of gamma rays and high energy plasma as it
    slows down at a rate of 9.81 meters per second. As it approaches Geosynchronous
    orbit over South America, it throttles back its main thrusters and starts
    tumbling end over end to maintain centripetal acceleration to make up the
    difference of its throttled back main engine. The gamma ray out put drops as its
    main engines throttle down to zero thrust, but the engine chamber still outputs
    a muted signature of gamma rays. Telescopic observation detects a cable being
    lowered towards the Earth's surface the full 42,164 kilometers. An object
    suspended beneath the cable touches down on a clearing in the rainforest and
    firmly plants itself into the soil. The starship does nothing further on its

    Investigators approach the cable The cable is 50 centimeters wide, the object
    planted underneath it is a 25 meters wide cylinder that is 4 meters in height. A
    door slides opne upon the approach of the investigator, interior lights
    illuminate the chamber inside. 3 display screens show the view outside the
    chamber, they cover 50% of the wall surface, showing a rainforest clearing,
    examination of the view displayed on the screen and the immediate surroundings
    of the chamber show that they don't match. The center of the chamber contains a
    number of cylindrical booths each one about 1.5 meters wide and 3 meters long
    placed in a horizontal position on the floor. The booths are arranged in a
    circular pattern with their lengths aligned in a radial orientation in the
    chamber. The router ring contains 39 of these booths. A circular row 1 meter
    inside that has 32 such booths. a third concentric ring seperated by a 1 meter
    gap holds 26 booths, a fourth ring inside than contains 20 booths for a total
    in all of 117 booths in the chamber. In the center of the room are banks of
    control equipment, and small screens showing the interior of a chamber similar
    to this one but without the investigators in it. Certain angles from cameras in
    the ceiling show wall screens in that other room which actually show the
    surroundings of the chamber the investigators are in.

    The cylindrical booths seem designed to hold human sized subjects and a modest
    amount of equipment. The controls in the center of the room are arranged with
    human sized and proportioned chairs among the monitoring equipment.
    Investigators discover the equipment controls the booths, activation of certain
    controls, fills a booth with a white milky substance that quickly hardens, a
    clear fluid then pours on top and dissolves the hardened solid. In in the other
    chamber shown in the monitors a similar booth fills with a white milky fluid and
    which hardens at the same time as the process is going on in the chamber the
    investigators are in, a clear liquid then pours in and desolves the resulting
    solid inside the other chamber's booth.

    Further investigation reveals than an object placed in a booth prior to the
    aforsaid process is initiated, will dissolve away after the white milky fluid
    hardens around it and the clear liquid is added, but that same object will
    appear in a booth in the chamber that the monitors are showing. Another control
    reverses the process and the object reappears in the chamber the investigators
    are in.

    The next step the investigators try is to put live animals in those booths, the
    milky substance pours around them, the creatures panick and try to escape but
    they are quickly engulfed, the substance hardens around them, and the clear
    liquid is added dissolving the substance and them while in the room shown in the
    monitor the milky substance is dissolved away by the clear liquid and the live
    animal appears in the corresponding booth from where the hardened milky
    substance was dissolved.

    At a further point a human volunteer tries one of the booths, he appears on one
    of the monitors showing the other chamber as he rises out of the booth, dusting
    himself off and checking on his equipment, clothes, and all. The explorer exits
    the chamber through one of the sliding doors, into the clearing in the
    rainforest shown on the wall monitors of the chamber the investigators are in,
    the explorer waves back and looks around. Pulling out a pair of binoculars, he
    scans the sky. An identical starship is seen at the top of the cable. The
    explorer pitches a tent, examines the plant and animal life in the immediate
    area, and then at night he studies the sky, takes some photographs, and then the
    next day he returns to the chamber undergoes the same process to bring him back
    to the chamber the investigators are in and uploads the pictures he's taken.
    Examination of the evidence indicates he traveled back in time to an era
    corresponding to 18,000 years ago or about the year 15999 BC to be precise.
    Attempts were made to communicate with the mothership(s) but they aren't