You don't know what you've got til it's gone...when males miss their extinct women...

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    there is a saying that seems to be famous...

    "You don't know what you've got til it's gone"

    i bet this phrase is ALWAYS in the minds of all those humans, sub humans species, humanoids aliens, etc....whose females are either all extinct or the male populations surpass their females or the very few alive females of their species most are sterile and because of this look for others humanoid females for breeding elsewhere.

    there are some several science fiction novels and vampires novels that use this kind of examples species tragedy. however, this kind of species mini apocalypse situation are even more common in erotica or erotic novels, whether the sub human species or humanoid alien species mate for life in the typical monogamy way(one male x one female) or in a polygamist but fidelity way(one female married to 2 to 4 or more males for life).

    i will post first examples of ordinary scifi fiction and the the erotica ones (dont worry, i wont post sexual stuff in this topic!!!) to show you what kind of explanations their authors give in those novels for such kind of situations.

    one of the first novels that came up with this idea in order to create an interesting scifi story is Alan E. Nourse's Raiders from the Rings.

    i believe this novel was wrote by an author that seems to had knowledge in biology and genetics, because he give a detailed explanation of the problem that the Spacers human have with their lack of females population:

    there is one B scifi movie with a similar story but with martian humans spacers or colonist called:

    Mars Needs Women: American International Pictures made for TV science fiction film filmed in 1966 which features Tommy Kirk, Yvonne Craig, and Byron Lord.

    the explanation of their females problem is this one:

    in this B movie the explanation is that they have a genetic problem in their physiology rather than radiation contamination problems.

    another B movie also use this lacked females problem for their stories but instead of the "genetic problem" excuse, they use something else as excuse:

    there are several romantic erotic novels that use this kind of explanation to their females problem. other novels of this same genre prefer to use the excuse that their kind have the genetic problem of not being able to father females children or that a disease came to their planet and that killed many of their females and the few of them that are still alive are mostly sterile(only like 1% or less of their remaining females are fertile), so these very human like alien males(sometimes, the authors use sub human species from space colonies instead of the common human like aliens ones)have no others choices but to either kidnap human women and girls or evade our planet for the same matter, always for justified reasons since their survival depend so much on it.

    the most popular and best seller erotic romance novel that use this example of lacking female problem is the Dark Series, a group of books by Christine Feehan (once again, genetic problems in their kind that latter books seems to give a impression that this problem is being cause by the contamination that humans are putting on our earth and soils. and this species use the earth soil to sleep and cure themselves from injuries):

    there is one erotic romance novel called The Men of Anderas: Jardan By Cheryl Johnson, were human like alien men with this same problem (For more than 2,000 years they have been unable to produce female children because of some plague/disease, so now they must travel to other planets for their brides) also goes to earth in order to find human women to breed with but before they go to this earthe females safari, their leaders put a list of rules that have to being follow so not to cause harm or scicological trauma to the human women and their families and love ones:

    in all this kind of novels(both erotic and non erotic ones)i also notes that the males aliens and sub colonist human species, once they get their hands on a human woman or girl and marry/mate/attach/contract with them, they gave her a better treatment, love and respect that women DON'T get from their human males husbands or boyfriends on earth.

    here are some examples in fiction....

    from Alan E. Nourse's Raiders from the Rings:

    Ben spread his hands helplessly. “What’s she afraid of?” he asked her brother.
    “What do you think she’s afraid of? What are we supposed to think you kidnapped her for?”
    “To be a mauki, of course,” Ben said.
    “What’s a mauki?”
    “Why, a mauki’s a… a mauki,” Ben said, staring at the youth. The Earthman sounded as though he
    had never heard the word before, and Ben’s confusion deepened. What could he say to explain, if these
    people were really ignorant of a mauki’s place in the Spacer world? That a mauki was the wife of a
    Spacer? His companion in the dreadful loneliness of a Spacer’s life? The mother of his boys? The proud
    and loyal head of the Spacer family? A mauki was all of these things, of course, and far more that was
    not so easy to ex-press—at least not now, to two hostile Earth people.

    “Then you mean that all of the women who have been kidnapped from Earth have become Spacer
    wives?” Tom said.
    “Not all of them. No girl has ever been forced to become a mauki, and there are always a few who
    refuse to marry, but not very many. For most of them our life has become their life, and they are as loyal
    to us as any Spacer man.”

    “You never really told us,” she said to Ben. “What is a mauki? We asked you before, but you didn’t
    “It’s so hard to explain,” Ben said. “Mauki isn’t just a word, and a mauki isn’t only a wife and a
    mother. My father once told me that he wasn’t sure but he thought the word itself was a corruption of an
    old Klickitat Indian word meaning ‘warrior who sings.’ There is something extra special about a
    mauki—it has to do with her singing and morale-building. I’m sorry, but this is the best I can do to
    answer your question, except that I might say without maukis our life would be empty indeed.”
    “Then,” Tom said, “I take it that while all maukis are women, not all women are maukis.”
    Ben smiled. “Yes, that’s right.”

    “You make us sound beastly,” she said. “But you just ignore
    our side of the picture. You don’t pay any attention to how we felt, never knowing when another raid
    would come. You don’t understand how our people dreaded those raids, knowing they were coming and
    knowing that sisters or daughters would be stolen away and disappear forever. And you don’t say
    anything about the mur-der and mayhem your own raiders were responsible for on Earth.”
    Ben nodded. “I know people were killed in the raids,” he said. “But it was never murder for the sake
    of murder. And that was why we developed the tangle-guns, so we could de-fend ourselves on Earth
    raids without hurting people. As for the kidnappings, if Earth had let us come down in peace to find our
    wives, there wouldn’t have been any kidnappings, and no kidnapped girl was every forced into marriage
    against her will. None of the girls liked the idea at first, but when they heard the songs and stories and
    saw the way we lived—” He spread his hands. “You would have to look far and wide to-day to find a
    disloyal mauki.”

    another examples of this treatment to their new human wives can also be found in this polyandry menage The Kalquor/Earth Saga novels by Tracy St. John and just like the Spacer astronauts men of the novel above called their human wives Mauki, the Kalquor alien men(an alien human like species that poised on the brink of extinction due to the lack of their females also because of disease) call their wives and human wives Matara(mate/child bearer/female child-bearer):

    “Do you have any idea what the life of a Matara is like?”
    “What does that have to do with anything?”
    "The Matara wants for nothing. The rest of the clan would go hungry to feed her. They would go naked to clothe her. They would kill for her; they would die for her. Her smile is their sun; her tears, their hell. She is their goddess to worship and adore.”

    Kalquor is a rich planet in ores and natural resources.
    Everyone there has a share of the wealth. The Earther Mataras will live in fine homes.
    They will enjoy the best foods, clothes, jewels, and any material goods they wish for.
    Their clans will care for them, ensuring good health and long lives. You already know
    from experience that their medical care is centuries ahead of Earth’s. Most of all, the
    clans will love these women unconditionally, for that is the Kalquorian way. Do your
    Earth men offer that? Only a few, sadly enough. Most of your men, by your own
    admission, see you as slaves to their lusts at the worst and slaves for breeding at best.
    Earther women are slaves already! So what if the Earther Mataras fight or beg for their
    freedom at first? As time passes, they will know their good fortune and cherish their new
    lives. You know your own life will only get better with Rajhir’s clan.”

    "You mentioned they were looking for a Matara. What is that?"
    "You don’t know? The Matara bears the clan’s children. It's a permanent
    arrangement, like Earther marriage, but Kalquorians never divorce. The Matara is the
    clan’s beloved, the fourth member of the group when one can be found."

    -Alien Embrace by Tracy St. John

    i will show others examples latter....
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    just recently i had also found the oposite side of this kind of sub genre, were the men are the ones either all sterile or totaly extinc. in others words: "Venus need Men" genre.

    i manage to found some b movies, some stories in books and even a funny Splicers episode of this topic......

    A WOMAN'S WORLD 138-9 Chri Plus by Hilary Jerome:

    here is a good PDF mini spoiler and review of the novel above:

    and The Last Man on Planet Earth a 1999 TV movie about a female-dominated society, were the main female character is the ONLY one that realize what is realy WRONG with her present so called "utopia" and star to behave in a more logical and rational matter(UNLIKE the rest of the women there):

    Mr. Adam (1946) is the first novel written by Pat Frank with the a funny motto "Mr. Adam Was Wanted By Every Woman in the World":

    Sliders TV series scifi also have an episode called LOVE GODS, of this and funny too:

    another novel with irrantional so called "utopia" feminist world were men no longer exist until one is found latter:

    World Without Men by Charles Eric Maine and this is the biggest review i found of it:

    i will show others examples latter of this subject, bye.