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  1. New Writer
  2. flatmanCROOKED is calling for submissions
  3. Critique: The Cuckoo Pt2
  4. Critique: Converting screenplay montage to novel scene...does this work?
  5. Mapmaking
  6. Critique
  7. Critique: C.A.I.N., first four chapters. (12p)
  8. Critique: The Mourning Syndrome
  9. Grey eyes in fantasy?
  10. Funky issues when it comes to formatting manuscripts...
  11. Personal motivation for characters
  12. Locksmithing
  13. Worldbuilding?
  14. The speed of information...
  15. anyone like this idea?
  16. When is the 2007 short story contest?
  17. Critique: Revision of Assassin short story
  18. Critique: Kamnor Chronicles
  19. Critique: Does this have potential?
  20. On marketing and success
  21. Here i go again
  22. sci-fi help em think of an enemy please
  23. Bigger writing communities?
  24. Critique: WOTF: Need Feedback on My Short Story.
  25. Good places for sci-fi/fantasy poems?
  26. The calm before the storm
  27. Reasons to Write
  28. Critique: Horror-esque Story for School.
  29. Critque: Fantasy story
  30. SAS Postcards
  31. Comedy SFF
  32. Critique:short short story - feedback welcomed
  33. Critique:Fated Children. Book 1 Of Destinies Child., Proposed blurb and other HELP
  34. Mary Sue / Marty Stu
  35. 2,700 A.D. (Poem)
  36. Critique: Beginnings Chapter 5
  37. Submit your Short Story or Poems
  38. The process of submission takes forever!
  39. Critique: Anyone want to beta read
  40. Can I get some help with characters? I need opinions!
  41. Gift or Weapon?
  42. Keep writing, and keep submitting!
  43. Modern fantasy v classic fantasy.
  44. A Good Idea?
  45. Critique: Book I am writing
  46. Using the Web to Find an Agent
  47. Hello all!
  48. Critique:H-H-Help. Ideas,stuck on how to begin my novel, I need help
  49. Lord of Embers Chapter One Critique appreciated
  50. Critique: How Creative Are These Characters?
  51. Critique: Story Idea
  52. Out of Country Publishing?
  53. Re Earlier Discussion and Graffitti
  54. NaNoWriMo 2007
  55. Student tasked with creating a magazine needs YOU!
  56. Critique: Excerpt from a novel I'm writing
  57. Critique:Here's a short story for you guys and girls: Tickler
  58. Critique: Help with a new story/universe
  59. Critique: Prologue- Rise of Darkness Tides
  60. POV question
  61. New to Sci-Fi
  62. A General Theory of Satisfaction
  63. Critique request: Beginning story / action sequences / creativity
  64. Any ideas to writing a clue/mystery outline?
  65. writers taking creative writing classes
  66. Critique: Check it out!
  67. Creating new Fantasy Novel
  68. However, Nevertheless, Notwithstanding, etc
  69. Survey for readers and writers of fantasy
  70. Critique: Help with my fantasy book concept
  71. Critique: Burning Bridges (SF)
  72. Critque: At the End of the Tunnel
  73. The Business Side
  74. Invented Languages?
  75. Critique: The Best Intentions
  76. Writing Outside of Your Culture
  77. Building credibility as an unpublished writer
  78. Critique: An alien invasion story with a twist
  79. The Anti Guide
  80. Creating a memorable antihero
  81. Critique: A Poem for the Background of my Plot
  82. Critique: RuneStar Prologue
  83. Grammer Rules for Newer Writers: MUST READ
  84. The Toba Event
  85. If I write a novel with lightsaber, am I allowed to use the word "lightsaber"?
  86. What can we do here?
  87. Critique: Is Better To Have Lost
  88. Questions on Novel structure and wornholes, teleporters, nanotechnology and time view
  89. Another Side of the Business
  90. Well, I've actually finished it.
  91. looking how to reach an author
  92. RuneStar Chapter One posted.
  93. Work/Women/and Writing
  94. science fiction and fantasy fiction
  95. 1st person perspective a question.
  96. Fantasy Code Of Conduct
  97. myths and fantasy..
  98. First Steps To Writing a Story
  99. Critique: Magi Nigri
  100. First person Vs. Third person POV
  101. Critique:Two ideas for a book opening -- which preferred?
  102. Critique: Is Better To Have Lost Pt. 2
  103. Fantasy & Fairy Tales
  104. Should I treat Religion as Fiction or Fantasy?
  105. Critique: Desolation Prologue, Chapter 1
  106. New...Any Help?
  107. How to write a best selling fantasy novel.
  108. Critique: RuneStar Chapter Two
  109. types of fantasy
  110. Why do you write?
  111. Should I write "blah blah blah" and move on?
  112. Rating a forum
  113. I hope this is original..
  114. When I've finished my story?
  115. time travel how to
  116. Critique: The Ordeal of Fire
  117. how many writing projects
  118. Critique: Is dialogue like this irritating?
  119. Critique: An Opening - Is this a decent hook?
  120. Friend is Asking for Advice
  121. Critique: Just a story idea.
  122. Looking for some self publish insight
  123. Critique: A Couple of My Maps
  124. Which of these two sentences is correct?
  125. Critique: Fated Children
  126. Building interest before publication
  127. Motivation
  128. Trolling for grammer and spelling errors
  129. Hemingway It Ain't
  130. How Not to Critique
  131. Critique: The Spartan Device
  132. How do you make your story sound less like a game module?
  133. Letting go of the plot?
  134. Critique: Timeline.
  135. Critique: Prologue
  136. Critique: First segment of short story
  137. Critique: My First Day Back (Mature Audiences only)
  138. Feedback Needed: Science Fiction Story
  139. Taking your warrior woman character too seriously?
  140. My Poem
  141. What are the stereotypes/cliches of Warrior Women?
  142. Write for storytelling, or write for success?
  143. Kingdom??Empire???Confused..
  144. Critique: Foreigner
  145. is resubmitting a good idea?
  146. Creating a character Profile?
  147. Critique: :'(
  148. Creating an outline: Should I be concerned?
  149. Another 10 Rules for Writing
  150. Critique: Opening to second novel, THE SUBTLE PHYSICS, in-the-works
  151. An excerpt for critique - Hemmingway it ain't.
  152. Critique: Opening Chapter 1 - a different approach.
  153. Critique: passage from AH novel 'Defender of the Reich'
  154. Writing from a different gender?
  155. Do All Stories Have a Moral?
  156. In the Beginning... There was a bang.
  157. Critique: The last words of man (short-short story)
  158. What makes a good villain for writing?
  159. Critique: Gone to Pluto in Sixty Seconds (short-story)
  160. To Sequel or not to sequel
  161. Writing for TV?
  162. Critique: Too Close for comfort?
  163. Critique my Creative Writing Attempt
  164. Critique:Testing the waters, with the beginning of an older story.
  165. Critique:[40k fan-fic] Welcome to Klatch
  166. Critique Creative writing promp
  167. Putting the pieces of a story together
  168. Critique - Chapter one [fantasy]
  169. Critique: The Rocket's Red Glare
  170. Amazon's CreateSpace program?
  171. Writing Groups in Chicago
  172. Book cover artist
  173. Crit this preview from my book
  174. Critique: First Draft of My Short Story
  175. Critique:My attempt at writing a short horror fiction story.
  176. Book release party/launch
  177. Grammatical hitch
  178. Critique: The Sharpshooter
  179. Critique: Erth need critique
  180. Critique:Beginning 2ch of a novel
  181. Can anyone come up with published examples?
  182. Editor and editing
  183. What is next to do..
  184. Mythical Creatures and Stories
  185. Need Critique on The Slave King
  186. guides
  187. Critique:Money Can Buy Happiness, But Not Adventure
  188. Blogging
  189. The Political esoterics of spec fic, or is Al Duncan really human?
  190. Editors and Publishers.
  191. The Crow
  192. crit. 1st page of my novel.
  193. The public opinion on Fantasy
  194. [Critique] Short story: The Trap
  195. Grammar Query
  196. Critique: Short story: The Darkenss Within
  197. How do you like your chapters?
  198. Font. Does it matter to you?
  199. Flash Fiction Contest: The Return
  200. Maps
  201. Any writers in here?
  202. Any writing skills here? Odyssey
  203. Critique: As Dreams Go By (A Very Short Story)
  204. Outlets for short stories (Sci-Fi)
  205. Critique: Love to have some feedback...
  206. Critique: Please look over,
  207. What Were You Thinking
  208. What should a new author do?
  209. Critique: The Villa (exceedingly short story)
  210. Mixing Mythologies
  211. Critique: Dark Days
  212. Critique: Zaminan
  213. Looking for any feedback...
  214. Flash Fic Contest: The Return: Voting thread A
  215. Flash Fic Contest: The Return: Voting thread 2
  216. Booksurge with Amazon.com
  217. Feedback: Ideas, Ramblisngs from a Sad sad man
  218. Need Comments, Epilogue
  219. My space warrior. Comments welcome.
  220. Where can one talk about poetry?
  221. New Idea
  222. True Born, please critique
  223. Critique: 1st timer
  224. Visualizing writing
  225. Critique: Midnight at the Sud-Z-Clean
  226. Myriad, critique please
  227. Divine Inferno - Please Critique
  228. Principles of Writing a Story
  229. Help! Historical Fiction Critique
  230. Omigod! An adverb! No, sorry. False alarm.
  231. The Road to Publication
  232. Submission guidelines question
  233. Critique: Does this work?
  234. What's in a name?
  235. Critique: How to hook the readers... your opinion
  236. Critique: How to make descriptions better?
  237. How to show and not tell character descriptions?
  238. Credibility or Money
  239. Writing for screenplay
  240. Ethical question... references
  241. Best way to set up a flashback?
  242. Critique: Word Keeper.
  243. Naming characters
  244. A single POV or multiple?
  245. Critique: synopsis.
  246. How does copyright for book title work?
  247. Read how Dan Simmons' critic on Da Vinci Code
  248. Can I Do That ?
  249. Is there a stigma associated with 'young adult' novels?
  250. Mercy - Chapter 1 & 2 - Critique please? ^^
  251. Bad ideas in Alternate History?
  252. What To Write
  253. Story Arc
  254. Short versus Long
  255. planning out a book
  256. How to write a story outline?
  257. How did you come up with your story ideas?
  258. Getting through to the details
  259. Book Cover Art
  260. SF and God
  261. Dragon's Eye, new idea needs comments
  262. Marina Sea goddess
  263. Fresno Scifi-Fantasy Writers
  264. Critique: Chapter 1 of Revenge at Black Hills
  265. How do I describe what the sea look like?
  266. i'm getting published
  267. Attempt at writing a short horror story.
  268. Wanted: New Slab of Cardboard
  269. Need some help with critiques
  270. need help with a querry
  271. Grammarian's Five Daughters
  272. IonWars: Looking for writer
  273. New Story
  274. I'm a young author...
  275. Help!!! I am Planing On Writing a Good Story.
  276. HarperCollins Unit to Cut Writer Advances
  277. i want to make robbery !
  278. Dragon's Eye, Chapter 1, please comment
  279. My Blog...
  280. Her Dress is Darkness (chapter 1) -- critiques appreciated
  281. Story Synopsis
  282. Having trouble finishing a novel
  283. Writing Space Battles
  284. Please critique my prologue
  285. write your own book
  286. Elinadria, Chp1
  287. SuperCivilization
  288. Help on a poem I once saw on the website
  289. For anyone interested
  290. looking for new writing
  291. How to Keep the Love Going (with your WIP)
  292. Getting Started.
  293. 1st 400 words of Her Dress is Darkness (critiques appreciated)
  294. Flash Fiction contest: Mars
  295. What non-Fiction are you reading?
  296. Need your work proofread?
  297. The Trouble With Tense
  298. New writer, Alvin123, chapter one of Duo of Destiny
  299. Working Fulltime
  300. Free or not so free
  301. Need Help Revising This Sentence ASAP, Please!
  302. Created a better verison of Duo of destiny, please comment
  303. Praetars Path My Book
  304. Constructive Advice and general discussion With Like minded aspiring authors
  305. Critique: Description and scene setting.
  306. Editing for Fun and Profit
  307. The Visitors
  308. Thesaurus, Dictionary recommendation.
  309. List of writing competitions?
  310. One sentence summary. Can you do it?
  311. Where do your ideas start from?
  312. Flash Fiction: Mars-Voting Thread
  313. new E-zine looking for contributions
  314. Villainous: A Hero’s Tale
  315. The Statue (SS, critique please)
  316. How in depth do you get with your world building
  317. How far can they go?
  318. Should I or shouldn't I use contractions?
  319. First Chapter of First Book, critic please!
  320. Dragon's Eye Finished product, Chapter one Reworked please review
  321. unknown title
  322. 1st part of Chapter 2 Dragon's Eye
  323. Mars - Flash Fiction Winner
  324. Critique: First page, Untitled
  325. Critique: Arcadian Snips and the Clockwork Consortium (Steampunk)
  326. Critique: Need a sharp, red, pen
  327. Concept Sci-fi E-zine - publish alongside 2 well-known authors
  328. Email Submission Question (Novel)
  329. In need of criticism.
  330. Critique on Prologue
  331. Critique: Prologue - Jason of Mars: The Scarlet Empire
  332. Why write?
  333. Duo of Destiny: The Black Sword, chap1 please critique
  334. Critique: First chapter (untitled)
  335. Question about 'apprently' and 'allegedly'
  336. HELP!!! readers needed For Tantelar
  337. short story manuscripts
  338. to pseudonym or not to pseudonym?
  339. FOREVERNESS excerpt
  340. Hello all!
  341. Flash fiction contest for June!
  342. Critique: First work in a while
  343. How to keep personal opinions out of your writing?
  344. New to the board, requesting some critiques if possible
  345. When beginnings go awry...
  346. Critique: Prologue (very short)
  347. Hanging my shingle...
  348. Critique: A Quick Beginning
  349. Need book titles
  350. Critque:Desert Theif
  351. Personal No-No's in writing
  352. how and why do we create languages ?
  353. Before going to press with our novel
  354. Magic and the Gender Wars
  355. help needed!!!
  356. Fantasy Resembling History
  357. June Flash Voting Thread A
  358. June Flash Voting Thread B
  359. Critique:To describe sins - First draft - short story
  360. Critique: Desert Thief pt3
  361. Critique my outline
  362. Short scripts: Weapon of Choice, Tattoo.
  363. Volunteer(Idea for Short).
  364. Titles of books I will never write
  365. Critique: The Devil's Logos
  366. Critique - Tantelar - Chapter 2 V2
  367. Bronze Swords???
  368. Writing disasters
  369. June Flash Competition - Winner!
  370. Critique: The Cave and the Cottage
  371. First 1000 words please critic
  372. Hello, Query letter question.
  373. Critique: The Desert Thief pt4
  374. Some help and advice on writing
  375. Zion: new story for critique
  376. Handling time and character switching
  377. Some help with info on Spaceships in Sci Fi
  378. Flash Fiction Contest for July
  379. Novel tips needed!
  380. Mini-Critique:Mirrorball
  381. Publishers
  382. Writing challenge
  383. Writing Contest for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers!
  384. Writing program giveaway - today only
  385. Fantasy Fast Travel?
  386. Interesting Idea
  387. July Flash Fiction - Voting Thread A
  388. July Flash Fiction - Voting Thread B
  389. Critque: The Unlucky Pilot Raimes
  390. Poem Surroundings
  391. Critique: Vampire Hunter Prologue :3
  392. Critique: A Troll's Life
  393. Crit: Chapter One (revision 1)
  394. Writing a "realistic" military power armor unit.
  395. Whats realistic?
  396. Critique:Pulp Comic Story
  397. Desired Traits in Fantasy Characters
  398. 1st Person vs. 3rd Person
  399. review
  400. July Flash Fiction - Winner
  401. Critique: a story set in pseudo-Mediterranean world of antiquity
  402. Critique: The Devil's Logos (Prologue)
  403. 150 - judged by Walter Jon Williams
  404. Web Sites
  405. Children of Tokua. Critique Please.
  406. August Flash Fiction Contest
  407. Critique - Doormakers' Fall intro
  408. Last Names
  409. What Seems Cooler
  410. Animation Writing
  411. Kingmaker
  412. Project Problems
  413. Critique: Glass, Midnight and a bit of Blood
  414. Pulp Comic Fairy Tale
  415. Wyrm, Chapter One -- Critique, please?
  416. Critique:Precinct 45 (Millitary SF,Mature:Languange)
  417. Critique: WIP
  418. How did one light fires in the old days?
  419. First look at The Paragon Series
  420. I Need A Few Good Editors
  421. Writing Haiku...
  422. Brain Dead... help?
  423. August Flash Fiction Voting - Part I
  424. August Flash Fiction Voting - Part II
  425. Two Questions
  426. A new first look
  427. First Chapter Critique
  428. Mer-god descriptions Critique
  429. Authonomy
  430. What do you think about this Idea?
  431. Cure - Chapter One (please let me know what you think)
  432. Return of Princess Elhart. Part 1. Please Critique
  433. The Life or Death of Emma and Danny. Chapter 1 & 2. Plz read and comment!
  434. Critique! The Fallen Village
  435. Frankfurt Book Fair
  436. Opinions on novel series idea
  437. Prologue Question
  438. First chapter critique!
  439. September Flash Fiction Contest!
  440. Dragon's Eye After advice
  441. 'Prologue' Critique
  442. Rune and Seiko, part 1. Please Critique. Thanks!
  443. Good Stuff
  444. Critique: Planning to write a novel
  445. RUNE AND (Seiko) DMITRI. Part Two. End
  446. Critique: new fantasy beginnings
  447. critique on style
  448. Critique - Chapter One, second draft
  449. ebook publishing
  450. World Fantasy Convention
  451. Idea
  452. Chapter 1 - critique - Soulbearers
  453. september flash fic voting - part A
  454. september flash fic voting - part B
  455. What are the ways to make your poems spread to the audience?
  456. I want to know the best story idea!
  457. nanowrimo 2008
  458. Just The First Two Pages Of A First Chapter. Please Critique, Thank you.
  459. Commas: So when do you use them?
  460. National Novel Writing Month
  461. Where to Start?
  462. A King's Court Prolouge, Third Book in The Kingdom Chronicles
  463. Help needed- Binary world question
  464. Betrayed By God: Critique Really Wanted
  465. First Three and a Half Pages. Please Critique. Thanks.
  466. Hard Lightning - critiques needed please!
  467. Infiltrating a Building: Overlord Says?
  468. The vs. flash fiction contest
  469. Short Story (Critique plz!)
  470. A King's Task Chapter one Book 2 need crititque please
  471. Looking for critiques on "Little White Lies".
  472. Prologue critique 2
  473. How to format letters within stories?
  474. New Writing Style
  475. Where do you start with your stories?
  476. "Hard Lightning" redux - critique again please!
  477. "Hard Lightning" redux - critique again please!
  478. Ideas from a Song
  479. Critique requested from a newcomer
  480. Critque: Klargon the Terrible (650 words)
  481. Where are all the posts?
  482. Critique: Dreamweaver
  483. Practice query critique
  484. vs. flash fiction contest voting thread
  485. First Four Pages Of My Prologue Up For Brutal Critique (New opinions always welcome!)
  486. Jealousy of other writers
  487. A proposition.
  488. I need a cat
  489. Exercise 1 - It's back, and this time it's personal.
  490. Married to Elves: Elrond & Company
  491. Critique: Newbie checking in - please take a look
  492. Thoughts on an event in my story
  493. Specific media and products in fiction
  494. Prologue + chap. up for critique
  495. New fairy tales up
  496. Exercise 2 - Old Faithful
  497. My novel critique
  498. Critque: Chapter 1 (intro) Fantasy story
  499. Getting the Most out of Micro Word 2007
  500. Critique: Projection
  501. Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
  502. Critique: third book in series, please Review A King's Court
  503. As it is official!
  504. Critique: first chapter of nascent fantasy -- thanks!
  505. Critique:Could someone look over my first 10000 words?
  506. Critique: Rocket Girl
  507. Question: (how to add italics in sffworld story thread)
  508. December Flash Fiction Contest
  509. Critique: An attempt at writing
  510. Critique:a bizzare tale of insanity and other stuff
  511. Critique: Story Idea: Honor the Gods
  512. EPPIE Finalist!
  513. Critique: Her Dress is Darkness (chapter 1)
  514. Crit please
  515. Chapter 1 crit (1088 words)
  516. The Industry
  517. Critique: Lost Sovereignty
  518. My Night before Christmas-A Story of Hope
  519. input put to good use.
  520. The simple Query.
  521. December Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  522. Burnout?
  523. Please critique - first 1,000 words of short story
  524. Questions about self-publishing and copyrights
  525. Heinlein Centennial Short Story Contest and Louise Laffin
  526. Show Don't Tell
  527. Opening with a nightmare/dream
  528. Format for writing books
  529. The Storyteller - Please comment, my book is finished
  530. So, simple question.
  531. Best Advice for a "Young" Writer
  532. Crit: The Wyrd War
  533. January Flash Fiction Contest
  534. Rough Drafts
  535. Do you agree with this quote?
  536. Crit: Curiosity
  537. Crit: King Of Sand Prologue
  538. Getting started...
  539. Distribution of Books in Foreign Countries. Anything a Fan Can Do?
  540. Looking for an original horror script...
  541. Research?
  542. First attempt at writing, critique please?
  543. Brilliant Ideas: Blessing or Bane?
  544. Insane Multi-Threading: Where's the Line?
  545. Crit please: Scions of the Shade (opening)
  546. Selling a short story
  547. Attending COSine 2009?
  548. "Writing in the Age of Distraction" by Cory Doctorow
  549. How to sneak down to a planet?
  550. Critique: my story
  551. Crit: Prologue
  552. Do you consider yourself a good writer?
  553. Source for submitting my articles, need help
  554. January Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  555. Looking for Horror Writers
  556. How to select a good title
  557. Do you guys have websites?
  558. What got you into writing?
  559. Writing exercises?
  560. Please let me know what you think :)
  561. Story Excerpt
  562. Tears of Fire- thoughts please
  563. Inventing aliens...
  564. Hard science-fiction: Breaking causality?
  565. Writing Battles
  566. Critique: (Mil Sci-Fi) Those Alone
  567. Dealing with too many ideas
  568. A Little Humor
  569. Critique (short): Just how bad is this?
  570. My First Chapter, made easier for the critiquer
  571. Help me blocked
  572. Weekly article/story
  573. More of The Chapel
  574. Critique please- very much needed
  575. Critique for short story
  576. Critique...Be honest.
  577. February Flash Fiction Contest
  578. Job position inquiry
  579. 1st chapter crit please.
  580. Critique: Magician suffering global amnesia
  581. Critique:Story Idea
  582. Scifi/fantacy: Writing vs Story
  583. Very confused (help!)
  584. Start with a bang?
  585. Story idea I've been kicking around for a while
  586. Critique for a difficult scene?
  587. Test
  588. 1st Critique
  589. Why? enslaving humanity
  590. writing notes question
  591. Dragon's Eye please look over for critique
  592. DemonSlayer Kai/Need help critiqueing
  593. Dallas, TX
  594. February Flash Fiction Voting Thread A
  595. February Flash Fiction Voting Thread B
  596. Most Common Grammatical Errors?
  597. Critique: Untitled
  598. Story: Black Angel-Needs Critiqe
  599. two questions
  600. question
  601. Critique: Forgotten Sickness
  602. prequel question
  603. Characterization
  604. What keeps you from writing seriously?
  605. Critique: A New Form of A Story
  606. Critique: First scene of a prologue
  607. [Descriptions] Too lurid and uninformative?
  608. Help Critique
  609. Chapter 1 - Anathema. First Draft.
  610. Not Rules But Tips
  611. World Building Protocol
  612. Critique very much appreciated.
  613. What's Your Writing Groove Feel Like?
  614. custom mythology in books
  615. gender question
  616. theology "discussion"
  617. looking for critique, comments, and help
  618. New story - Critique
  619. Dragon's Eye Chapter 2 critique please
  620. 'Anathema' by Martin Lesnoy
  621. Naia's Tower - Episode I, Part 1; critique?
  622. February's Tie-Breaking Postcard Fiction Contest Voting Thread!
  623. First Time Asking for a Critique on Here. . .
  624. Critique: Untitled WIP
  625. How to stay sane while editing?
  626. just started...!
  627. The Unsung Collaborator
  628. March Madness or March Flash Fiction Contest
  629. One Character or Two?
  630. Word Count Question
  631. Scenes vs. Summaries
  632. How much detail is simply too much?
  633. A random bit of sillyness...
  634. Prologue for critique
  635. My first novel, Synposis inside.
  636. Critique: Chapter one of Serendipity.
  637. Critique: CHAPTERS 1-3 of SERENDIPITY!
  638. An Earth Without Vegetation/O-zone
  639. Newly arrived on your Planet.
  640. Where Are My Haters?
  641. Critique "The Final Penance"
  642. Critique for a short story: Out of Boxes
  643. Help Critique: Nightwatcher
  644. Should books in a trilogy all stand alone?
  645. Critique: Flying with God
  646. Talking animals.
  647. Lost in the Night [Fantasy]
  648. Spaceship names
  649. Super human Race
  650. Synopsis critique - Renegade's Door
  651. Is heroism a dead trend?
  652. Writing a synopsis for a finished work
  653. Chapter 1 critique. (need help before i sumbit to agent)
  654. Critique: "The Walk Home"
  655. Writing a novel vs short story?
  656. New Author & The burning question
  657. March Flash Fiction Voting - Thread A
  658. March Flash Fiction Voting - Thread B
  659. For those of you writing Sci-Fi
  660. Publishing awkward-lengthed stories?
  661. Hi - New Here and need help
  662. So where's the science?
  663. Posting a story here
  664. Dark Earth Critique needed
  665. What you want in a writing site.
  666. Opening paragraph - where should I go with it?
  667. World Background and Creation
  668. Just a little diddy for all you authors!
  669. When is it Too Late to Introduce Another POV?
  670. fantasy question
  671. Rough first draft up for critiquing
  672. Looking for criticism and opinions
  673. When is it to much.....
  674. compelling settings
  675. April 2009 Flash Fiction Contest
  676. Avg. Word Count for Urban Fantasy?
  677. Blood on the Rocks (critique please)
  678. Contest entry (critique please)
  679. Where to begin?
  680. Average-Man (Critique Please)
  681. Free fantasy novel online
  682. First Person: Useless?
  683. Share your - Deus ex Machina
  684. Cyberpunk still viable?
  685. Reading your work aloud
  686. Sex and sexuality
  687. A Story up for Feedback, Criticism
  688. The Battle of the Sexes
  689. flight/birth (critique please)
  690. To See A Distant Shore (for crit.)
  691. Factual research resources?
  692. Using natural (native?) languages?
  693. Storytelling vs. Commentary
  694. April Flash Fiction Voting - Thread A
  695. April Flash Fiction Voting - Thread B
  696. Critique: Prologue: Miggleshanks
  697. Help please! "At" or "From"
  698. Yet another draft - Prologue for crit
  699. Depth - Do you have it?
  700. For Perfectionists Only
  701. Roll Your Own Hypertext
  702. Hello all, I am new here
  703. Dragon's Eye Chapter 4
  704. A robot apocalypse, in this neighborhood?
  705. How to Read a Novel
  706. Plot ideas for a Medieval Fantasy book?
  707. fantasy writing exams/quizes
  708. Is Magic over used?
  709. Writing for Dummies
  710. Hey All! Im new here and to writing. Any tips for a newby would be great.
  711. The Most Important Sentence in Your Story
  712. April 09 coin toss tie breaker flash fic voting thread
  713. Three Brother (prologue) for criticism
  714. How do I edit a story I wrote years ago?
  715. Cold, Hard Reality
  716. May Flash-Fiction Contest
  717. What does an editor do (for you)?
  718. If you knew today that you'd never be published, would you still write?
  719. Don't know how to start a novel
  720. Why does poor quality material sell?
  721. The Slave King Ch 2
  722. Some general questions about DEEP IMPACT & SPACE TRAVEL theories
  723. The Second Most Important Sentence in Your Story
  724. Horror/weird Short Stories
  725. Looking for writers for Anthology
  726. Short stories before novel?
  727. Fictional blog?
  728. Describing smell
  729. New May Flash Fiction Voting Thread A
  730. New May Flash Fiction Voting Thread B
  731. What natural disaster has the WORST effect, but SHORTEST recovery time?
  732. Possible Critique?
  733. Brainstorming ideas for a fictional planet
  734. Forget Surface to Orbit, let's talk realistic alternatives
  735. Check out my newly released book
  736. Writing as a Means of Structuring the Cosmos
  737. A have a deal, now what do I do?
  738. Major Critiquing.
  739. Quick Grammatical Question
  740. When is Enough Enough?
  741. What is passive voice?
  742. When Is Your Plot Is Moving Forward?
  743. Star Clusters and Star Systems
  744. [Critique] Mare Noctis
  745. The Middle Voice
  746. need advice on writing process
  747. ~Critique~ Kinetics: In Search of Willow
  748. Jeepers, it's jolly June's flash-fiction festival of fun.
  749. Dragon's Eye Ch 1-2
  750. Is this idea too derivative?
  751. Out of boredom: Underused and original settings
  752. Organizing your world-building
  753. Book Publishers
  754. Your first sale: now what?
  755. Forced Population Control - Ideas
  756. looking for info on real life writers workshops
  757. the "action-packed" idiocy
  758. Question on Novel Length and Outlining
  759. Greatful for feedback on Fantasy novel!
  760. June Flash-Fiction voting thread "A"
  761. June Flash-Fiction voting thread "B"
  762. For all flash fiction writers (Especially HE)
  763. Halfway Goals
  764. New Yorker Nora Roberts Profile
  765. Advice on time scale
  766. To capitalize or not to capitalize?
  767. Getting Published - Your Questions Answered
  768. Opinions on grammar if possible please
  769. Description of surroundings
  770. The Portal Kingdom Papers: The Dumian Prophecy
  771. Prologue Critique
  772. Small Publisher question
  773. Question of Shadows.
  774. July Flash Fiction Contest
  775. Requesting a Critique: Short Story (996 words of 7k+)
  776. Writing Sci-Fi
  777. The WORST sentence...
  778. Gather around children..
  779. To Simultaneous Submit or not to Simultaneous Submit
  780. FYI: Articles on Online Publishing
  781. World-building and character profile tips
  782. War of the Words
  783. Thoughts on Clarkesworld Mag
  784. Low-Fantasy Prologue. Please Critique.
  785. Prologue
  786. seeking an editor for a collaborative project at Hol Art Books
  787. To Walk the Unknown (tear it apart if you must)
  788. Fantasy help
  789. I'm new here, and I've got an idea!
  790. Electronic Submissions
  791. Handedness and SFF writing
  792. July Flash Fiction - Voting Thread A
  793. July Flash Fiction - Voting Thread B
  794. Magazines with unsolicited submissions
  795. Do you listen to music when you write?
  796. How do you know?
  797. First Impressions
  798. Mike's un-named *future* sci-fi novel
  799. A Hero?
  800. An Idea...
  801. Writers' Hour?
  802. Help! -Using someonequote/opinion in my book.
  803. August Flash Fiction Contest
  804. Hate It.
  805. Free Indirect Speech
  806. A Villain?
  807. Weapons and their job professions??
  808. Help with Title Tips
  809. Book I story idea - Too cliche?
  810. Trying to write
  811. Writing Short Stories
  812. Please, read my stuff I--Strong comments and thoughts needed
  813. Could Use Some Eyes, Them Some Opinions?
  814. A Writer Defends Herself In The Workplace
  815. 2 kilograms of Imagination. What to do?
  816. Writing about times of day/months etc
  817. Critique: A piece of fantasy to enjoy
  818. Untitled Short Story
  819. August Flash Fiction - Voting Thread A
  820. August Flash Fiction - Voting Thread B
  821. Self-published works?
  822. Looking for Critique: Vampire/Dark Sci Fi short (prologue)
  823. Constructing/Organizing a Mystery
  824. Critique:"The Karamaz Tomb" [Chapter by Chapter] (Fantasy)
  825. Critique: Wonder What's Next
  826. Exponential Growth
  827. Authors Explain How Drafts Suck
  828. Writing instruction books?
  829. Looking for opinions on a 1st draft Fantasy novel
  830. Anyone have screenwriting experience?
  831. By the power of Grayskull! It’s the September Flash Fiction Contest
  832. Takoren is a (web) Published Author now!
  833. Prologue. Final(?) draft FINALLY up for yay or nay.
  834. Writing Contests
  835. who reads SF?
  836. Game changing e-book reader
  837. Subtitles in writing - is it irritating?
  838. First post:apologies up front
  839. Question About Web-Based Word Processors
  840. fairy tale - comments welcome
  841. Marketing Your Work
  842. My Sci-fi Idea
  843. New Scientist Flash Fiction Contest
  844. Concept: short story lottery
  845. Action sequences?
  846. Viking (untitled) - Chapter 1
  847. September Flash Fiction Contest – Thread A
  848. September Flash Fiction Contest – Thread B
  849. Markets for shorter fiction dying?
  850. The Slave King redone ch 1
  851. DIFFERENT. Dark/Horror/Sci-fi Flash Fiction. 1000 wds
  852. WaspDog's just become a published author! :)
  853. Tell KatG Not to Look
  854. How (im)perfect does it have to be?
  855. Critique Please, on an Expanded Ouranos and Gaia
  856. Sample chapters this week in my blog
  857. Amateur critique and review website?
  858. Questions concerning a tutor...
  859. First interview for a reviewer
  860. A new guy.
  861. The October Flash Fiction Contest!
  862. Hello to all
  863. The Slave King Ch 2
  864. Critique please crew! Or - Critique crew please!
  865. Nanowrimo 2009
  866. Life's Little Mysteries: No 3,456
  867. Indie Publishing - how it happens.
  868. reincarnation?
  869. Fantasy whips SF's butt
  870. The Tip of the Spear!
  871. New authors
  872. Agents: Will you be Ready?
  873. Query Letter VS Cover Letter
  874. A short story, of sorts
  875. Submission prep questions
  876. A place for new authors?
  877. "Tommy said", or, "said Tommy"?
  878. Seeking out help for ideas.
  879. The October Flash Fiction Voting Thread "A"
  880. The October Flash Fiction Voting Thread "B"
  881. Theren Waterford (opinions)
  882. Moody Writer
  883. Audio books
  884. Critique request for my poem
  885. How do you go about getting a work published?
  886. If You Were Going to Build a Starship...
  887. Another Critique Request
  888. Ideas for a changed Earth
  889. Published Today!
  890. Requesting a Critique: Short Story (1,227 WC)
  891. Question on Querying Agents
  892. A book review from SFReader
  893. Interesting Titles
  894. An epic ending
  895. looking for constructive criticism
  896. The November Flash Fiction Contest
  897. Constructive Criticism for my story =)
  898. Quantum theories & Other dimensions
  899. The Eden Axiom
  900. Am I telling or showing?
  901. Moon phases
  902. Noobie seeking collaborator
  903. Help!!! I Can't Stop Researching
  904. the best way to find deals for sci fi novels?
  905. Find a Writer's Conference
  906. Ahh...crud.
  907. foreign words/phrases
  908. Call for papers!
  909. All the fiction tropes you could ever imagine?
  910. PoV preferences + Q on publishing
  911. Short Story Competition?
  912. Don't know how my character looks!
  913. Building a Fantasy World
  914. Stephanie Meyers's secret
  915. The November Flash Fiction Voting Thread "A"
  916. The November Flash Fiction Contest Voting Thread "B"
  917. Character-building (growing)
  918. Experience v. Imagination
  919. Why Write a Sex Scene?
  920. Diving right in, or building it up
  921. Barry Nugent interview
  922. For the Flash Fiction Contest Folks.
  923. Transitions--Why, When, How
  924. Could use a helpful hand or two
  925. Ho Ho Ho! December Flash Fiction Contest!
  926. Can someone give me an opinion?
  927. The Marketing Myth
  928. Publishing Models: Self-, Assisted-, Vanity-
  929. Contests, selling stories, and SFF World publication
  930. Critique: In Repair, short story
  931. Critique: Nails, short story
  932. Critique: My story idea(s), opinion please.
  933. High Tea at Grandma's
  934. Indie Game Studio Looking for Volunteer Writers
  935. Fixing Problems
  936. January-February 2010 Short Fiction Contest
  937. Fixing Length: The Cut Direct
  938. Fixing Length: Filling the Space
  939. Living in the far north/south
  940. Prologue: Pierce, Opinions please.
  941. non-native English writers
  942. How did your journey begin?
  943. Crit Request: Miggleshanks
  944. Manufacturing a Hit
  945. Ideas keep changing.
  946. Criticism appreciated on my first 'serious' attempt at writing.
  947. Architecture of Stories
  948. December Flash Fiction Voting - "Thread A"
  949. December Flash Fiction Voting - "Thread B"
  950. Workshops as Promotional Vehicle
  951. Is it long enough?
  952. Did you tell anyone?
  953. Problem: Protagonist and Antagonist as the same person
  954. General Criticisms Appreciated
  955. Time and the Writing Life
  956. Very cool photo project
  957. Legalities of story consultation
  958. January 2010 Flash Fiction contest
  959. Hat Trick, Writer Style
  960. Reading While Writing
  961. Writing Young Adult Sci-Fi
  962. How Do You Know a Reputable Magazine?
  963. Wanted: Self-Published Fantasy to review
  964. Interested in Colaboration?
  965. Novel Beginnings
  966. Sci-Fi at The Dying Art
  967. Unmechanized travel: Afoot
  968. Possibly Useful Statistics
  969. An idea I'm sitting on - feedback?
  970. writers of the future??
  971. Writer's Groups?
  972. Critique: My prolouge
  973. Formatting Woes
  974. Magic System - Feedback Appreciated
  975. The Forms of Fiction
  976. High Concept and Me
  977. What keeps your reader awake?
  978. The Traditional Route to Getting Published
  979. Why I Write Sci Fi
  980. Favorite writing software?
  981. What makes you enjoy a Protagonist?
  982. Flawed Characters
  983. Favorite Point of View
  984. Checklist for Un-Saleable Stories
  985. Quotes used as titles?
  986. Worried about my progress and objective critique
  987. January 2010 Flash Fic Voting Thread A
  988. January 2010 Flash Fic Voting Thread B
  989. We are Larva!
  990. January 2010 Flash Fic Voting Thread C
  991. Make those opening pages count
  992. collaboration
  993. RWA leads the way...finally.
  994. How to handle expository lumps?
  995. A Psychic Novel- Has anyone heard of anything like this?
  996. Why Write?
  997. February 2010 Flash Fiction Contest
  998. novel but no short stories?
  999. Character Descriptions?
  1000. A short Excerpt... Pls Critique...
  1001. The right word...or not
  1002. Favourite parts of your own
  1003. Feedback for ABNA Pitch
  1004. A Question on Contracts and Rights
  1005. What Comes Next?
  1006. Avast, matey!
  1007. Writing Fantastic Fiction
  1008. critique appreciated
  1009. What do you think of this book cover image?
  1010. Critique request,
  1011. On Races
  1012. The Dilemma of timing...
  1013. Please critique [fantasy/profanity/775 words]
  1014. Question on Magazines
  1015. Writing process?
  1016. Intentional bad grammar
  1017. Questions concerning SFF / Possible crit
  1018. Time, writing and re-writing...
  1019. Ouija
  1020. please give me some opinion about mu original
  1021. The Value of a Picture
  1022. Making It As A Writer
  1023. A Question for Published Authors
  1024. i'm getting published
  1025. FelFiction
  1026. Let's Talk Indies
  1027. Fiction Market Statistics
  1028. I had an idea (and it hurt)
  1029. eBook publisher selection. HELP!
  1030. the stigma of the short fantasy novel
  1031. To Agent or Not to Agent: that is the question
  1032. YA for girl teens only?
  1033. A quick copyright question
  1034. January-February 2010 Short Fiction Voting Thread
  1035. SASE question
  1036. February 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread A
  1037. February 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread B
  1038. How to tell it
  1039. Manuscript formatting question
  1040. Requesting Readers
  1041. February 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread C
  1042. Admin please respond
  1043. The Seijin: Chapter One
  1044. Microsoft Word 2007 question
  1045. Writing Tips @ the Guardian
  1046. A Writing Group.
  1047. critique please
  1048. Fantasy beating SF 2-to-1
  1049. Unpublished Book Contests
  1050. Macros in Word
  1051. Research First Hand: People
  1052. Research First Hand: Skills
  1053. Charles Stross blogs about writing and publishing
  1054. F&SF films - what good are they for written F&SF?
  1055. March 2010 Flash Fiction Contest
  1056. March-April 2010 Short Fiction Contest
  1057. Question about Infodump?
  1058. <Orange and her hat>a fantasy fairy tale story(pls feel free to read it)
  1059. Heard of These Publishers?
  1060. Easy come characters, Hard to go
  1061. Beta Reader Group
  1062. What's your muse like?
  1063. Colorful Characters
  1064. Heroseed - New Novel
  1065. A delicate situation.
  1066. Critics! CRITICS!
  1067. Would anyone be interested in writing for a sci-fi web game?
  1068. I (re)Wrote a Novel
  1069. Twister!
  1070. Hey there!
  1071. Knowing your Audience: A Business Perspective
  1072. Short Story Publishing
  1073. World-Building is Addictive
  1074. Anything other than MS WORD?
  1075. The Extra-Ordinary...Book 1, Evolutions.
  1076. Quality site...
  1077. Tipping the hand?
  1078. Who here has self-published a novel?
  1079. Paksenarrion sequel, or, Support your local bookstore
  1080. Critique on prologue please?
  1081. Writing the second book....
  1082. A question
  1083. My Weekend Mini-Project: The Same boat (Criticism welcome.)
  1084. Dwagginz' new project!
  1085. March 2010 Flash Fiction Contest - Voting Thread A
  1086. March 2010 Flash Fiction Contest - Voting Thread B
  1087. Writing podcasts?
  1088. Any good online stores selling SF?
  1089. Order of Chaos - Chapter 1
  1090. RocketGirl - My First Novel
  1091. The Antigonish Review
  1092. Looking for a reputable Editor/Editing Company
  1093. Debut Novel is First of a Trilogy?
  1094. Critique Request: Novel Excerpt: Demoncurse chapter 1
  1095. How to approach astronomy
  1096. POV Question- He or I?
  1097. Outlining
  1098. April 2010 Flash Fiction Contest
  1099. inter-planetary fantasy .. discussion
  1100. A New Sci-Fi idea - Please Critique
  1101. The magical F word and its use on this site
  1102. A few questions on POV and Showing, not telling.
  1103. Help! How do you DECIDE for a long story?
  1104. The language I dream in...
  1105. A Lucky Species
  1106. Sex in fantasy and sci-fi
  1107. Young Adult books
  1108. FTL and its consequences on a story
  1109. Online Writing Groups
  1110. Can you find a logical mistake in my story?
  1111. Shock Value: Scenes that Compel Reactions
  1112. Living in the past.
  1113. Wanted: beta readers for a WIP
  1114. Best way to approach a publisher?
  1115. Writing My First Fantasy Novel
  1116. Query - Synopsis of Novel
  1117. How novels are really made
  1118. Writers behaving badly...
  1119. Expiration time on Query Letters
  1120. The Rogue Conqueror: Prologue
  1121. 3D, Vampires, and Other Gimmicks
  1122. Punctuation solved; please?
  1123. Narratological effects and Musical Theory/Form
  1124. How do you come up with ideas?
  1125. Childrens Books
  1126. April 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread!
  1127. Opening scene critique
  1128. First thread, first short-story
  1129. Consistency
  1130. Opportunity Knocks
  1131. Heroseed Revamp
  1132. Synopsis for a series
  1133. Fantasy Ethics 101 (Research)
  1134. March/April Short Story Contest Poll
  1135. It's Dead, Jim...
  1136. Still not sure - final preparations
  1137. Critique Request: Novel Prologue: The Well Below the Valley
  1138. Editing vs Writing -
  1139. Commercial & Literary--real difference?
  1140. ecliptic plane mismatches
  1141. Word Macros for Writing
  1142. Appeal to Math/Science People: How Long to Consume an Island?
  1143. Massage Thy Temples
  1144. Would you buy this....?
  1145. Fight Scenes
  1146. A free sample of my upcoming novel, Half Way Home
  1147. Gender and Writing
  1148. May 2010 Flash Fiction Contest
  1149. Another new writer
  1150. What do women like to read and write about?
  1151. May/June Short Story Contest v3.0
  1152. professional editing?
  1153. Agent submission (making the beginning stronger)
  1154. Critique: Shadows of mind
  1155. Worldbuilding - different styles?
  1156. The Four Kinds of Action
  1157. Failure IS an Option
  1158. Is it easier to write for badguys for you?
  1159. Critque: First part of untitled story
  1160. Critique - Glitches
  1161. writing with a stylus
  1162. New Plot Idea
  1163. Proposal: A group to keep (or get) writers on track
  1164. The Tourist Effect and its Opposite
  1165. tragic ... Bree O'Mara
  1166. Kingdom of Heresy
  1167. Communication/Dialogue/Behavior-1
  1168. Heeeelp, Technical Difficulties
  1169. Communication/Dialogue/Behavior-2
  1170. Communication/Dialogue/Behavior-3
  1171. Self-Promotion
  1172. Deadline Support Group - Is a Scary Dead Lion Creeping Up On You?
  1173. Has Science Fiction ever been written Science-Fiction?
  1174. Sorry Guys...
  1175. Introductions
  1176. Critique: Ramiel
  1177. Setting and Backstory Tricks
  1178. The covering letter.
  1179. worst ideas ever???
  1180. Question on POV
  1181. Heretics abound.
  1182. I hate having to ask this but...
  1183. Bestseller Lists
  1184. weapons and dragons
  1185. May 2010 Flash Fiction Voting - Thread "A"
  1186. May 2010 Flash Fiction Voting - Thread "B"
  1187. How to Write Convincing Future Developments
  1188. Scene sequences in novel writing?
  1189. Daokanen
  1190. Slight problems
  1191. Harpooning - Is this possilbe?
  1192. Greetings
  1193. Good/bad guys
  1194. P Is for Paranormal
  1195. Who to read for great examples of technique
  1196. Codex Genesis - Blurb
  1197. When to Write About Writing, and When Not To
  1198. Sci Fi Anthology?
  1199. Horses / Riding Double - What's possible?
  1200. May 2010 Flash Fiction Tie-Breaker!
  1201. Alien Reproduction?
  1202. Difficulty defining genre - Assistance required!
  1203. Critique request (not very long)
  1204. Practice Makes Better
  1205. Do you incude map in novel MS?
  1206. June 2010 Flash Fiction Writing Contest
  1207. Request for help - Flash Fiction Re-write
  1208. How many readers do you usually include in the process?
  1209. Pacing
  1210. Mary Sues - How to and not to use them
  1211. A Nation Migrates...
  1212. 1st Timer needs HELP!
  1213. Hi! I'm new.
  1214. Question on grammar
  1215. ancient laguages and enhancements
  1216. critique request: Mark and Lor
  1217. Do you think like me?
  1218. Question about chapter breaks
  1219. Critique Request: The Four Phases That Gained Tranquility
  1220. The story of Amerissa's iniation
  1221. Navigation in Space
  1222. Formatting question
  1223. "Reality" check
  1224. Mechanics of specific FTL travel
  1225. Shockwave in Space?
  1226. Legal question on biography writing.
  1227. Specs
  1228. A quick note from me
  1229. Getting tooled up
  1230. June 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread A
  1231. June 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread B
  1232. Familiars
  1233. Sci-fi colony sim & 'Squishy' Sci-Fi;
  1234. May-June Short Story Contest Poll
  1235. The Awkward Transition from World-Building to Writing the Damn Book
  1236. Inspiration
  1237. music and writing (another unpopular thread)
  1238. Submissions – what is a “short” synopsis?
  1239. Creating chemistry between characters
  1240. No reading = no writing
  1241. L. Ron Hubbard WOTF Honorable Mention
  1242. July 2010 Flash Fiction Contest
  1243. July-August Short Story Contest
  1244. Omniverse: A Super Hero Epic (sort of)
  1245. "Show, don't tell" in fantasy
  1246. Seven Arrows
  1247. Feature your art to a worldwide audience
  1248. Newbie looking for pointers
  1249. Putting my foot in the door...
  1250. One paragraph: critique request
  1251. What is real high tech?
  1252. The "Canterbury Tales Approach"
  1253. Showing public opinions
  1254. Too much conversation?
  1255. Writing Multicultural Fantasy
  1256. Question for people who know horses. I know you're there. :D
  1257. Dialog Suggestions
  1258. Critique Request - Aether Prologue
  1259. The Physics of Using Asteroids and Weapons
  1260. How do you find a good local writers' group?
  1261. Opinions wanted
  1262. switching viewpoints
  1263. Critique - Alternative Opening
  1264. Dark Earth introduction
  1265. Help finding an old article.
  1266. Story development for tv and film
  1267. Jason of Mars
  1268. Pitching to agents/editors at a conference
  1269. Query Letter Input
  1270. What Fiction Writers Can Learn From Screenwriters
  1271. The Calico By A.J. Stinnett. Critiques Plz
  1272. Kind of interesting
  1273. Parsec
  1274. Science & Halos
  1275. July flash fiction voting thread
  1276. Crit Request: Song of the Dying (Epic Fantasy Excerpt)
  1277. What is the nature of SF? Should writers care?
  1278. Super Hero Girl
  1279. What do you write with?
  1280. Question about Vampires + Writing
  1281. The MacGuffin
  1282. Actually Dreaming About Your Story
  1283. aerial battleships
  1284. What do you think? Wordcount question.
  1285. SF market August deadlines
  1286. The Wargame
  1287. August 2010 Flash Fiction Contest
  1288. Homeworld
  1289. If this happened to you?
  1290. Critical error?
  1291. Cecaelia
  1292. Magazines and Web Resources for Aspiring Writers
  1293. Help! Need resource material for a new short story I'm writing!
  1294. How do I attach my work?
  1295. Do you hear prose when you read?
  1296. Our own collective world building project: opinions needed.
  1297. From outline and first draft to last draft - how to get there from here?
  1298. Too much detail?
  1299. What are your defenitions of A Villain, and Antagonist?
  1300. A quick question
  1301. Opinions Needed
  1302. Techniques to avoid preachy characters...
  1303. Commercially Lucrative: Male Harem or Female Harem
  1304. Who do you write for?
  1305. Hiatus
  1306. Agents
  1307. Is my World too broken-up?
  1308. Cold. a short story.
  1309. "Wall Between Worlds", an experiment
  1310. Sales Rankings -- eBook Vendors
  1311. Post work where?
  1312. Comments & Feedback? "Spirit Thorn"
  1313. Questions on creating an alien world
  1314. Best Books To read for Inspiration
  1315. Looking for a few friendly ears(eyes?)
  1316. Question About Excerpting Stories from a Longer Work
  1317. An acceptable Synopsis?
  1318. August FF Voting Thread 1
  1319. August FF Voting Thread 2
  1320. Describing Characters in Fantasy
  1321. Funny, perceptive quotes about writing
  1322. July-August 2010 Short Story Voting Thread
  1323. The Atlanta Nights Sting book
  1324. Publishing in US magazines as European
  1325. Call for Papers - Sexing Science Fiction
  1326. September 2010 Flash Fiction Contest
  1327. September-October Short Story Contest
  1328. Writing superheroes/villains as prose
  1329. Writing a monologue
  1330. Most sci-fi & fantasy about killing?
  1331. Questions for those who write book reviews...
  1332. Feedback appreciated
  1333. A Prologue - Is It Necessary?
  1334. Would like some feedback on opening chapter
  1335. Some questions
  1336. A new kind of Fantasy
  1337. Blurb - The D Generation
  1338. Monk Punk Anthology - Call for Submissions
  1339. My free book?
  1340. Free Copy of my e-Book for Forum Members
  1341. Thread of SFFWorld Fame
  1342. Mid-Project Panic or A really crappy Novel: How to tell?
  1343. 200 words or less Openings: Impress Us with your talent
  1344. Wanted: Writing Buddy
  1345. free marketting through p2p networks / other ideas
  1346. Classic High School
  1347. September 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread A
  1348. September 2010 Flash Fiction Voting Thread B
  1349. Special thanks for Scions critiques
  1350. choice of words
  1351. What It Takes to Write a Novel
  1352. Heroseed Universe
  1353. Oct '10 Flash Fiction Contest
  1354. Lost and Found.
  1355. Group help in creating an alien species
  1356. Finally!
  1357. Vampires vs. werewolves- why?
  1358. B&N PubIt! -- Unfortunately Named Self ePublishing
  1359. Fruits of Your Writing? [Covers, Trailers, Banners...]
  1360. More data on the gender reading difference
  1361. Post-Apocalyptic Research!
  1362. What an A-Hole!
  1363. Best place for short stories?
  1364. Other genres and Mary Sue's
  1365. Fantasy books with great introductions/beginnings/prologues
  1366. False Enemies - Creativity & Criticism
  1367. Call for submissions
  1368. Your master class in writing - is past!
  1369. Time and dimention travel - how much?
  1370. critique needed: opening scene
  1371. Critiqu needed - first chapter raw draft
  1372. The Oct '10 Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  1373. NaNoWriMo 2010
  1374. formatting question
  1375. The eBook Jungle
  1376. September-October 2010 Short Fiction Contest VOTING THREAD
  1377. Changing time descriptions
  1378. NaNoWriMo - WiP - 2010
  1379. Marketing E-book Mysteries
  1380. KatG passes 8000th post
  1381. Chapter Length
  1382. 2011 EPIC Award Finalist
  1383. Hello newbie to this forum -Where is my story?
  1384. Who would be interested in...?
  1385. A Fine Place For Inspirational Nonsense.
  1386. A Halloweeny kind of rhyme.
  1387. Nov. '10 Flash Fiction contest.
  1388. Character Conflict and World Conflict
  1389. Research Help: Posion-making for Assassin.
  1390. Cliff Hangers vs. Resolve
  1391. Please Critique
  1392. November - December 2010 Short Story
  1393. Feedback on Titles
  1394. How to tone down a badass character
  1395. I sold something!
  1396. Separate scenes too frequent?
  1397. A Public Thank You: KatG and Hobbit
  1398. The Future of Electronic Publishing
  1399. Pitchapalooza
  1400. What is the future of print technology?
  1401. New Blog / Reviews: Bargain eBooks
  1402. I need help finding sci-fi publishers.
  1403. For Remembrance
  1404. Laptops for Writers
  1405. What is your writing style and how will it progress writing?
  1406. Computers for Writers
  1407. First Chapter of my story, Comments Please
  1408. Community written SciFi epic space opera
  1409. New to this...
  1410. Query letters
  1411. The Primal Story
  1412. Little help please? Critique needed
  1413. Anyone here attending LosCon?
  1414. Nov. '10 Flash Fiction contest Poll - # 1
  1415. Nov. '10 Flash Fiction contest Poll - # 2
  1416. Looking for someone to write the main story arc for a video game.
  1417. I am new and looking for some help on Beginning stories
  1418. Prologue to my story, please read and comment
  1419. First Draft of a Short Story...Any Thoughts?
  1420. Character developement = feminine?
  1421. I'm new. Looking for critique
  1422. Introductions
  1423. How to handle rejection?
  1424. Hi, I'm new here
  1425. Agent open for submission.
  1426. December's Most Excellent FF Contest
  1427. NaNoWriMo WIP Renegades December
  1428. Critique Appreciated. Thank you!
  1429. Readers Needed for my WIP
  1430. Where can I learn about...
  1431. New guy here
  1432. The Big Thread of Content Queries
  1433. The Traditional Races
  1434. Fight scene - help.
  1435. Experimental Grammar...ever tried it?
  1436. Paying members to read and comment
  1437. Learning Poetry
  1438. Aquaman <> Sub-Mariner VS Versimilitude
  1439. Self-published vs. "Published"
  1440. my route into getting published
  1441. Chapter-order
  1442. Target audience/Niche market
  1443. Looking for (honest) feedback for new author
  1444. Optimum price for your paperback self-pub
  1445. Is this paragraph confusing at all?
  1446. Sumbission-ready editors???
  1447. New publishing market for unpublished authors
  1448. What do you think of this prologue?
  1449. Preface - Critique & Feedback, please?
  1450. Cajun "Night Before Christmas"
  1451. Open to suggestions for short story
  1452. December's Most Excellent FF Poll A
  1453. Decembers FF Thread B version 2.0
  1454. Having trouble breaking up paragraphs...
  1455. Angry Robot Books
  1456. Setting the scene or death by narration?
  1457. January 2011 Flash Fiction Competition
  1458. polybooks - the future of electronic publishing
  1459. Novel WIP Writers Anonymous
  1460. Homemade book teaser looking for opinions...
  1461. Post-Apocolyptic Fantasy Idea
  1462. Free Reviews for PODs
  1463. I'm Going To Write a Book
  1464. First part of my story
  1465. Help - what does a walrus do?
  1466. Re-writing
  1467. A little worried about publishing
  1468. Creating your own good but free web site
  1469. Help needed for inspiration for potential dieselpunk short story series
  1470. honest opinion on my writing skills
  1471. The Dregs (Crit Request) (Lang, Violence, Stupidity)
  1472. Hi, Im New
  1473. A Few Questions
  1474. Another opinion thread ;)
  1475. Writers of the Future Honorable Mention
  1476. Second Draft of story, opinions?
  1477. Children of Fire
  1478. Short Stories Sought for Shared World Anthologies
  1479. Build by Blog?
  1480. What do you think of this query letter?
  1481. Micro Stories.
  1482. Is this actually any good?
  1483. Click!
  1484. Breaking away from a cliche
  1485. November - January Short Story Contest
  1486. January 2011 Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  1487. Query letter
  1488. What lines should not be crossed?
  1489. My Retribution
  1490. NOOK color tablet - the future of electronic publishing
  1491. Novel WIP Writers February
  1492. February-March 2011 Short Story Contest
  1493. February 2011 Flash Fiction Competition
  1494. Lights! Camera! Ipad?
  1495. Epilogue - do you read it.
  1496. help would be amazing
  1497. would you read this?
  1498. my query letter
  1499. Anyone have a list of fantasy publishers?
  1500. An idea i need help with!
  1501. Help, which query would you vote for?
  1502. A question about a name
  1503. The Hook - Help
  1504. Sell a book first on nook or kindle?
  1505. Is anyone writing anything new?
  1506. Survival
  1507. ? Word Count
  1508. Are there other good sci-fi writing forums around?
  1509. Can a new writer write a novel that is 120k?
  1510. Anyone think there would be interest in Thundarr type of post apocalyptic fiction?
  1511. What to sign and wear?
  1512. Needed...primer on dialogue punctuation...
  1513. To close to star wars?
  1514. lightsaber,lasersword,energy beam,used to much?
  1515. Characters inspired by other characters
  1516. Plan everything out or just go with my inspirations?
  1517. Lens publishing
  1518. Feb 2011 Flash Fic Voting Thread
  1519. Vampire story: "Second Chance"
  1520. New publisher looking for authors
  1521. Outlining multi-book stories
  1522. Aussie short story critique anyone?
  1523. Taking the plunge...
  1524. Talking about writing
  1525. "Tell not show"
  1526. Author fired from own series
  1527. March Madness
  1528. Feb 2011 Flash Fic Tie Breaker Poll!
  1529. Short prologue...
  1530. Site with step-by-step guide to making your own (free) web site
  1531. Who needs a traditional publisher?
  1532. Rules for writing
  1533. March 2011 FF Contest
  1534. How much detail, of what kind, where
  1535. Character originality
  1536. Writing a trilogy or possible quintet
  1537. Are you a dabbler?
  1538. does this passage constitute gore pr0n? (1k words)
  1539. Publishing children's books.
  1540. smashwords
  1541. Fantasy books increase lead over SF in 2010
  1542. Tea Leaves: Rewrite, Needs critiques
  1543. How narrowly do you have to write?
  1544. Fairly New Writer looking for critique
  1545. Linguistic help
  1546. Looking for some critique
  1547. An Admitted Hack looking for Critique
  1548. YA book sizes?
  1549. Just start writing?
  1550. The eBook and The Library
  1551. Writing Technique
  1552. eBook conversion business, is there a market?
  1553. Book help
  1554. What to do when you've lost the thread
  1555. Interview With A Mass Murderer* (Looking for constructive criticism)
  1556. What makes a boring book?
  1557. Trying to figure out where to publish
  1558. Critque; Start of Cold War story.
  1559. lines that gather story
  1560. "Silti", needs critique
  1561. Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest
  1562. VOTING - February-March Short Story Contest
  1563. Has this been done before?
  1564. What Makes a Bestseller?
  1565. SFF and Proud!
  1566. Writing for Story, or writing for filler?
  1567. March FF Poll A
  1568. March FF Poll B v2.0
  1569. Systems Theory: The Most Important Theory of the 20th Century?
  1570. Keeping Focused
  1571. How NOT to deal with reviews....
  1572. Online Writing Workshop (OWW) for SFFH
  1573. Worldbuilding v. Narrative v. Research
  1574. Language Barrier?
  1575. Networking on Wordpress
  1576. Writers tools
  1577. World Building Resources
  1578. Bestsellers are Perfect Storms
  1579. April-May 2011 Short Story Contest
  1580. April Fools of the Written Word
  1581. April FF Contest!
  1582. Small Press / "Indie" Publishers - good & bad
  1583. At Last! Amazon bought by Smashwords
  1584. New writer looking for feed back
  1585. writers have multiple-personality orders
  1586. First or third person?
  1587. Naming Conventions and Address
  1588. Oh, Guardian lit section! My love! My own!
  1589. Critique; Need help on Action Scenes
  1590. I Love Editors
  1591. Today's word
  1592. What is your author name?
  1593. review blogs...
  1594. Everyone needs a list...
  1595. How about this??
  1596. Fantasy Short (omg plz crit)
  1597. For the SF writers among us.
  1598. Thinking of Modernizing the setting of my WIP
  1599. Would this be considered fantasy or sci fi?
  1600. Foreign Language Translation in Dialogue
  1601. AHlf a short story help.. Critique?
  1602. Is my writing of a publishable standard?
  1603. Urban and Contemporary Fantasy
  1604. business cards question
  1605. My fantasy novel "Mistress of the Topaz"
  1606. Reviewers that review e-books?
  1607. I Request Analyses! (short and sweet)
  1608. What Can We Learn from "The King's Speech"?
  1609. Directory, resource for published works?
  1610. Typical, old characters vs. new, unseen and unknown in the fantasy, sci-fy genres.
  1611. April FF Contest Voting Thread A
  1612. April FF Contest Voting Thread B
  1613. Terminality (Violence, language)
  1614. My novel Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat is published
  1615. Come what come May
  1616. May 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1617. Sell/Unsell me on Smashwords
  1618. How to 'write' tv shows within your copy
  1619. Ever felt stupid, or that you didn't know enough science to write SF?
  1620. Demanding Character Muse
  1621. Creative and Critical Reading
  1622. Working with volunteer editors
  1623. Too Many Things at Once?
  1624. Writing websites, competitions and other motivations
  1625. First novel?
  1626. Inventing future tech
  1627. What to do before submitting your work (other than write)?
  1628. Clarity?
  1629. Publisher Seeks Medieval Fantasy Manuscripts
  1630. I will be good this time
  1631. The secret of Stephanie Meyer's success?
  1632. How original are you?
  1633. Short Story: "Chimera"
  1634. Measurements in novels?
  1635. VOTING - April-May 2011 Short Story Contest
  1636. A key to convincing stories
  1637. So I published an ebook (not an advertisement).
  1638. World War 3 without nukes
  1639. World Creation
  1640. Filters for bad words
  1641. EPIC Annual E-book Awards
  1642. VOTING THREAD A - May 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1643. VOTING THREAD B - May 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1644. Superminds: supermemories
  1645. Where to send my short story?
  1646. Chaos, order, and complexity... a simple question.
  1647. TIE-BREAKER THREAD: May 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1648. June Scribes of Summertime
  1649. June-July 2011 Short Story Contest
  1650. June 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1651. Multiple POV Question/Discussion
  1652. writers wanted
  1653. single-view third person close up technique?
  1654. Confustications
  1655. YA dark-theme controversy
  1656. Bigoted Book Review. Respond?
  1657. How to get around writer's block regarding villains
  1658. critique my blurb
  1659. Story Idea: Villainous: A Sort-of Heroe's Tale
  1660. New Writers Websites
  1661. Story Idea- Torpedo
  1662. Descriptions - good and bad
  1663. Death of the main character
  1664. A writing problem: Time sequence in introductory act
  1665. Importance of place (story specific question)
  1666. Master Plots
  1667. To Flash Back, or Not to Flash Back...
  1668. Story Idea -The Future History of Magna Popchick
  1669. Society
  1670. June Flash Fiction Voting Thread A
  1671. June Flash Fiction Voting Thread B
  1672. New and confused
  1673. Do you use words that sound obscene but aren't?
  1674. Keep Your Hands Off My Title! - Too Similar?
  1675. Dictation, the mumbles, and you!
  1676. I want to write a book, any pointers?
  1677. Elizabeth George Foundation Grants
  1678. Fresh Teen Lit Community, SciFi-Friendly
  1679. Creativity Exercise Tip(s)
  1680. Stuck with magic system/plot.
  1681. The Month of July and the Deathly Word Count (or Goal Setting)
  1682. The Oxford Comma
  1683. Publishing Short Stories and Novellas
  1684. A race of immortals...
  1685. My Google Fu is Busted and I Need a Word For...
  1686. Call for Submissions
  1687. July 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1688. Why is so much sci fi and fantasy fascist?
  1689. Oria's Curse - rate my hook & mini-synopsis
  1690. Anti-Corporate Approach to Publishing
  1691. Dark Future game looking for talented writers
  1692. J. K. Rowling revelations to Oprah
  1693. Mr Jims needs you! All of you.
  1694. Head Hopper
  1695. Building up the middle
  1696. 30 Days of Worldbuilding
  1697. Free e-books. Good idea?
  1698. Thoughts on My query letter
  1699. Distinctive dialogue
  1700. Getting Critiques
  1701. "If you won't have a blog, don't bother sending us a manuscript...
  1702. Making characters distinctive through dialogue?
  1703. Waiting for an e-mail to change your life
  1704. Query letter - take 2
  1705. Shelfari -- A Marvelous New Tool
  1706. Brainstorming
  1707. Six Questions
  1708. Rejection #3
  1709. New Writer
  1710. Hello everyone
  1711. Opinions on internal thoughts
  1712. TIME Magazine on Fan Fiction
  1713. Pirates yes, Doubloons no.
  1714. June-July Short Story Voting Thread
  1715. Contest Title Help
  1716. How predictable is your writing?
  1717. would you do your own cover...
  1718. Fantasy Excerpt (Critique Request((Pretty Please?))
  1719. Please Review "Goodbye Terra Firma"
  1720. Inspiration
  1721. Rookies guide
  1722. Critique My Query Letter (please)
  1723. Book
  1724. July 2011 FF Poll _ Thread A
  1725. July 2011 FF Contest - Thread B
  1726. Any idea I have, need opinions and advice
  1727. August 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1728. What would you call this?
  1729. Weird West
  1730. The Month of August and the Weird Word Count!
  1731. August-September 2011 Short Story Contest
  1732. Got the contract!
  1733. 2 rejections: 1 day, and question
  1734. Writer's Book of Hope?
  1735. Starting a novel with a dream
  1736. [Critique Request] Oria's Curse chapter excerpt
  1737. Vampires Are Not Going Away
  1738. Sorry...
  1739. Werewolves Are Not Going Away Either!
  1740. Do episodic novels put you off? And do you think they'd put off agents/publishers?
  1741. Outlining - Tell Me Your Thoughts
  1742. Moving past the 1st Draft
  1743. Writer's Book of Hope II: The Revenge
  1744. Have You Ever...
  1745. An Excellent Strategy for Impressing Agents
  1746. Please help I am feeling stumped :(
  1747. Amazon
  1748. FREE Kindle/Nook E-book: 'Portable MFA in Creative Writing' by NY Writer's Workship
  1749. The sad state of SFF short fiction
  1750. Fiction Shapes Personalities
  1751. World's Highest-Paid Authors
  1752. New novel idea - Path to the Stars
  1753. How to avoid the dribble-off ending?
  1754. Tell Me Your Thoughts: What makes a person?
  1755. ...put this off for far too long
  1756. August 2011 Flash Fiction Voting THREAD A
  1757. THE August 2011 Flash Fiction Voting THREAD B
  1758. Would you negotiate small press short story publication rights?
  1759. Do use choose songs for your main characters?
  1760. Burst Books open for submissions
  1761. Songs of September
  1762. New WIP.
  1763. September 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1764. The death of books has been greatly exaggerated
  1765. Experimental critfic essay
  1766. Writers' Exchange Program
  1767. New novel idea - The Baker's Son
  1768. Fantasy Map Making
  1769. A Fairy Tale Short Story - The Contest
  1770. Due Date
  1771. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using excel spreadsheets vs using a wiki?
  1772. A reasonably long question!
  1773. Novel Freak-Out
  1774. Being Edited
  1775. On the prevalence of US tropes in storytelling
  1776. Self-publishing an ebook: 25 things you need to know
  1777. What to do when you're stuck on two ideas?
  1778. Writing 'Proper' Reviews.
  1779. The Novel vs. the (Archaic) Romance
  1780. Okay, official decision on a grammar issue
  1781. How do you write a peer critique?
  1782. SFF Writing regular's book is out
  1783. The Ordinary vs. the Extraordinary
  1784. advice for a beginner
  1785. Writers Helping Writers; Exposure
  1786. Need help with synopsis letter
  1787. Publishers or Fantasy - Looking for sequels or stand alones
  1788. Copyright Question
  1789. Publishing Unpublished Works Online
  1790. The dreaded writer's block
  1791. Too Close to Reality? 9-11 Question
  1792. Aug-Sept 2011 Short Story Voting Thread
  1793. Author Interview: Tad Williams
  1794. September 2011 Flash Fiction Contest Voting Thread
  1795. Ways to End Chapters?
  1796. How to construct cover letter
  1797. Help naming space opera factions?
  1798. Character Development
  1799. October - November Short Story Competition 2011
  1800. Some basic tips on storywriting, please?
  1801. Selling my books on the site..help a newbie?
  1802. New Digital Market. Agented Authors Only.
  1803. October 2011 Flash Fiction Contest
  1804. Why is sci-fi/fantasy so full of violence?
  1805. Starting with a character who has already reached their goals?
  1806. iBooks: 26 New Countries. Translation Time?
  1807. Sci Fi Tips Please?
  1808. Why do we read?
  1809. Book idea "salvage"
  1810. Thoughts on a character?
  1811. Get your naming caps on, people
  1812. What Happend To SFWoE?
  1813. Canadian Book Prices, Comic Book Demographics and the Day My Publisher Stormed Out
  1814. Six pointers for a Kick-Ass Young Adult Heroine
  1815. Is it proper to rate yourself?
  1816. Question concerning Authorhouse
  1817. Book blurb..What to reveal?
  1818. Blurb Critique, Please
  1819. Pranks/Jokes/Mischief Gone Wrong
  1820. Formula writing
  1821. Kindle/Nook question - what price to charge for my ebook?
  1822. Submitting to Agents Online
  1823. Masterpiece complete - does anyone have any leads?
  1824. Are books dead?
  1825. How YOU doing? Writing flirty dialogue...
  1826. NaNoWriMo - WIP - 2011
  1827. Reading Out Loud
  1828. Kindle/Nook question - sci-fi or fantasy category for my ebook?
  1829. October 2011 Flash Fiction Contest Voting Thread
  1830. Kindle/Nook question - what makes a good book cover?
  1831. Interesting Article on the book publishing industry and e-books
  1832. November Flash Fiction Contest
  1833. editor looking for submissions 'for love' anthologies only
  1834. Huge New Markets? KoboBooks acquired
  1835. In Need of Artist
  1836. HELP ME! Which opening paragraph you would go with?
  1837. Format Query Letter for e-mail
  1838. Need input ape/human hybrid behavior
  1839. A Decent Analysis of Borders Bookstores
  1840. the appeal of CHARACTER vs. the appeal of ACTION
  1841. Attending a comic-con
  1842. Review etiquitte?
  1843. Wanted: Recommendations for English Dictionary & Thesaurus programs
  1844. GRRM is not your b*tch - But he is (Brent Weeks on Sci-Fi Now)
  1845. Young Adult Novels Besting Adult Novels?
  1846. I've written a novel... and now what?
  1847. Book Cover Critique, Please
  1848. Do any other writers here visualize actors playing their characters?
  1849. November Flash Fiction Voting Poll
  1850. RocketGirl novel prologue
  1851. Kindle/Nook question - What vanity- or small-press to use as a follow-up?
  1852. Sci-Fi Idea: what do you think?
  1853. My new SF project - looking for help
  1854. Is this novel excerpt ok?
  1855. Submitting: once a week, or once a month?
  1856. December Flash Fiction Competition
  1857. Review "Goodbye Terra Firma" (revised)
  1858. WIPer Superthread for December/January
  1859. Cover: Does it Say "Open Me" to YA/fantasy readers?
  1860. SF story settup - any good?
  1861. Amazon's New Bid for eBook Monopoly
  1862. What do you think of this cover for WOOL 3?
  1863. Writers of the Future
  1864. Casual Context | Shakespearization.
  1865. Space-Faring and Utopian Society
  1866. Writing a YA Urban Fantasy.
  1867. Short Story Voting Thread December 2011
  1868. Paid Reviews
  1869. Flash Fiction Voting Thread, December 2011
  1870. Oscar Wilde Quote
  1871. Just and idea - what do you think?
  1872. Story Idea: Spaceship of Fools
  1873. Story Idea: InterZone - What are your thoughts?
  1874. January-February 2012 Short Story Competition
  1875. January 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  1876. SF World idea: Exe.Calibre ~ Thoughts/Feedback?
  1877. Does this play?
  1878. New Anthology Open for Submissions Jan 15th
  1879. Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles
  1880. An Interesting Read
  1881. Critique game.
  1882. How dark is too dark?
  1883. Query Critique: Child of Dreams
  1884. Help! What Genre??
  1885. Daily writing goals and routine
  1886. Be Suspicious of Stories
  1887. Faerie Apocalypse
  1888. Distractions.
  1889. Synopsis submission
  1890. From outline synopsis to chapter writing -what's your process?
  1891. New Yorker fiction is for the Over-The-Hills
  1892. Authors of Missouri store location
  1893. Amount of spaces before paragraph?
  1894. A Look at the Writing Process and Motivation
  1895. Feedback on query EDEN FALLS
  1896. blog spamers
  1897. Soon to be a TV series . . . ?
  1898. Wait, I'm confused (re: self-publishing vs. publishing houses)
  1899. Help! Deciding language?
  1900. And how many (incredible) SFF books have been written about Mars
  1901. Flash Fiction Voting Thread, January 2011
  1902. Story Idea "Infestation" please read and comment
  1903. critique - prologue, how is this for a first go?
  1904. Suggestions for where to send stories
  1905. Critique on the introduction!
  1906. A less explored ending - Heroes failing, Bad guys winning and powerful endings?
  1907. A Fantasy Character In Modern Times
  1908. Fantasy Not Involving Humans, Earth, or the Like
  1909. Spring WiPer Snappers - Feb/Mar 2012
  1910. International marketing
  1911. Viewpoints in Fantasy
  1912. Is Indie publishing a bubble destined to burst ala the housing market?
  1913. February 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  1914. Dialogue heavy writing
  1915. Multiple viewpoint characters - same chapter
  1916. New Author in Science Fiction
  1917. Book Reviews
  1918. Another Synopsis question/observation
  1919. Prologue and first six chapters of my amateur fantasy novel "Born Into Exile"
  1920. Question from a new SF author
  1921. Artifacts of the Apocalypse is looking for writers!
  1922. We could do this too
  1923. Need input on an idea...
  1924. How do you save your work?
  1925. New Sci-Fi Author.
  1926. Fantasy Novel Suggestions?
  1927. Write my book for me
  1928. The Swarm
  1929. February 2012 Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  1930. Jan-Feb 2012 Voting Thread - Again
  1931. My First Story :)
  1932. Opinions needed on cover, title, etc.
  1933. what to name your brand new shiny alien overlords
  1934. Magic System Critique
  1935. February 2012 Flash Fiction TIE BREAKER ROUND!
  1936. March-April 2012 Short Story Competition
  1937. Controversial content - Does it affect publishers?
  1938. March 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  1939. Between narration and dialogue.
  1940. Promotion Advice.
  1941. "Why are there so few standalone books?"
  1942. Outcast - looking for some critique
  1943. query still fussing over it....help
  1944. Anyone familiar with this agency?
  1945. Does this sentence make sense?
  1946. Need a little help with my story
  1947. A year later than anticipated, I'm ready to query! Can I get some feedback?
  1948. Attention Texas Authors
  1949. smashwords
  1950. Question on Contract Terms
  1951. Writing Group
  1952. "We're well on the road to becoming hundredaires."
  1953. What do you think of bad language in novels?
  1954. Sharing the Joy
  1955. what the bleep
  1956. Conversion of Special Characters for Smashwords and Kindle
  1957. The Sacrifical Lamb
  1958. A creature by any other name.
  1959. A Good Article on Fiction Publishing
  1960. This ever happen to anyone? And what should I do?
  1961. Fantasy increases its lead over Science Fiction
  1962. Need advice on a new novel!
  1963. Psuedo-Science in Science Fiction?
  1964. SF Signal Article: Stakes in Fantasy
  1965. The editing process
  1966. What Happens to Authors when a Publisher Goes Out of Business?
  1967. On Theme: Who Are You?
  1968. Authors who have sold more than 50,000 self-published ebooks to date
  1969. Suggestions wanted....
  1970. Would you read this? Suggestions needed.
  1971. My adventure into the QUERY jungle
  1972. Hardcover bestsellers 2011 - SF vs. fantasy
  1973. To Name a Star
  1974. When to begin a new chapter?
  1975. NYT Bestseller Shares her Financials
  1976. "other world "
  1977. Windows Phone App
  1978. March Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  1979. Men writing from a female point of view
  1980. Query letter feedback request
  1981. Invitation to the Exhibition
  1982. A Premature Query
  1983. April 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  1984. Michael Sullivan, on Self-Publishing
  1985. Third Person Omniscient vs. Limited
  1986. "Cops and Gangster" please read and help me
  1987. Pseudonyms in this new publishing era
  1988. Interviews: What would you want to ask? To be asked?
  1989. Has Anyone Else Had Problems With Amazons Free Promotions?
  1990. Naming places/things/people?
  1991. Worldbuilding & Worldganising
  1992. Background story for "Heroes"
  1993. To My Love
  1994. Sexy Stories Wanted
  1995. Referring to Magic as "Magic"
  1996. Hope
  1997. need help with opening
  1998. Borrowing From the Masters
  1999. Kids self-publishing
  2000. "Way of the World" Please Read and tell me what you think
  2001. Should I keep writing in 'my world' or move on
  2002. Critique please, opening to a fantasy story
  2003. Writing accurate female characters
  2004. Resources for writing queries and where to submit them.
  2005. My First Contest entry 1st draft
  2006. "Book I: The coming of a Hero" please read and tell me what you think
  2007. Short story: Afterlife (Critique pretty please)
  2008. Short Story: Dead Don't Lie (Weird West)
  2009. How to protect the name of my book?
  2010. Should I write a book straight through?
  2011. 'Coming of Age' Characters
  2012. Suns of the Underworld: Vega's Heart Chapter 1
  2013. Angry Robot - anybody else?
  2014. Dry (778 words)
  2015. Amateur writer seeking some advice
  2016. Future Portuguese Small Press looking for stories
  2017. 2012 Forum Anthology Contests
  2018. March - April 2012 Short Story Voting Thread
  2019. Writing a Chapter That Unites Several Viewpoints?
  2020. April 2012 FF Voting Thread
  2021. March-April 2012 Short Story Competition TIE BREAKER VOTE
  2022. Query Help YA fantasy
  2023. May 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  2024. A New Fantasy Series Idea
  2025. May-June Short Story Contest
  2026. noob here - need help with a story for a board game
  2027. Telling instead of Showing
  2028. A Visit to YA
  2029. Story arcs: action, character, and tension
  2030. Am I doing something wrong? (Query help, again)
  2031. Does this style wreck your immersion?
  2032. All over the place...advice
  2033. Query letter feedback
  2034. Writing with Music (and Back in the Saddle)
  2035. To pay the bills...
  2036. Hugh Howey's 'Wool' Nabbed By 20th Century Fox
  2037. I've been - pirated?
  2038. Beta-Readers: Who to ask, what to expect
  2039. a series novel experiment
  2040. Stories of Linked Humanity
  2041. Finding errors after publishing - Gah!
  2042. Having a heck of time with this type of description...
  2043. Brand names
  2044. Neil Gaiman's Commencement Speech May 2012
  2045. Apostrophe in names, locations, etc in fiction
  2046. May 2012 Flash Fiction VOTING THREAD
  2047. Writing a character with LGBT parents
  2048. eBooks: Closing the Trade Deficit One Download at a Time.
  2049. critique/edit of short background story
  2050. Nature of the Fantasy Trilogy
  2051. Have You Ever Written a Classic Child's Fairytale?
  2052. Need help with research for fantasy
  2053. Can you deliver quantity?
  2054. June 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  2055. Comment on my cover
  2056. The Disliked Protagonist
  2057. Comments on my new map for Wardstone
  2058. Now here's an idea......
  2059. Finger/hand through x coloured hair
  2060. Writers and Authors Needed for Industry Survey
  2061. Smashwords by the Numbers
  2062. Crazy-driven or Crazy driven
  2063. How Is Something Like This Legal?
  2064. First Time Authors/Word Count
  2065. Characters: The Third Dimension
  2066. New **Dragoneer Saga** Map
  2067. Kindle/Nook Question: How to put images in ebooks?
  2068. E-books outpacing hardback revenue
  2069. Finding my POV: Limited or Omniscient?
  2070. Dream Sequences
  2071. POD book question: Should I break my (fat!) book in two?
  2072. Writing to Modern Society's Fears?
  2073. Thoughts on releasing a novel using the Victorian serial format?
  2074. June 2012 Flash Fiction VOTING THREAD A (FOR REAL)
  2075. June 2012 Flash Fiction VOTING THREAD B
  2076. May-June Short Story Voting
  2077. E-Book Awards taking candidates
  2078. Suggested Sci-fiction reading for a new writer?
  2079. Goodreads
  2080. Story Idea: At World's End
  2081. I quit my day job, I wrote a novella, and nobody wants to buy it.
  2082. Multi-dimensional characters: picking your dimensions
  2083. July 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  2084. Android/Mobile eBook Market
  2085. Can you write a biography novel?
  2086. New to sffworld
  2087. Character deaths
  2088. Sales # for Terry Goodkind first self-published book (The First Confessor)
  2089. Constructive and Destructive Criticism
  2090. I read some good advice...
  2091. Describing characters every chapter?
  2092. Soundtracks To Write By
  2093. July-August SS Contest
  2094. Paid review, a harsh lesson, what do you think?
  2095. looking for a creative phrase
  2096. Alternatives to the "Orphan Farmboy"
  2097. I write too formally and my writing lacks personality
  2098. 'Everything You Need To Know About Writing Successfully In Ten Minutes'
  2099. Should an author call a rabbit a smeerp in alternate history?
  2100. Fascinating article on Alice Sheldon/James Tiptree Jr
  2101. Tired of Dragons and Elves, I used something else for my book
  2102. Scifi/fantasy cliches you are tired of seeing?
  2103. e-books to traditional publishing
  2104. July 2012 Flash Fiction Contest Voting Thread
  2105. E-Books?
  2106. Can you handle the long haul?
  2107. Text Reading Software
  2108. spider-demon names
  2109. "Low" Fantasy cont...
  2110. GenCon
  2111. Some specific questions about publishing
  2112. Story Bibles For A TV Series
  2113. Critique Request: Short Fiction: Down Jump Blues
  2114. Writing in the present tense
  2115. Need Advice on an Acceptance
  2116. Text Separators in Scrivener
  2117. Gay/Lesbian POV
  2118. August 2012 Flash Fiction Contest
  2119. What fictional futures are you making?
  2120. Looking for Feedback: Rosaria Of Venice
  2121. A Trip to NASA
  2122. Real research for your novels?
  2123. So I finished the draft...what next?
  2124. Critique Request: Fantasy/horror: The Ruby Queen
  2125. Words That Pull You Out of a Fantasy Setting
  2126. Urban Fantasy: Threat or Menace?
  2127. How many paragraphs of hard science can you take?
  2128. A Different Voice
  2129. World's Top-Earning Authors
  2130. Bad Covers
  2131. What does a chapter consist of?
  2132. A Hero's Journey For A Series
  2133. Anthology Contest: WIND: Voting Thread
  2134. New inspiration for worlds
  2135. Book title choice
  2136. Hello
  2137. Who's getting a real rush...
  2138. Thoughts on/Reactions to my Work?
  2139. Back Covers
  2140. Should you copyright before submitting...
  2141. Characterization Techniques?
  2142. August 2012 Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  2143. Weak and Strong Characters and all those inbetween
  2144. My first book has become three...
  2145. she ______ her hands over the items
  2146. Elements of a short and punchy style
  2147. Comparison if you would?
  2148. July-August SS Voting Thread
  2149. "Staying Awake While We Read" - LeGuin's thoughts on corporate publishing
  2150. 1st-Person from protagonist AND antagonist?
  2151. 3-day novel competition?
  2152. Dragon Riders.Yes,No and why so.
  2153. I need a word that means "evil" and "beautiful" at the same time
  2154. Tell me what you think of a first page.
  2155. Self publishing POD books
  2156. September - October SS
  2157. Tips/Tricks for getting some writing done while holding a full time job.
  2158. Animated Book Covers?
  2159. September 2012 Flash Fiction
  2160. 1st vs 3rd - Sample
  2161. 7 Signs That You're Not Ready to Publish
  2162. Sf flash fiction contest - interesting?
  2163. Incendiary cannon arrows
  2164. Questions and Answers on Self-publishing
  2165. FictionPress: A Brief Guide
  2166. Objects in novels
  2167. Goblins
  2168. How many characters is too many?
  2169. Quick question/clarification on contract terms
  2170. BBC Article on literary prizes and the future of publishing
  2171. Stuck on Time Frame
  2172. Slipstream?
  2173. Writing a matriarchal society
  2174. Mournn de Tristannaverniles I Remembrance Of the Future
  2175. A quick question to American forumites about venereal disease.
  2176. Bad monsters written well
  2177. Writing from a FEMALE TEEN viewpoint
  2178. Harper Voyager accepting unagented submissions
  2179. What good are super-powers (to an ordinary teen)?
  2180. September 2012 Flash Fiction Voting
  2181. Chapter summary things (in some published fiction)
  2182. First Time Critique Request
  2183. The Trouble with Elves/Dwarves etc
  2184. Real Geniuses: What are they Like?
  2185. October 2012 Flash Fiction
  2186. Writer's Digest Competition
  2187. Blogs and Published Material
  2188. Just some titles
  2189. My New Fantasy tangent
  2190. Bleedin', tryin' and other in's
  2191. On an editor's passing.
  2192. Do you write on your phone?
  2193. Anthology Voting Thread: Fire
  2194. Beta Readers
  2195. The Lottery (WIP, looking for critique)
  2196. Sword verse leather armour
  2197. September - October SS Voting Thread
  2198. Summoned world-destroying monster
  2199. October Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  2200. What types of general motives do you think are the most interesting?
  2201. NaNoWriMo 2012
  2202. Novmber 2012 Flash Fiction
  2203. Web Presence/Pen Name Questions
  2204. Theme Comes First
  2205. Deconstructing the writing process – aka “where do you get your ideas?”
  2206. Strength of agreement needed for commissioned art
  2207. November - December Short Story Competition
  2208. Inspiration for SFF
  2209. Posting fluff on your blog - a bad idea?
  2210. Being offended by the term 'fair'
  2211. Soliciting comments on my Cover
  2212. Advice on republishing my first novel
  2213. Defining Book "Success"
  2214. The Right Mixture
  2215. Rules Versus Aesthetics
  2216. On repetition
  2217. November 2012 Flash Voting Thread
  2218. Having trouble turning characters into plot
  2219. Where to really grasp sentence-structure/english?
  2220. An idea for the next book
  2221. Genre Rules?
  2222. Book signings, blog tours and podcasting
  2223. Outlining when the story is already written
  2224. Duotrope going paid - other market resource sites?
  2225. Aiming for the Game Industry
  2226. If you've self-published, this news about Apple might interest you
  2227. Hero's Journey and alternatives
  2228. December 2012 Flash Fiction
  2229. 2012 Results and 2013 Goals
  2230. Fantasy Thrillers?
  2231. Police reports?
  2232. Hacktivist short fiction market?
  2233. New Technologies and reading without knowing when a book ends
  2234. Knock Me Into Shape (Writing-wise)
  2235. Hugh's WOOL to be published by S&S
  2236. My Wiki for my stories
  2237. Future Forecasting Fun
  2238. Future forecasting (serious)
  2239. crowd writing sci-fi fiction
  2240. Author's Guide to Self Promotion
  2241. New Adult: Needless Marketing-Speak Or Valued Subgenre?
  2242. What might be the best way to bring my ideas to life in my science fiction stories?
  2243. Story Title: A New Beginning
  2244. November-December Short Story Voting Thread
  2245. Opinion on guidelines
  2246. Isaac Law's Thread
  2247. December 2012 Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  2248. SciFi Machine/Robot Signage?
  2249. Comics: Teachable writing process?
  2250. Resource for contests, challenges etc?
  2251. Flash Fiction Contest - Jan 2013
  2252. Hollow Ambitions query letter help
  2253. What fear can teach us/The clues to a great story
  2254. January: Cracking the WIP (Your monthly motivation thread)
  2255. Short Story Contest: Jan-Feb 2013
  2256. Creating Believable Aliens
  2257. 2013 Forum Anthology
  2258. Words you can/can't use? Fantasy
  2259. Structuring a sentence
  2260. The First Chapter?
  2261. Help me understand this books POV
  2262. Alien Creation
  2263. Questions for Robert Dinsdale, Literary agent.
  2264. Lord or Lady?
  2265. Grammar as guidelines
  2266. Series title question
  2267. Critiquing
  2268. Traveling Across Your Fantasy Map
  2269. Sentence fragments, Incomplete sentences, etc. (in fictional novels)
  2270. Vocabulary Assistance
  2271. Serialized Short Fiction?
  2272. Alien Species: Cesh'Ra
  2273. How do YOU plow through your first draft?
  2274. Naming a Character
  2275. It's Not a Story
  2276. Very First Story Isaac Asimov Ever Sold. . .
  2277. Demon librarian
  2278. Autistic SF writers
  2279. What is best for world building a space opera setting?
  2280. Anyone writing screenplays?
  2281. What are the main science fiction and fantasy magazines?
  2282. What Listening to a Story Does to Our Brains.
  2283. Writing with Voice Recognition Software
  2284. My Vocabulary Is Shrinking!
  2285. January Flash - Voting Thread ONE
  2286. January Flash - Voting Thread TWO
  2287. Modern words in historical fantasy
  2288. Pen vs. Keyboard. . .
  2289. Hourly Word Count?
  2290. Nothing At All
  2291. Over 9000! - How do you determine the power level of your story?
  2292. Fun Writing Excercise I Do Everyday
  2293. February 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2294. February’s Labor of Love
  2295. First Person POV
  2296. How to write science fiction
  2297. Get Inspired
  2298. SF comic book art and writing
  2299. Blurb for critique
  2300. Creative writing for fifth graders
  2301. FAQ with Isaac Law
  2302. Android Writing Apps
  2303. Any of you been listening/watching Rothfuss' Story Board series?
  2304. Is this a tense shift/mistake?
  2305. Blending Storylines/Viewpoints
  2306. Restarting the SFF Workshop
  2307. What are your elite warriors like?
  2308. Writing Four Short Stories a Week: How I Keep the Ideas Flowing
  2309. Be an artist, right now!
  2310. SFFH Workshop
  2311. Starting with a stable relationship!
  2312. Stephen King Never Plots His Stories
  2313. The Changing Ways in Which We Tell Our Stories
  2314. Can you omit the word His/Her
  2315. Table Theory of Characterisation
  2316. Actual Medieval-world Fantasy
  2317. Do You Think Modern SF Needs Internal Conflict?
  2318. Short Story Contest: Jan-Feb 2013 - Voting Thread
  2319. February 2013 Flash - Voting Thread
  2320. Table Talk
  2321. How Do You Plot Your Stories?
  2322. Tense in fantasy
  2323. March Madness! (Your monthly kick in the a$$)
  2324. Dystopia is coming
  2325. March 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2326. Top 20 Grammar Mistakes
  2327. Mar-Apr 2013 Short Story Contest Prompt
  2328. How much do you let reality bind you?
  2329. New writer advice...please don't neglect book #2
  2330. appropriate tense?
  2331. Why are abuse backgrounds for "feisty" female characters so popular?
  2332. Opening sentences
  2333. The Roots of My Writer's Block
  2334. I Found Plagiarism In An Online Mag. What Do I Do?
  2335. Central conflict
  2336. Life of copyright terms - a big pet peeve of mine.
  2337. Slow Build-up/Slow Action in Novels?
  2338. Writing a fantasy novel and would love your opinions on various topics.
  2339. March 2013 Flash Fiction Voting Thread
  2340. Asimovs Sci Fi writing guidelines
  2341. Forum Writing – Golden Opportunity Often Missed
  2342. April's Folly (or is it?)
  2343. Semi-Pro Markets? What Do We Think?
  2344. April 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2345. From villain to anti-hero/hero?
  2346. Website Serial Fiction - Feedback
  2347. A New kind of High Fantasy
  2348. Phases Writers Go Through
  2349. Fantasy I'm world-building: basic history
  2350. Personal voice in blurbs, synopsis, etc
  2351. Your Elusive Creative Genius
  2352. Short extract for critique
  2353. Self-pub or traditional pub?
  2354. What Do You Want From a Fantasy City?
  2355. Lazy/Lousy/Newbie SF/F Writing Flaws
  2356. Rules: Uses and Abuses
  2357. A Question of Grammar/Tense
  2358. Novel critique swap? Epic science fiction / fantasy / new adult
  2359. April 2013 FF Voting Thread
  2360. Writing Workshops/Writing Conferences
  2361. Write One, Sub One
  2362. Short Story Contest: Mar-Apr 2013 - Voting Thread
  2363. What's your editing process?
  2364. The March of May
  2365. May 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2366. May-June 2013 Short Story Contest
  2367. The (Manic Pixie) Dream Girl & (Bad Boy) Dream Guy
  2368. Madness And The Art of Justification or My Problem With Grey Scale Morality
  2369. Can I Get Away With "White Mage" and "Black Mage"
  2370. Is Sucking Compulsory While Writing a Novel?
  2371. Novel or Serial Fiction: Are E-books causing shorter attention spans?
  2372. How famous authors keep track of their plot
  2373. Reviving Stillborns: Breathing New Life Into Your Ideas
  2374. How to refer to a character who has black hair?
  2375. "Over-explaining" - where do you draw the line?
  2376. Kindle Worlds - Getting paid for fan fiction
  2377. May 2013 Flash Fiction VOTING THREAD
  2378. Realism – Exceptions, Types, Degrees
  2379. June 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2380. June - oh, what I know?
  2381. Wonder
  2382. Post-Project Report - Lessons Learned Or Ingrained.
  2383. Short Story/Novelette/Novella Pricing
  2384. Emails from me
  2385. Showing or Telling?
  2386. Do you ever live in your story world?
  2387. WARNING: Reading This May Make You Nauseated!
  2388. Genre: Another Look
  2389. What style(s) do you use?
  2390. Science is ruining everything.
  2391. Secret From The Audience
  2392. Biggest barriers to becoming a full-time author
  2393. Stephen King's 20 Quotes on Writing
  2394. Question About Manuscript Formatting When Doing An E-Submission
  2395. Evolved State: Dichotomy [Prologue]
  2396. Map Making
  2397. Calgary's floods hit home here in Texas
  2398. Stuck In a Huge Writer's Block And I Can't Find a Way Out!
  2399. June 2013 FF Voting Thread
  2400. Book 2 better than book 1?
  2401. becoming a beta reader
  2402. May-June 2013 SS Voting Thread
  2403. Male Vs Female
  2404. To buy or not to buy?
  2405. One Path to Huge Success
  2406. July's Motivational Thread
  2407. July 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2408. Member's writing
  2409. Opportunities in film production
  2410. Can Somebody Critique The Beginning of A Short Story I Wrote?
  2411. Help with planet vs asteroid element abundance
  2412. The Altered Race
  2413. July-August 2013 Short Story Contest
  2414. Three Well-Dressed Gentlemen And Other Creative Writing Exercises
  2415. question on purple prose
  2416. Verisimilitude/Real World
  2417. Young Authors
  2418. My characters are too trusting
  2419. New novelist needs help
  2420. Short Stories or Novel First?
  2421. Writing styles: What's your favorite method?
  2422. Help! Stupid Author Bio!
  2423. Quick question on Duotrope's downloadable spreadsheet format
  2424. Between the Tick and the Tock
  2425. Weapon or No Weapon?
  2426. The problems with the “indie” and “traditional” labels
  2427. Musa Publishing
  2428. Child (teenage) soldiers
  2429. July 2013 FF: The Voting Thread
  2430. Using first person narrative
  2431. Characters telling long stories to each other
  2432. Which Genre would this fit?
  2433. August's Motivational Thread
  2434. August 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2435. Working with an artist - graphic novel, comic, web-comic, etc.
  2436. Methods of Exposition
  2437. What Do You Call a Half-Woman, Half-Snake?
  2438. A profound inability to finish anything
  2439. Parallel Universes - a Question
  2440. Thoughts On Hemingway's Minimalist Style?
  2441. Inspiring Song Lyrics?
  2442. Describing Rank Insignia
  2443. Flash Fiction -- The Life And Times of Xavier
  2444. To Write Beautifully Is to Write Without Pretense?
  2445. So yah, author bios...
  2446. If You're Curious to Know How Readable Your Writing Is, Then Check This Out!
  2447. Characters, their spaces, and loving them
  2448. Website That Analyzes Your Writing Style And Compares It to Famous Writers
  2449. Try-Fail Cycle (With Example From Breaking Bad Episode)
  2450. public book readings: worth the trouble?
  2451. For those who can spell HTML (and probably know what it means)
  2452. Feedback Request: Science Fiction Horror
  2453. My name is Jason, and I'm nearing completion of my first big project!
  2454. Seeking advice on a plot point
  2455. August 2013 Flash Fiction Voting
  2456. July/August Short Story Voting Thread
  2457. The fuzziness of genre
  2458. Anyone interested in a doing a Betareader swap?
  2459. The Gandalf/Elminster character
  2460. The ebook boom fueling the rerise of the novella
  2461. September 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2462. September Motivational Thread
  2463. Sep-Oct 2013 Short Story Contest
  2464. A question of pricing
  2465. Avoiding Two-Dimensional Characters
  2466. Articles Section open to Writing Forum members
  2467. Clarkesworld Submission Question -- What Does "Under Review" Mean?
  2468. Apparently I am incapable of planning a series without giving it a long arc and ....
  2469. What are authors most painful problem?
  2470. A Crying Soul
  2471. Funniest Feedback You've Ever Received?
  2472. Sunday Night Revelations
  2473. Question about Querying
  2474. Let's See Who Can Write the WORST Possible Stuff!
  2475. Do Magazines Buy Minimalist SF/Fantasy?
  2476. Do Slush Readers Ever Just Delete Submissions Without Opening Them?
  2477. September 2013 FF Contest: Voting!
  2478. Editing and Self-Editing
  2479. Mad Valley
  2480. Get Your October On!
  2481. October 2013 Flash Fiction Contest
  2482. Summarized or postscript endings on a short story?
  2483. Do you identify with your characters?
  2484. First draft of a prologue, Feedback please
  2485. Ismark
  2486. A sneak peak from the novel I'm working on, Feedback is much appreciated.
  2487. When good stories go bad
  2488. NANO prep - request for prompts
  2489. Thesis editing
  2490. How much is too much? I think I just broke my own heart.
  2491. Trends in YA: The Agents' Perspective
  2492. Why the lack of pirate/seafaring fantasy?
  2493. A story without a main character.... will it work? How do I make it work?
  2494. A character by any other name
  2495. "baggie" a trademark no-no?
  2496. Dissertation Editing
  2497. problems caused by disorganization and too many plots in the plot machine
  2498. Wanted Ad - Must be crazy and obsessive to apply. No normals
  2499. Rights?
  2500. Past issues for main character..