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  1. Timeline by Crichton
  2. Non-fantasy appealing to fantasy fans
  3. And which other genres do you enjoy?
  4. Does anyone else LOVE Shakespeare?
  5. Best historical fiction
  6. Comedy
  7. gothic fiction
  8. The Hooded Man
  9. books on the crusades
  10. Anymore old fashioned adventures?
  11. Nabokov
  12. What non-fantasy do you read, if any?
  13. Children's classics
  14. Morgan Llywelyn
  15. The Iliad
  16. Indians
  17. Sharpe
  18. What authors do you regularly read outside of the fantasy/sci-fi genre?
  19. I think I'm tired of Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  20. Non-sf/f reads
  21. Espionage thrillers
  22. The Alchemist
  23. Umberto Eco
  24. Sherlock Holmes
  25. Favorite non Sci-fi/Fantasy Authors . . .
  26. Detective/ Noir novels?
  27. General Book/Author Chat
  28. Discussion of the BBC big read
  29. Read any good books lately?
  30. Shogun
  31. Whodunnits?
  32. good fiction that happens to be crime fiction
  33. Which authors were you exposed to as a child?
  34. Patrica Cornwell from Great to huh?
  35. A Clockwork Orange
  36. Classic Literature
  37. Germany's 50 favourite books
  38. Patricia Cornwell
  39. has anyone read Pillars of the Earth?
  40. History Books you can't stop reading...
  41. Any of you guys ever read Grey Owl?
  42. Focault's Pendulum
  43. Medieval History that reads like a novel
  44. Welcome....!
  45. Non-fiction?
  46. Worst Historical Fiction
  47. Books that transend genre?
  48. Current Non-Genre Reading
  49. War of the Roses Recommendations
  50. Favorite British Victorian Author!
  51. Literary Prizes - Which do you take seriously?
  52. The Da Vinci Code
  53. I Just Bought.....
  54. Explore the World
  55. William Maxwell and other "unknowns"
  56. The Count of Monte Cristo
  57. Blogs to Books
  58. The Bourne Identity
  59. Sarah Waters
  60. fiction about the city of Paris
  61. Matthew Reilly
  62. Romantic Suspence...
  63. Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen
  64. BEST historical fiction ever...
  65. Dave Eggers?
  66. Book Bytes
  67. If on a winter's night I'm intrigued
  68. Suggestions?
  69. The Crucible
  70. Good and Evil in fiction and film
  71. Forgotten title of book.
  72. Read ANYTHING by Sarah Dessen!
  73. Will Christopher Baer
  74. Sea-Fiction
  75. Non-English fiction
  76. Sophie's World
  77. (Auto) Biographies
  78. manhook
  79. Banned or Challenged Books For 2004-2005!
  80. Another 'forgotten title of book'
  81. Great Gatsby -- Spoilers
  82. Post Apocalyptic Fiction
  83. Historical fiction with epic battles
  84. help me find a title
  85. Favorite Agatha Christie Work
  86. Fiction/Fantasy???
  87. do you know this book???
  88. i'm looking for a book, help me please!
  89. The dividing line
  90. Dan Brown
  91. Che Guevara..
  92. James Patterson
  93. Please help me find this book!
  94. H W Brands - History books?
  95. British children's storybook 1920-1950?
  96. The Magus - John Fowles
  97. Help with Book Title!
  98. Legal Fiction/Trials
  99. Not fiction... Stupid White Men
  100. History book forums
  101. Recommend me a very emotional piece of literature
  102. Ellis - Lunar Park
  103. Flashman
  104. The Investigation
  105. Action novels
  106. Best Book in the World
  107. Not the kind of thing I usually read...
  108. Most difficult read
  109. Early Middle Ages Fiction
  110. What Happened To Lani Garver
  111. Your Fahrenheit 451 Book
  112. W.E.B. Griffin - By order of the President...
  113. The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan
  114. Best pageturners
  115. A thread for strictly Philosophy books!
  116. Justinian by H.N. Turtletaub
  117. Romantic Comedy geared (slightly more) towards men?
  118. Make me laugh==humor sugguestions?
  119. Looking for a book from a long time ago
  120. Emperor
  121. Just wondering
  122. Worst news for a Jason Bourne fan
  123. When Nietzsche Wept.
  124. Mein Kampf
  125. Recommendation for a Machevillian type book
  126. What is it about Shakespeare that is so 'timeless'?
  127. Literature History HELP!
  128. Thoughts on these Classics?
  129. The Jericho Sanction
  130. dont know the book name
  131. Looking for title/author of two short stories
  132. Joseph Conrad
  133. Changing titles to books!
  134. Nicholas Sparks, anyone??
  135. The Old Man & The Sea
  136. Any body ever read Judy Blume's books?
  137. Writing Collaboration - Looking for Authors
  138. Looking for book title, something to do with doors
  139. Help, Please, Looking for a Short Story
  140. Anybody who have read Simon Scarrow's "Under the Eagle" ? (Historical fiction-Roman)
  141. Dostoevsky and the Urban Jungle
  142. war and peace
  143. Do Tom Clancy books have a lot of action?
  144. Bridge to Terebithia
  145. Issues in publishing.... Help needed!
  146. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
  147. C. J. Sansom - Dissolution
  148. Your favorite general fiction books from 2006
  149. Haruki Murakami
  150. I want to read a book about lost love and nostalgic memories.
  151. Moments of self-awareness and epiphanies in literature?
  152. Stories of depression.
  153. Why do I hurt the ones I Love??
  154. I love David Eddings
  155. Good "Literary" Books
  156. Gothic Romance w/ Same-Sex Couples?
  157. Western Genre or Western historical novels
  158. Books you wouldn't admit to reading...
  159. Crime/Thriller Novels
  160. How Many Actual Persons Here Are Authors?
  161. Who listens to audio books?
  162. Broadening my horizons.....
  163. Alternate History: WWII Invasion of Japan
  164. Military thrillers in the style of GI JOE?
  165. Trying to remember a book
  166. What are your opinions of Sherlock Holmes?
  167. How do you feel about translated novels?
  168. Blackburn by Bradley Denton
  169. Presidential Thriller novles
  170. 'Swan Song' question (SPOILER!!)
  171. Pride And Prejudice
  172. Older Novels...I have laying around......1935,38,40,44
  173. Metaphor/allusions in the works of Thomas Harris(Red Dragon, Hannibal, and Silence of
  174. Help me...Im sad and in need! :P
  175. Summaries
  176. Reading Screenplays
  177. Don Quixote
  178. Indiana Jones type novels
  179. Series with assassin in lead???
  180. Alien conspiracy theory books?
  181. I know the Necronomicon doesn't really exist, but....
  182. Books With You as the Star
  183. Pirates in fiction
  184. Jason Bourne: books vs movies
  185. Russian writers
  186. 1984
  187. Is this a book?
  188. For Dumas fans
  189. Clan of the Cave Bear; to read or not to read
  190. Second Hand Fiction Bookshops in London
  191. World Without End by Ken Follett
  192. Delmore Schwartz
  193. Looking for assassin/black-ops type books
  194. Novels with a good rivalry
  195. Clive Cussler
  196. Writting Syle
  197. Recommendations on Books to read
  198. Chuck Palahniuk
  199. Recommendations for dark, gritty westerns
  200. Current Non-Genre Reading II
  201. Writing & Literature magazines
  202. New York City-ish fiction - Please
  203. Books catching your eye... (that don't fit in the other forums!)
  204. Authors who never miss for you
  205. Help With Book: Feudal Japan / Boy / Sword Maker then Samurai?
  206. Who are some small press publishers?
  207. Has anyone read The Greenlanders?
  208. Any good boxing/brawler novels?
  209. 16th Century History
  210. Mercenaries
  211. The Road
  212. Chris Ryan
  213. Looking for something I think I remember...
  214. Greek mythology fiction
  215. Books (and Film): Art vs Entertainment
  216. Recent Literature
  217. Medieval historical novels?
  218. 5 favorite picture books
  219. American Psycho anyone?
  220. Non Fiction: World War 2 / Winston Churchill
  221. Cormac McCarthy
  222. Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli
  223. Looking for Good Spy Fiction
  224. DaVinci Code-ish but not so pretentious
  225. Helen Fielding
  226. Stephen Benetar
  227. Army of the Republic
  228. Top 10 of Any Genre
  229. Video for a new illustrated fantasy/science fiction book... your thoughts?
  230. The astronomical growth of paranormal romance
  231. "Out there" books
  232. notable non-sff 08 releases
  233. Patrick Neate
  234. War of the Roses
  235. The most emotionally poignant books/novels you have ever read
  236. Best short story collections?
  237. Raven: Blood Eye by Giles Kristian
  238. what is sponsor house?
  239. What magazines do you subscribe to or read regularly?
  240. Tess of the D'Urbervilles ~ Thomas Hardy
  241. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  242. norse mythology
  243. Action / Adventure fiction resources
  244. Top ten excluding genre...
  245. Books about 'The Sight'
  246. Niffenegger auctions manuscript for $5M
  247. Trying to remember a book
  248. Any lovers of Russian literature round here?
  249. The works of Ayn Rand and Objectivist Philosophy
  250. Has anyone heard of Katie McAlister, jean m. auel or stephenie meyer?
  251. The author Akartorik
  252. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  253. What makes a book easier to read?
  254. Online Booksellers
  255. Looking for help finding a book
  256. The Day of the Knights
  257. Caligula by Douglas Jackson
  258. Looking for a title and author
  259. I'm looking for recommendations for Alternate History WWII books...
  260. Important question
  261. Thief stories anyone?
  262. Can somone critique my chapters? "Evolutions" A Fictional Romance
  263. Humor novels
  264. Hunger
  265. Historical Fiction
  266. The Green Hornet
  267. Looking to expand my horizons ;)
  268. Rayuela by Julio Cortazar?
  269. Need help with book
  270. looking for some quality romance
  271. Looking for more books but not quite sure which ones
  272. Who thinks that the upcoming G.I. Joe movie
  273. Favorite music biography?
  274. Fantasy WW2 stories
  275. Can't remember a book from High School
  276. more like Pillars of the Earth and Thornbirds
  277. Crime fiction/caper novel recommendations
  278. How do you choose what to read next?
  279. sea monster and monster Shark novels ?
  280. Leaving Paradise Simone Elkeles
  281. Rules of Attraction: A Perfect Chemistry Novel Simone Elkeles
  282. Bourne novels any good?
  283. Rabbit, Run by John Updike (.....im losing the will)
  284. Anyone read these books?
  285. Historical Fiction
  286. What are you reading now?
  287. Spy Novels
  288. Wholesome Small-town novels
  289. 2666 - by Roberto Bolano
  290. Hit man or assassin novels
  291. Alternate Military Historical Fiction... SciFi?
  292. Psycho-/Sociopath books
  293. What are the thieve's rules?
  294. Stieg Larsson Trilogy
  295. Books like Patrick Susskind's "Perfume."
  296. Looking for modern military fiction
  297. Help identifying a Young Adult book classic about immigrants in New York
  298. Modern Action/Adventure series?
  299. Series/Novels with Great Dialogue
  300. Hull Zero Three
  301. Napoleon's Invasion of Russia
  302. Actually looking for nonfiction ...
  303. Barnes & Noble Members Free-Shipping
  304. Ian Rankin lovers?
  305. Cylinder World
  306. Help Finding a Book/Series
  307. Looking for a Teenage Book Series from the early 90s
  308. Need help finding a website
  309. I'm hoping someone can recommend something similar.
  310. Any one else reading Lee Childs' Reacher books.
  311. Gift Cards from Borders and Barnes & Noble
  312. Magical word called LOVE
  313. Word play
  314. Boudica
  315. Borders to liquidate
  316. William Dietrich and Seth Hunter
  317. Abrupt Edge -- Strange Genre-Bendre
  318. Books like District 9
  319. Detective Novels!
  320. Goodreads Choice Awards 2011 - Voting
  321. Is Shakespeare no longer cool?
  322. Renaissance Italy Fiction
  323. Current Non-Genre Reading III
  324. Anton Chekhov's birthday today 1/29
  325. John Coventry's Book "I was,I am,I will be"
  326. Avoiding an Author for their Education
  327. Moby Dick; worth the read?
  328. Buying Used books - Any guilt involved? Any authors here want to chime in?
  329. Waiting on a book - the anticipation.
  330. Grey scale morality in fiction
  331. Looking for a dark, gritty western...
  332. book thief
  333. Good Lesbian Romance?
  334. Paris in the Twentieth Century by Jules Verne
  335. Ann Radcliffe
  336. The Lost Road
  337. Hamilton Book with a Misprint
  338. Literary Science Fiction
  339. Dystopian Novels?
  340. What Would You Call This?
  341. Stories featuring female led relationships...
  342. Back Cover Blurb
  343. Understanding the demand of genres...
  344. Beatnik Literature
  345. What is the most annoying thing in fiction stories?
  346. David Sedaris
  347. Looking for novels with a similar idea like "And then there were none"
  348. Eccentric, Charismatic or insane
  349. Old debate for a new member: Sex in Sci-Fi.
  350. Looking for Magic and Technology?
  351. Book Recommendations?
  352. Tom Clancy RIP
  353. Newspaper cartoon strips
  354. I want to read about people born with something extra in them
  355. Question about Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco
  356. Self Help books?
  357. Can't remember a title; it was literature, country setting
  358. Screen Writers You'd Like to See Write a Novel
  359. Hardcover? Paperback? or your pick of digital
  360. Multiple Books In On Reality
  361. Books like AMC's "The Killing"
  362. I can't remember this book's name please help me
  363. Garfield
  364. The Bourne Franchise: An Overview
  365. The Bookshelf 2014 book catalogue