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  49. ghosts and straws...
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  52. Do you remember this YA sci-fi title?
  53. Anyone read Ender Saga by orson scott card?
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  57. Help me with a book title please.
  58. Help! Name of Short Story or Author: Last person on earth; phone rings as he jumps
  59. Megalodon fiction?
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  63. Megalodon Fiction?
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  70. ? book title and author ? - plz help!
  71. Plz Plz Help Me!!!!!
  72. Going Nuts!!!
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  79. OK, lets see you guys ID this one!
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  81. Got CRS.
  82. please id this for me
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  85. Book with terran robots on Jupiter
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  89. Giant Killer Pig
  90. Trying to hunt down the title of a story involving Napolean and body switching
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  93. Help!
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  112. anyone remember this series
  113. short story (or novel) about time as currency
  114. Does this sound familiar?
  115. can anyone help?
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  122. Book Search
  123. I remember a story . . .
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  127. Searching For The Title
  128. Jesus on Mars? or: what was it called?
  129. Help! What was the title and author?
  130. Death penalty for antitrust violations
  131. Can anyone help?
  132. Name of Book
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  134. Desperate, Can't Remember Sci-Fi Story Title/Author
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  136. Looking for an old sci-fi book.
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  141. Help identify "The Ballad of Baby Boo"
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  143. Anybody Recall...?
  144. Looking for Title of Book
  145. "perfection is the enemy of the good" Searching for Title and Author of a short story
  146. yet another name that book
  147. Searching for Title and Author of a short story
  148. Intersting-looking sci-fi novel that I can't remember the name of
  149. trying to remember a story
  150. Intergalactic War, Aliens In Trouble, Name?
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  152. 1960s Scifi book? Anyone recognise this precis?
  153. need help
  154. Please help finding a book!
  155. Leonardo Da Vinci and time travel
  156. Looking for two books
  157. looking for a book
  158. What is the name of this book?
  159. ID this book?
  160. What's this short story?
  161. Help ID an OLD book.
  162. Name that story
  163. Can't remember the name of a S/F book from the 80's
  164. Need help with the name and author of a short-story.
  165. Please help me. i can't remember the name
  166. please help ID a story
  167. Trying to recall book name and author?
  168. Can't find a Heinlein
  169. Need help with title of book . . .
  170. short story search
  171. Looking for a title/author
  172. Looking for a movie
  173. anyone know this short story
  174. Need help finding book
  175. Anyone know who the author is?
  176. Help me track down some obscure sci-fi books
  177. Help my coworker find a story
  178. Need help finding a book
  179. Trying to recall the title and author of a series
  180. Read a book...gave it away to a friend...What was it called?
  181. Help Finding a book
  182. Yet another "what was the name of this book" question.
  183. Looking for anthology - boy downloading into computer
  184. Name this book
  185. Author ID required
  186. Searching for a book from my childhood
  187. identify book
  188. Help wanted: multiple brains needed. Brain cells fried, frazzled, non-functional
  189. Help Me Track Down this Sci-Fi Book Series
  190. Which Books Were These?
  191. first god
  192. Mutant Anthologies
  193. The Starchaser?
  194. Can't remember title/author
  195. can not remember title/author
  196. Need help finding a book
  197. help: can't remember author/title (old) short story
  198. Help me identify this novel!
  199. need help with author/title of a sf short story
  200. Does anyone know this book?
  201. Help me ID these books?
  202. Anyone recognize this book?
  203. Searching for book from 1980s
  204. Does anyone know the name/author of this short story?
  205. trying to find a book
  206. Please help me find this book
  207. Help find sci-fi short story
  208. Help with finding a book
  209. Looking for a Book
  210. help identifying a story?
  211. Help identify forgotten novel
  212. looking for a book, do you know it?
  213. Book Series Help!
  214. Help finding a book from long ago
  215. Yet another "What is this book" request
  216. Searching for author and title
  217. Need help in finding an old SCIFI short story !
  218. Looking for a book
  219. Looking for a good SF specialty store in the UK...
  220. Please help me find a short story...
  221. Does anyone know this book???
  222. help with short story title
  223. Yet another lost book thread
  224. Help identifying two sci-fi books
  225. Over the Mountains With Asbestos Boots?
  226. Help me find a book!
  227. Looking for a short story
  228. Killer Orbs in Toyko?
  229. Half-remembered book: Racing in Space?
  230. help identifying novel
  231. HELP - Lost Title
  232. Help name this story/movie!!
  233. SF short story: men standing along a beach
  234. yet another plea for lost book-Childrens sci-fi
  235. What book is this?
  236. Name this title?
  237. Another lost book
  238. Help: Title of novel about all-Christian media.
  239. Help Finding Late 80s - Early 90s SF Book
  240. Short Story Collection from the 70s
  241. Shot in a dark...help.. :)
  242. searching for author/title of an old story
  243. Can't remember the name of this Sci Fi book...
  244. help finding a short story
  245. Help in finding a story for a project.
  246. Looking for book
  247. Owl and the Pussycat went into space...
  248. Looking for an Old Story
  249. looking for a clue...
  250. Another newbie looking for a story
  251. I can't remember the Titles! HELP!!!
  252. Book Help requested
  253. Looking for yet another title -
  254. Another forgotten title/author
  255. Forgotten title
  256. A dog called "Homer"
  257. World of Towers
  258. Two titles
  259. Yep, another forgotten title
  260. Anyone recognize this book? (cubes and rebirth theme)
  261. Water on Mars...
  262. Can you Help Identify This Novel?
  263. Help. Trying to find an old favourite.
  264. identify book by story line?
  265. A radio that can hear trees scream. Ring a bell?
  266. A daunting task to find an apapocalyptic short story
  267. Looking for the title of a particular book
  268. Looking for a short story
  269. Looking for Story - Man resurrected as slave/servant for city of women
  270. Looking for the name of a particular book...
  271. Books From Childhood
  272. Can’t find the title of an old book
  273. Looking for a story.
  274. Looking for SciFi Novel about a Relic with a horn
  275. Searching for a Short Story
  276. Looking for a book series, please help
  277. Futuristic novel HELP!
  278. I'm searching a specific book
  279. The asbestos man?
  280. What book did I read?
  281. Earth Invasion Novel - need help!
  282. Help locating a book.
  283. looking for old anthology
  284. Help remembering novel series
  285. HELP I've been trying to remember this book for years
  286. Heard of this book?
  287. I am trying to remember a sci-fi tv show and need help??
  288. Trying to remember name of a book
  289. Great lost sci fi book
  290. Please help me remember this book if you can!
  291. Can't remember the name of this book!
  292. Cheap, Racy Sci-Fi: Woman Abducted By Aliens And Enslaved on Another World!
  293. Trying to remember a story (juvenile sci-fi?)
  294. Japanese Sci Book Author and Title Unknown
  295. Help Finding a Book- "The Giant Dogs"
  296. Story identification: do you know this one?
  297. Help me find this book please?
  298. Help me find a book
  299. Looking for this trilogy
  300. help me find a book
  301. Looking for a Scifi Book and of course I forgot name and title?Help OCD
  302. Looking for a book about parallel universe
  303. Wednesday Only World...
  304. Three old books I forget the names of
  305. Looking for a book
  306. Who are Esteban and Julio?
  307. Trying to find a SciFi book
  308. Tor?
  309. Help me identify this SF novel
  310. help needed
  311. A book called 'home'
  312. needed:The Peddler's Apprentice
  313. Need help in remembering a title...
  314. Need Help Finding Book
  315. Need help finding SF book
  316. Need help finding SF book
  317. Looking for a story.
  318. Recommendations?
  319. Hey guys, im new and looking for a name of a book
  320. PBS SCIFI film anyone remember?
  321. Yet another old story/book
  322. Old series i read and cannot remember name :(
  323. yet another whats that book thread
  324. Book Search Request!
  325. story with rain, invasion of whales, and ishmael - name???
  326. Another book search request
  327. Help
  328. Looking for Book Title and Author
  329. Looking for Book Title and Author
  330. Hi I am new on the boards, & I have posted in several threads...
  331. What kind (if any) Sci-Fi should I be looking for?
  332. Would anyone happen to know this SF book?
  333. Looking to identify a short story
  334. Title/Author needed for book read long ago
  335. Trying to identify a novel
  336. Unable To Find Author Or Book!! Help!!
  337. Purpose of the Help! subforum
  338. Can't remember YA Novel..
  339. A book about a Telepath
  340. Classic Post-Apocalyptic Story
  341. Looking for name of movie
  342. Help me find the name of this book.
  343. Short story / novel ... not sure
  344. Title of these two books?
  345. Thieves and spies.
  346. Opera recs?
  347. Space Bar Stories
  348. Lost classic sci-fi title wanted
  349. Looking for a book I once read
  350. Any one help me find this long lost book
  351. Looking for a book series...
  352. can you tell me the title of ?
  353. Trying to find a couple of titles for my mom
  354. Character: Reed Novak; Book: ?; Author: ?
  355. who wrote short story "Random Sample"?
  356. A very old book
  357. pls help with obscure book
  358. What is this young adult science fiction book?
  359. Young Adult or Possibly kids Sci-Fi Books
  360. Teen 80's Nuclear Holocaust Story - Set in UK
  361. Looking for a (YA?) book
  362. Couple of SF books tha I'm searching
  363. Who wrote "Entertainment"?
  364. Looking for a humorous diplomat
  365. Book set in secret ocean base
  366. Vietnam War book featuring Pan, of all beasts...
  367. Looking for a book...
  368. 80's Childrens Sci-Fi Novel ? British ?
  369. Collection of Sci Fi stories about war
  370. Looking for a fading main character?
  371. Can't recall title of book...
  372. Trying to remember the name and author of a Sci Fi Book I read .
  373. Anyone know this book? SciFi, marine biologist who gets seasick
  374. can you ident this short story?
  375. Please help me remember a book!
  376. help finding a book
  377. Need help remembering a book title
  378. need help remembering book series i started in high school but neer finished..HELP!!
  379. Hi! If YOU can identify this book 4me youre a SAINT!
  380. Racking my brains...
  381. Can you name this book?
  382. Looking for a book
  383. Help!
  384. Comedy Book Set in A Spaceship with a Robot, Former Drug Addict (?) and a Woman?
  385. looking for a story, probably from the 50's?
  386. So... it went like this
  387. Looking for the name of a YA series...
  388. Brass Nodes of the Universe? (not the title)
  389. Science Fiction Book I've Forgotten
  390. dont know the book... "human spaceship detects alien vessel..."
  391. YA probably post-apocalypse
  392. Cecelia
  393. need help finding title of a book
  394. Can't remember title of book/story
  395. Science-fiction\mystery
  396. Help with this dog book
  397. Ship with Consciousness? Please help
  398. Where did I read this online SF story?
  399. looking for a title or the author
  400. Books with recording goggles or wormhole that gives vision through space-time
  401. Need help trying to identify Title or Author of S.F. novel ('cause I'm brain-dead...
  402. "Flinging" story - Need title
  403. This is driving me nuts!
  404. A Sci fi book with feline woman, man in space bullet suit and a talking ship
  405. Help identifying sci-fi book from the 80's
  406. Alien Invasion - alien life terraforming Earth for their own benefit
  407. Spaceships using twins with psychic link to communicate between ship and earth
  408. Looking for a particular old anthology
  409. Please help me find the name of this book!
  410. find afilm
  411. question needed
  412. Old short story driving me to the deep end...
  413. Solipsistic, meme, Von Neumann
  414. Can u tell me the book's name
  415. Can someone help me remember this Sci Fi book?
  416. Can you help me find an old friend?
  417. Gender transformation nanobots AI blackout and a shipped named The HMS Heinlein
  418. YA book re: trip to Mars, 2waring "vegetable"-like alien races, telepathy
  419. Story ID? (Bradbury-like)
  420. shakespeare abducted from boat...
  421. Help, please. Identify Sci-fi short story.
  422. ancient times clarke story
  423. Empathic shape changing blobs
  424. ~1980, planet is actually a ship-kooko, cukoo??
  425. I'd be amazed if anyone knows this one...
  426. Novel about after earth is gone - DNA antenna
  427. Looking for a novel I saw at book store in the mid 80s
  428. short story about a remote control
  429. Aleph?
  430. Space Opera Spoof
  431. Looking for a book I read as a kid
  432. Scifi books about people with special abilities
  433. Short story - consciousness fired into the future, into an intelligent lobster
  434. Help id this book please
  435. Going crazy
  436. British Children's novel 1960, kidnapped in government flying saucer.
  437. Looking for some help identifying a book!
  438. book I read long ago.......
  439. Been trying to find a book.......
  440. Invisible elf like creature
  441. Help me find a book?
  442. Novel about man's first foray into ftl travel
  443. Need your help figureing out which book this is...
  444. Does anyone know this book?
  445. Online short story about AI, 2 rival AI scientists
  446. Sci Fi - Very young female protagonist
  447. Alzheimer's, desk AI's, and a gun (Short story)
  448. Hope someone can help with this book.
  449. Post High School, The Game, exploration of an alien world
  450. Help with a Shorter Fiction Work
  451. Late 1970s sf book trying to remember "Changeling"?
  452. Help in Identifying Book
  453. book i read when i was young
  454. Stuck trying to find book...Wooden/Organic Spacecraft
  455. post-apocalypse civilization along Miss River? nomads?
  456. short story about object hitting earth
  457. finding a book/story title
  458. Giant bird from outer space comes to hatch the planets
  459. Short story about televised, endorsed war
  460. What book or story am I thinking of?
  461. Fishy Sci-fi ish book...
  462. Artificial cow on the moon
  463. Spaceships propelled by the 30th spectrum
  464. aliens hunting humans
  465. Post Apocalyptic Children Raised by Robots
  466. Looking for scifi/mystery book title
  467. Novel about a derelict craft / forgot title
  468. A question about the foundation series of Asimov
  469. Nanites used to modify human brain
  470. Sci-Fi short story inquiry/request.
  471. Sperm Whale analogs hunting, a fire in the harvested oil, read < 1970? "Spinners"
  472. Short story: headhunting sport
  473. Winged Gladiators in Future
  474. Help...forgot name of short story...man/alone/dark/rocket base/creature
  475. Please, help me find a book abot space jumping
  476. Asimov book?
  477. Believe it was called "After the change"
  478. Help - young adult sci fi book
  479. A "telepath on the run" book
  480. Help finding a mini sieries of books.
  481. Searching for title of old novel...
  482. Searching for: short story, huge alien ship, we try to nuke one leg of it.
  483. EMT = EMPTY screen.... Energy Mass Transmitter
  484. Science Fiction: Post-industrial, forest planet, retainment dam?
  485. Alien organs implantation for psychic powers
  486. Author and title help
  487. Need some help finding a title!
  488. Please help
  489. Searching for a novel
  490. Look for book about inherited spaceship
  491. Looking for a book name or author.
  492. Time travel story
  493. Tours of the Galaxy
  494. help me please
  495. Looking for Name of Short Story
  496. Time Travel (post-apocalyptic)
  497. Searching for a collection of short stories - read circa 1995
  498. What book's cover is this?
  499. supersonic robotic dog, female "lead" character, I think
  500. Short Story (AI Utopia, Three Contests) Help
  501. old Juvenile SF novel
  502. Help me find
  503. Looking for books I read back in the days
  504. Series of SF short stories set in bar
  505. help me find this novel
  506. Mamma Mia, Mia Culpa
  507. Science Fiction Movie Question need to know title!
  508. Book about frozen then digitized soldiers?
  509. Looking for a novel
  510. Which author: 1st contact/living island?
  511. power to choose a personal future timeline?
  512. Help! Story of A Boy Who Collects Moths?
  513. Story of A Boy Who Collects Moths? Help!
  514. need help with book about Callisto
  515. Space Truckin'
  516. Vietnam Vet needs help in finding SF book read in the 1970's- theme: Space madness
  517. Help me find this book please
  518. Help identifying a novel
  519. Help finding novel similiar to Sleeping Planet
  520. Trying to find a short story title/author
  521. Help looking for a book … go figure
  522. Is there a better site for older books?
  523. Help finding alternate universes themed book
  524. Help me figure out what this was?
  525. Heaven Located 36 miles and up from Sydney Australia
  526. Do you know this book?
  527. Looking for a book
  528. What story is this from?
  529. Book about a zero gravity planet...
  530. Help! Looking for a short story, forgot name
  531. help looking for sci
  532. The Crime Machine??????
  533. Short story, a human and alien must compete...
  534. Name that author! 2 books about an assassin
  535. Paradise Planet and Taxes?
  536. Two Books Poul Anderson, Robert Silverberg, or maybe Fredick Pohl
  537. Modern person -> medieval world
  538. Could someone help me find the title of this story.
  539. Last vampire, hiding from conquering aliens
  540. book about space pilot exiled on jungle planet
  541. Story about mind backups and rocket
  542. Need help finding the title of a book.
  543. Can't remember name of this book
  544. title anyone futuristic tank
  545. Title Search: Retire from Moon
  546. Help finding a recommendation...
  547. need the name of a good book
  548. A story about two brothers and a time rock?
  549. HELP! - Can't remember title or author of a book
  550. Utopia and apples! My daughter needs your help!
  551. Looking for a book
  552. Old SF Short Story: Evolution into plants
  553. Help me remember, 80's sf book
  554. Short Story
  555. Search for a long lost book
  556. Trying to figure out a book I read awhile ago
  557. Sci-Fi Story with water world colonests
  558. Please help me identify a SciFi book / Short story...
  559. Searching for an old SF short story
  560. Cant remember - guy gets surgery to go undercover into alien culture...
  561. Travel speed of light and come back
  562. Can't Remeber - Man Gains Ability to do so many tasks at once that his head explodes
  563. teaching space station its control laws
  564. Mandatory birth control?
  565. Can't remember name--colorful swirl novel
  566. HELP! Looking for a long-lost book of spacecraft sketches
  567. Looking for Science Fiction book with character NiAllen
  568. Earth Attacked
  569. 60s pupl - nine eyed ribits
  570. Story: Historical message from light speed probe received after FTL travel invented?
  571. Need Help - Immortals and Big Cats
  572. Man pilots giant lobster in Maine, or maybe Alaska
  573. OK, this is a tough one... A series with ships that use light sails...
  574. Godzilla, Inc and one more
  575. Forgot the title...
  576. 70's pulp sci'fi (i think)
  577. Old Omni Mag short story
  578. Can't remember title or author
  579. Boy Raised by Intelligent Lizards Books?
  580. A human and alien must fight to the death to decide which race survives
  581. Time travel or alternate universe please help
  582. Title of Science Fiction book (probably 60's era)
  583. Tap for the reference
  584. need a title to find this book, do you remember it?
  585. do you know this book?
  586. Trying to remember a scifi series of books...
  587. Planet with grid and grid masters
  588. 1990's magazine short story
  589. help - can't remember the title - man wakes up with tentacles
  590. Any good sci-fi/space/planet horror novels
  591. An Alternate Alice in Wonderland with Motorcycles & Machine Guns
  592. Help with a title
  593. Samari type battles aliens that feed on emotions
  594. Planet/Universe of Alternate Matter
  595. Help can't recall title ot author
  596. Vibgyor
  597. Starship "The Hound of Heaven"
  598. Where to find "Within the Pyramid"?
  599. Can't remember name of story/author ><
  600. Can't remember name or author, but a great book!
  601. Novel about a society where...
  602. Looking for a narrative
  603. Need Help - Book illustrating fictional life on all planets in our solar system
  604. sunshine,
  605. Stories about animal/species extinction
  606. Decades ago fictions
  607. Embarrassed to ask, but ...
  608. HELP- Trying to ID 2 short stories
  609. looking sword fighter with plastic hair
  610. Looking for good Space Battles
  611. What book is this?
  612. Is this a Ray Bradbury short story?
  613. What book/author is this?
  614. What's the Name of this Short Story?
  615. Seeking title/author of old book
  616. Looking for a short story?
  617. Looking for Series?
  618. Looking for name of (short novel?).
  619. Man on deserted world travels through portals into other worlds.
  620. Another Sci Fi Story Question
  621. Book I read many moons ago...
  622. book with post apocalyptic/religious tone
  623. Need help finding a story.
  624. YA: Genetically altered girl marooned on alien planet
  625. Hey, do you know...
  626. Russian Alien Invasion? Need Book Title.
  627. help with title/author on novel(?)
  628. one more title/author mystery
  629. What book is this?
  630. A vague book I remember, need author + title
  631. Who is Florence Verbell Brown ?
  632. Help ID a Great SF Short Story Thriller
  633. Help finding an old short story
  634. Anyone know this Book?
  635. Short story about an intergalactic war with Earth in the middle.
  636. 60s sci fi paperback
  637. Please help, I'm looking for this particular scifi book
  638. gwings? music?
  639. Post Apocalyptic book by a Spanish writer
  640. Help Identify Book Exploration Worms Survival
  641. The Wings of the Falcon
  642. Been trying to figure this one out for a long time
  643. Would Love to Find this Great Old Story..
  644. Dirty Fingernails...and The End of The World
  645. Short Story: Alternate Worlds, Set in a Bar
  646. help ID a book
  647. What book is this (telepath + first contact)
  648. mercenary sci-fi book?
  649. short story- law prof becomes galaxy judge
  650. help ID another book
  651. the {it was definatley an 's' word} sentinels
  652. A couple of synapses short -- Help appreciated.
  653. Looking for Computer Fiction Book Similar to "Ariel"...
  654. Looking for a Sci-Fi Book
  655. Supervolcanoes and Earth Refugees?
  656. 3D photocopier?
  657. What is the title of this book!? Argh!
  658. Can you judge this book by the cover?
  659. Looking for a kids' SF book series from late 70's - early 80's
  660. Books for my son
  661. Have you read anything like this?
  662. there was this book......
  663. Book i read 10 years ago with a lot of space battles
  664. Help me identify a book I read as a child from my spotty recollections!
  665. Can't remember post-apocalyptic short story's title/author
  666. Help with Book Title/Author
  667. Shape changer and telepathy
  668. robot whale with little friend trilopod, very odd name
  669. looking for fantasy about parallel world where animals appear human
  670. Comedic SF novel, with someone who is an expert in tripping other people...
  671. I am god, yes, but we are man...
  672. Help me remember this book!!
  673. Book search - cant remember title
  674. Crab Salad?
  675. Looking for a trilogy I read(symbiotes&elemental control)
  676. a short story involving a farmer on an alien planet
  677. A time travel novel but vague details..sorry.
  678. seeking novel in which human male marries, impregnates alien female feline humanoid
  679. Need help remembering a sci fi book
  680. Title/author of short story
  681. Looking for the title of a short story from the late 70s
  682. Trying to find the name of a book.
  683. Help me re-discover a book
  684. future city, conspiracy, journalist, riots - circa late 80's
  685. carpet/tapestry transport to other world? title may include the word colour?
  686. What is the name of this book/story?!
  687. YAF: Three teens touch a meteorite that crashed into a mall, get super powers
  688. 'All of Love'
  689. Plot - global warming led to middle east invading europe, alien lights in sky
  690. Trying to remember
  691. copyright cop/enforcer (in the future)
  692. Need help with Tv Series Name
  693. trying to rediscover a story
  694. Short story about Callisto
  695. Book Help
  696. Need help finding a book
  697. 'Wear' can I find this?
  698. A Comedic Sci-fi
  699. The Heat Index Of The Universe
  700. Book I loved as a child
  701. Looking for book: woman living alone on planet. . .
  702. A lost book
  703. short story read as a kid
  704. Hopefully somebody can help...
  705. I remember the story, not the title... or author...
  706. Need help Plz! :)
  707. A lost novel - for Ancient Readers or fans of Ancient SF
  708. Driving me nuts
  709. airships and flying saucers
  710. Space Man adapts to harsh planet??
  711. Remembering several stories from a compilation...
  712. Need help finding book title
  713. Need help finding a book
  714. I'm going nuts trying to remember!!
  715. Help finding book Elves in space
  716. Stasis/Cryogenics/Prolonged-Forced Sleep? (Ending spoiler, maybe-ish)
  717. "Cain and Abel" on a colonized outer planet...
  718. 2 robot-based short stories, possibly from the same book
  719. Does anyone recognize this short??
  720. Flying snake spits acid
  721. 70's sci fi
  722. Looking for old humorous sci-fi book
  723. help with maid idea
  724. The Jebel/Djebel (?)
  725. Can anyone help me please?
  726. Another Request for Help Locating Title/Author
  727. Lost teen sci/fi short stories
  728. Short SF story in which men menstruate
  729. Winchester Mansion fiction
  730. New Book
  731. Halp!!! Trying to remember a SF book from late 70's early 80's
  732. Must find book! Help!!!
  733. Post-apocalyptic/tank/cyborg
  734. Help Juvenile Books of the 60's or 70's
  735. Help please with Poul Anderson short story
  736. help looking for trilogy from 70s maybe? Wolfling may be one title
  737. hominem post hominem
  738. recall is fading
  739. "Transit" by Vonda McIntyre
  740. Help with modern Sci-Fi
  741. Recommendations on Science Fiction Books
  742. You can't force creativity
  743. What is the name of this book
  744. Please help me find a specific short story!
  745. watchers? pain defines who we are?
  746. Abandoned spaceship
  747. First post; Please name this SciFi book
  748. name & author of this book please
  749. Please help me find this book/author
  750. looking for a short story
  751. SF/Fant Crossover...
  752. From the 1970's...
  753. Looking for Book
  754. looking for sf book female human marries male tiger
  755. Story about time travel and overpopulation
  756. Slow light speed
  757. well, these spaceships are hatching...
  758. I can't remember this name...
  759. Spy in the cold war using time travel..
  760. 1970's novel - troglodyte-starship-robot-quest
  761. time travel story ID?
  762. Can't remember titles, only basic plot... Help?
  763. 1960's novel- utopia lost, then regained by young kid.
  764. Searching for Author/Title
  765. Trying to find a book.
  766. Searching for Story
  767. Looking for a book
  768. please help, looking for book title
  769. Need help remembering this book.
  770. I am looking for a couple of books
  771. Something about dolphins
  772. help identify post-apocalyptic book
  773. Desperate for milk on the moon
  774. Help: Pre-2000 Book: Sky reverses to reflect Earth's surface (DIT)
  775. YA book about clones, anyone?
  776. Book That I started Years ago and would like to finish
  777. Russian SF novel?
  778. Looking for 2 worlds, one dying
  779. SF short story - can't remember title or author
  780. SF or fantasy short story - need title and author
  781. Title and author driving me crazy! please help
  782. do you know this book? about a mans life being another mans dream...
  783. Angels of Haven
  784. Book called Darkness?
  785. science fiction book titles/authors.
  786. Time Travel narrative written by future cops - ?
  787. First contact with aliens that have human looking slaves?
  788. Name that story: Computer Traps people in VR, most die
  789. Vague info, trying to remember title or author
  790. Need helping finding author/title
  791. Levitating cubes that crap carbon?!
  792. Does anyone know...
  793. need help identifying book/short story
  794. City Area States
  795. Looking for novels staging robotic/cybernetic revolt
  796. UFOs, Alien Abductions, advanced technology
  797. Cities that roll above Earth on giant wheels
  798. What to read after Iain M Banks?
  799. Circus of the Stars?
  800. Connie visited by ple from future in mental institut'n?
  801. plot involving monastic communities
  802. robot/android(?) with humanity's dna encoded on arm
  803. A unification theory that causes a mysterious illness??
  804. Hacker using tarot cards
  805. Looking for a sci fi book please help
  806. Advanced City in a Wasteland... Brain Transplant...
  807. Looking for author : guy visits comatose old guy in nursing home mental genius
  808. bought new in US 1997, features improved school
  809. Looking for a novel
  810. A short story with a horse-like alien and the tailor who clothes him!
  811. Name of a Claymation show from the late 1970's/early 1980's
  812. The name of a made-for-TV horror movie from the 1970's/1980's
  813. Book from the late 80's about a colony of people abducted to serve and fight for an a
  814. Quatum Leap Styled Book?
  815. Looking For a Book; Possibly Dimension Alpha
  816. alien satellite stealing memories?
  817. Cats stuck in a nuclear shelter that become the next 'Adam and Eve'
  818. virtual reality
  819. hi
  820. Can't remember name of science fiction series...
  821. I need an ID on a novel that I heard about...
  822. 1980's decade novel with a skeleton in a spacesuit on the cover
  823. Woman Out Running Transported to Different World - Kirin?
  824. Post Apocalyptic
  825. Looking for Book Series from 1980s, Plot Somewhat Like "Terra Nova"
  826. 1980's scifi book, aliens, volcanoes, bikers
  827. Help! Looking for name of a series
  828. People flying with synthetic wings
  829. Dystopian short story - help!
  830. 80s scfi book- flying aliens and teleportation shopping!
  831. Help Identifying Space Opera Book
  832. 40 years ago
  833. Cat like race working with humans
  834. a book from high school
  835. Looking for two books from late 70 to early 80's
  836. Need help for book title and author!
  837. I'm looking for a book title. (late '70s early '80s)
  838. Need help finding a story from my childhood
  839. Help identifying a book please?
  840. story with technology looking like magic to alien race
  841. Can't Remember Novel Title - Any Ideas?
  842. Ape like race, first contact with humans, female protagonist(Marie?), Dhurrck?
  843. About Arisien and Adorean and humans developing, using power of mind - name of book?
  844. can some please tell me the name of this book?
  845. Old man wakes up young, but has amnesia
  846. Lost book title
  847. Short story question
  848. Need help with an author or title Please!
  849. SF/Horror short stories collection
  850. Been bugging me for days- dystopia, AI, cyborgs, et al
  851. Please help: archaelologists, insect larva slaves, dragons
  852. Post apoc story about astronauts
  853. Space Navy/station, Rebellion
  854. Driving me nuts!
  855. Flashy cover, vague memories...
  856. Can't recall recent trilogy - family where the sister is the queen
  857. Not The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
  858. I need help with a book that I read I can't remember the title or author
  859. Story about a devolving spacefaring species
  860. Civilization is cut off from Earth...
  861. Can't remember this book
  862. 1970's children's sci-fi magazine
  863. Trying to remember a book with BEAST and I think STAR in the title
  864. Looking for a sci fi novel
  865. Society with wings
  866. 1980s anthology - 3 stories described - anyone, anyone?
  867. A story about...
  868. Please help me find this title/author!
  869. SF novel: beings inside planet orbiting neutron star?
  870. 12 yr old telepath book
  871. 2 books: a 1980's scifi art book and a 1970's weird tales paperback
  872. Request?? science fiction book from 1950? 1960? 1970? 1980??
  873. Another half remembered book.
  874. Alien race xul, zul ?
  875. Help! What is the name of this book?
  876. Space Opera Set in Nursing Home
  877. Very old ironic SF tale. Maye 1950's
  878. Short Story - Mountain Prison
  879. Children's sci-fi story and artwork collection from the early 1980's
  880. eighties SF with supernova theme?
  881. Cyborg cop named Horn
  882. book about a wizard? who plays a lyre? and eventually becomes an inkeeper
  883. Nano tech and space opera ?
  884. Help cannot remember a virtual reality novel
  885. something about memory erasing ... help, please?
  886. Real challenge for you guys
  887. Alien Invasion forces surviving humans to live in the cold polar regions.
  888. Cyborg novels in general.
  889. Story about a man who acquires alien divine powers
  890. help identify sci fi art book
  891. Lil Help Please - Iron Legion, Star Whales and brainwashed assassins
  892. looking for a trilogy of short stories
  893. Help Remembering a Book, by it's Cover
  894. Name that sci-fi story.
  895. Story about boy learning magic words and at 5 words becomes a God
  896. Forgotten book from the 1960s
  897. A book I wish I had bought, but I don't know the name
  898. looking for specific alternate history book
  899. Need help finding a book
  900. Looking for a book about christmas...or very nearly
  901. Looking for a series I read after having surgery.
  902. Mind control book, 50's or 60's
  903. 1980's book about a boy on a space station that goes to a forbidden Earth
  904. Military Sci Fi Book
  905. Does anyone Know this Series?
  906. Stupid Broken Kindle - I Need to find a missing book. Please Help!
  907. AI named "prime", corporate interstellar war, muscle suits,time travel...
  908. YASID - Genetically modified Football players
  909. A half-remembered juvenile SF title - please help!
  910. Tunnel in the Sky
  911. Searching for title/author Scholastic SF book from late '60s
  912. post-apocalyptic in the Smokies
  913. 1980's space adventures for 8 year olds.
  914. Help identifying a book or story
  915. something of a planetary romance
  916. Please help identify a book.
  917. Obscure dystopia novel 1980s or earlier
  918. Two lost books
  919. Help needed on book and short story title
  920. Secret gubmint super collider gone awry....
  921. hostile alien world collection?
  922. Practicing Diction for Speech Recognition
  923. need to identify book i read 10 years ago
  924. Man using math in nose of a missile--short story, title, author?
  925. juvenile Mars novel to identify
  926. Help me remember a book?
  927. Martian werewolf novel? Sci-fi?
  928. Sail Warship And Submarine Novel ?
  929. Another help thread please
  930. Book Series - Alternate time lines
  931. Old sci fi story I read
  932. Short story: Post-apocalyptic troop of kids led by robotic "Mother"
  933. Cheap old sci fi
  934. 60s-ish novel where the Moon crashes into Earth?
  935. Name searched of old sf movie, who knows !ws what movie i search
  936. Anthology - afterlife in circular room with ball, time traveling computer...
  937. Woman walks in Underworld?
  938. Name that story
  939. Seeking source of older short story
  940. Ilona, you have stolen my song.
  941. Name of series with human-spaceships
  942. A spider girl book?
  943. Help on short story title
  944. Unknown title/author
  945. New book re: away team characters killed off?
  946. Traveling back to invest in time travel
  947. Flare Refugees
  948. Help me before I go mad!
  949. Book - powers from "nodes" in the earth
  950. unknown titles/author :(
  951. Science Fiction anthology from 80s (poss 70s)
  952. An old SciFi book I read..............
  953. Looking for young adult series - space lifeboat?
  954. I am looking for a book/story using this description
  955. I have been trying to a book for a long time (HELP)
  956. short story about an encroaching comet/star
  957. Vague recommendation from a friend
  958. Children's SF: "Tripod" or "Mountain" something or other?
  959. HELP! Looking for a short story involving a the DEVILS TUNING FORK - 1995ish
  960. Find Author and Story
  961. A book about time travel as a tourist attraction
  962. Can any one tell me the name of this story?
  963. To prevent the destruction of humans
  964. Need assistance....
  965. Need autor or name of the book
  966. Story about children turned immortal
  967. short story about televisions that show the homes of other owners
  968. The SOL is 186,282.42 mps
  969. Forgotten Book
  970. Need Some Help on a Title and Author
  971. Earth as a galactic preserve for 'aggression'
  972. Can't remember about energy tube
  973. query: sf story about the last smokers
  974. Story with Island of Screams where blood used to get iron?
  975. what was this bookk called please help?
  976. Dystopian series circa 1980s
  977. Genetically modified genius & athlete manages baseball team
  978. short story, japan, girl injects flavoring into her arm
  979. short story,man awakens after midnight and discovers crew building tomorrow overnight
  980. short story, where man is gradually replaced by ant-like creatures while he sleeps
  981. Novel... Far Far Distant Future, Humans gone?
  982. Help...Sandcasters, Ice Armor
  983. Chiron's Ring or some such title
  984. An alternate/parallel Earth novel - possibly Dutch
  985. HELP! I'm going totally crazy!
  986. looking for book about a knowage gathering spaceship, a kind of giant libery
  987. Man, right on the tip of my brain !
  988. Old book I read decades ago. . .
  989. Story of exploding space ship
  990. Blue skin for special powers?
  991. story re Earth let out of confinement to help in a war
  992. 1950's SciFi
  993. Read it in early 90's
  994. Juvenile novel, 70s/80s, forgotten children fading into another existence
  995. post apocalyptic boy and mutant cat
  996. Seeking story: aliens travel massive distances by creating "copies" of themselves
  997. Late 80's read, civilization in a nutshell
  998. ● Name that Novel? ●
  999. Name the story/novel: A man whose everyday life is filled with hallucinations
  1000. war that can't be won
  1001. Help to identify a book please...
  1002. In this book spaceships have drive coils that work for 8 hr max and have 16 hr down.
  1003. Novel where the descendents of a spaceship mission think they're on a planet but...
  1004. Forgotten book names - please put me out of my misery :)
  1005. Old and Obscure.
  1006. Two cultures, same planet, living at different time rates
  1007. Looking for science fiction assassination story with mysterious girl
  1008. Help please!!!!
  1009. Didn't remember the door knocker and " God must have seen her"= bad luck day ??
  1010. scifi: 80s/90s? humanity vs. 1st contact aliens, asteroid bases/ships (spoilers)
  1011. Additional authors?
  1012. Blue Orb
  1013. Short SF: boy awakened every birthday on colonizing spaceship
  1014. The most enaging elements of science fiction?
  1015. Novel About Bees and Human Sex
  1016. Alien terraforming earth
  1017. Book where the sidekick is an alien with Iron based bone structure.
  1018. Need Help Finding a Book
  1019. Need some Help Please
  1020. Fictional City in Northern Australia
  1021. I'm going nuts here!!
  1022. Science fiction book about 800-1000 pages long, can't think of the name.
  1023. Origin of term artificial intelligence in science fiction
  1024. Guy sitting in a gun turret defending against intruders. I think he escapes, not sure
  1025. AI needed for global traffic control 80's
  1026. Please help identify this classic story
  1027. Need help remembering the name of a book
  1028. Help! Looking for Sci-Fi book about people being cocooned
  1029. Two Stories: Killer Robots in Post-Apocalyptic World; Sex Robots
  1030. Speculative time travel article about deliberately caused paradoxes
  1031. Raven
  1032. Can someone help me find an early 1980 SciFi Cat space adventure story?
  1033. I read a series several years ago after having surgery. (recollections in my post)
  1034. A "lost civilization beneath the earth" novel
  1035. Help remembering the name of 2 Sci Fi novels
  1036. Golden/Silver-age short story: star lost in space
  1037. ....the name of this short story?
  1038. Going insane trying to remember the name of this book
  1039. Looking for a SF book from the 1970's
  1040. Aliens stealing solar energy
  1041. Generation Starship and its ... kids crew
  1042. Female Space Captain
  1043. Post Apocalyptic book Title?
  1044. help remembering the name of a book!
  1045. Novel I can't find anywhere named Mandala? (I think, not sure of the title.)
  1046. Cryogenics and the cold virus from 70s/80s (short story)
  1047. Can't find the book
  1048. What novel or story is it?
  1049. Short story- has been bothering me for years
  1050. Anyone know what book this is? (space exploration)
  1051. "All plants love the sun..."
  1052. story about reverse evolution machine
  1053. Science Fiction - Bear - Capacity to imagine future events
  1054. Trying to remember book title from the 80s...
  1055. Title of a book. Need help please
  1056. Forgotten title and author :(
  1057. Story with "The Farm", "The Vacuum", love and hate?
  1058. Seven little girls, sitting on a bench, kill soldiers with their minds
  1059. Assassins?
  1060. Human colony among an alien civilization
  1061. need help finding a book i read years ago please and thank you
  1062. Help me find...
  1063. looking for three old novels
  1064. Help find Novel : Space Traveler/Mind in new body? New planet of mainly children?
  1065. Help Remembering a Book Title
  1066. Hoping That You Can Help Me Find an Old SF Story
  1067. "There Won't Be War" by Harry Harrison and Bruce McAllister
  1068. Sentient stars - cannot recall the book
  1069. Can't remember this book!
  1070. Wizards and scientists
  1071. Trouble finding a book from lost ago
  1072. Years wondering
  1073. Feathers keep machines running
  1074. Alternate World question! (for my thesis)
  1075. Two Short Stories from the 1950's
  1076. Erik Frank russell's ...VANISHED(!) Novellete ?? Anyone???
  1077. story (by G. Jones?) where woman is given choice by aliens about whether to end earth
  1078. story: woman artist takes in kid, gets in trouble, sketches him naked?, he disappears
  1079. Looking for an old SF novel featuring human waste being made into food cubes?
  1080. HELP!!! Looking for a book!
  1081. Help with old new-agley sci fi book
  1082. Find me a poet ?
  1083. Short story that uses liquid mercury hidden in a golf club as a key
  1084. Help ID Short Story
  1085. Book from 70's - Earth invasion with a resistance movement as a religion
  1086. Exodus of Letters
  1087. Looking for dystopian novel: USA collapsed to 19th c tech, coastal CA setting
  1088. Robot story
  1089. story from ?1980s abouth Alfa-Earth, Beta-Earth?
  1090. "There Won't Be War" Harrison and McAllister?
  1091. Entrancingly beautiful suicide machine. From a scifi anthology of the 1960s?
  1092. Looking for old Sci-Fi book about competition game and murder plot
  1093. short story - pyramid-shaped ship
  1094. Forgotten 'Outwitting an Alien' Story
  1095. post-apocalyptic airships & nanomachines on the moon
  1096. A time-traveller encountering "mermaids"
  1097. Possibly dystopian sci fi book - 1990's or earlier
  1098. short story stolen spaceship
  1099. Help identifying two series
  1100. 50's 60's sci fi
  1101. Help me identify a book!
  1102. Adult Sci-Fi Dystopia
  1103. Trying to identify a book, help appreciated.
  1104. Book Title Forgotten
  1105. can anyone help me? Google could not.
  1106. Old book 1977-8 couple grows up finds they can do anything they imagine... Help find
  1107. Submarine ,undersea Novel before Jules verne 20 thousand leagues under the sea ?
  1108. time travel in neolithic times in southern France, published in the 70s
  1109. short story ... an outdoor wall with only 1 side
  1110. Looking for a series of books about SF archaeology (not Priscilla Hutchins)
  1111. Artificial Moon
  1112. Hard SF Mission to Mars
  1113. Communist Britain; Instant Death Machine
  1114. Need HELP identifying dystopian future book – Soviet science fiction
  1115. Old short story about education
  1116. A group of Americans get transported and start a "New Chicago"?
  1117. Long lost story
  1118. Book with sentient solar creatures
  1119. Barely anything to go off of
  1120. Request for Title/Author.
  1121. Request to find book of short stories for younger readers
  1122. Help identifying an OLD (1950s-1960s) SF short story please?
  1123. Man finds himself switching between alternate earths/histories
  1124. Classic SciFi(?) dystopia, with two AIs.
  1125. Searching for story, about self-replicating space habitats...
  1126. a couple of recent short stories i want to find
  1127. book name
  1128. (super?)hero protagonist in alternate universe
  1129. Can't remember the book title HELP!!
  1130. novel title/author -- two psychics
  1131. Help Please- Paperback from the 60's. Large human group stranded. Use of 'Mockers'
  1132. Late 70s / Early 80s Kids Sci Fi short story collection
  1133. Driving me crazy
  1134. Two stories from my youth I can't remember the names of...
  1135. Trying to Live up to Family Name...
  1136. Can't remember a book, please help.
  1137. Far Future Stories
  1138. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star??????
  1139. HELP! What is the name of that story...?
  1140. Old short stories: P for Perfect products, Everest copy to practise climbing
  1141. Recognize this story?
  1142. Trying to find story about brains outside bodies
  1143. 70s novel: absolute zero, the other side and semantics?
  1144. I'm trying to find a story I know little about :)
  1145. Looking for a book from a long time ago
  1146. Looking for two books but dont know titles
  1147. More CRS
  1148. Short story: boy dies, family uploads him into computer, sister visits
  1149. I think I just found the Story but I Can't Find the Thread
  1150. "They were superior to us as we are to apes..."
  1151. What's the name of this book?
  1152. 1950s Interstellar Travel in a hollow asteroid
  1153. Walled magical (telekinetic?) community - novella / short
  1154. A Novel about Solar Flares and Aliens
  1155. book I read in '80's, planet was actually space ship and people didn't know????
  1156. Hi. I need help identifying s SF space opera or military series...
  1157. Young adult parallel world stories
  1158. Merlin travels to the new world
  1159. Novels or Short Stories Depicting Humans as Seen by Outsiders???
  1160. Help me not go insane and remember this book
  1161. Alfred Bester interview from 1979
  1162. Horrible short story about a materialising machine-can't remember title or author!
  1163. Non-solid/gaseous/translucent column-shaped aliens guarding massive fortresses...?
  1164. Story on spaceship, one person's job is to be a "reader"
  1165. SciFi Horror title: communicating with soul on other side... help finding this title
  1166. I'm trying to find a book
  1167. Science Fiction Book about Charter Schools and a LEO transporter called Plank
  1168. Sci-Fi Short Story about an alien map of the Mississippi
  1169. I can't REMEMBER the name of this book or the author and it's driving me CRAZY! Help
  1170. Alcoholic genius, narcissistic robot, beer can opener, theater attendance
  1171. Poetry in Short Stories
  1172. sci-fi series with a conscience tree that approves mates!
  1173. Looking for a childhood SF book
  1174. Help I cannot remember author or title of a short story
  1175. trying to remember title
  1176. What is the name of this book?
  1177. Trying to find short story for my husband....
  1178. Trying to Find the Title for Two Books
  1179. ARGHHH! Here's another memory failure!
  1180. Keywords: Chicago World Fair of 1933 and telepathy
  1181. A book about nanomachinery and magic
  1182. dying nomadic alien warrior race, other aliens with photographic memory
  1183. Man wakens to find himself transformed into living metal
  1184. Help me remember!
  1185. new man in end of universe
  1186. knights in starships and vults
  1187. Looking for two book that involve teleportation
  1188. Short story about aliens who seed the Earth with plants that "take over" all land
  1189. A E Van Vogt: Weapon Makers/Shops
  1190. Sci-fi/Fantasy novel
  1191. Looking for a Book
  1192. Title of a book about a woman who is a pilot
  1193. Help! Looking for a specific book about humans abducted by aliens
  1194. I'm looking for a book - title / autor unknown
  1195. Man using 'telekinetic' lens machine to wage war with aliens on distant planet....?
  1196. A book about a space colony ship that lost its crew and was rediscovered
  1197. Experimental mind-reading machine turns everyone into mental copies of one person
  1198. 50s Science Fiction Collections
  1199. help recovering short story details
  1200. Short: Alien Race Evolves to Use Hypnosis to Trap its Prey (hypnotic object)
  1201. Alien kids in a space station arcade? Somewhat sexual?
  1202. trying to find the title of a novel
  1203. Classic 1900 SciFi, HG Wells style with plant based lifeform soldiers
  1204. A sci-fi novel featuring characters called The Palmers?
  1205. cybernetic/ai
  1206. Help with 1980's young adult novel about a boy traveling to a forbidden Earth.
  1207. Can you please identify this book?
  1208. Sci-fi, hero ends up stranded on a garbage patch in the ocean
  1209. Novel about alien artwork causing chaos on earth
  1210. sci-fi book about colonisation spaceship journey
  1211. Looking for book with spaceship crew in stasis and one person awake who goes insane
  1212. Short story about time travel to witness assassination of Jesse James
  1213. Help, do you know the name of this novel?
  1214. Telepathic animals and buried spaceships
  1215. Searching for Book
  1216. Fantasy Baseball
  1217. do you know?
  1218. seeking help with a sci fi book from the 80s
  1219. Book with expendable characters
  1220. What are the names of theese two classics?
  1221. Name of book with time dilation
  1222. Book title: administrator has a portal to an African lodge
  1223. 70's short story, 2 futures for humanity : 1. hunters, 2. a "pleasure bubble"?
  1224. A rather Odd book and its sequel about nanotech
  1225. Looking for a story from an anthology...
  1226. Possible dystopian series with giant machines/creatures
  1227. Looking for a sci fi novel title.
  1228. Looking for Truth
  1229. Help me find a book from the 1960's
  1230. Seeking help to find a Title/author/ maybe dystopia genre
  1231. Please help find title/author of short story
  1232. Can't remember name of book or author.
  1233. Help, looking for title of book
  1234. Universe that turns out to be a spaceship. What book am I looking for?
  1235. It won't go away!!
  1236. Do you know this Ursula Le Guin short story?
  1237. Short story, empty alien city transforms explorer
  1238. Need help remembering a title.
  1239. Trying To Locate An Old Short Story
  1240. Looking for an old (sixties seventies) dystopian short story (may be French...)
  1241. Aliens Taking over Earth, Defeated by being introduced to credit cards
  1242. Obscure Novel
  1243. Creepy Short Story
  1244. Underwater story
  1245. Need help remembering a Sci-Fi book/series and author
  1246. Forgotten title
  1247. Query - can anyone name this story / author?
  1248. Still looking for this book
  1249. Short Story about Drowning a Biological-Weapon Baby