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  26. Purpose of the Help! subforum
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  29. Do you know this old book?
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  31. cool old book
  32. Please help me remember.
  33. Michael Moorcock - Elric The Stealer of Souls
  34. I can't remember!
  35. i need help too.
  36. Does anyone know this book?
  37. Help
  38. Forgot an old book I read
  39. Lies of Locke Lamora Cover Art
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  42. devil or demon movie
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  47. Mages, love and death
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  55. The quest for God-suits???
  56. Audio books Fantasy?
  57. A girl named Shadow?
  58. anti-quest book steriotypical opposite
  59. A book about teenagers and panthers...Ring Any Bells?
  60. Catholic Fantasy
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  62. Fantasy Dungeon Picture Book
  63. I've been trying to figure out this title for weeks... Please help?
  64. Looking for a book with a shape shifting sword
  65. Technology breaks - people have to count on themselves again
  66. Weird Fantasy Book
  67. Can't remember title
  68. Vampire novel set during World War II?
  69. Old Lovecraftian short story
  70. Forgotten Irish/gaelic fantasy
  71. Joe Dever/Lone Wolf
  72. Forgotten book - main character called Snarky?
  73. protagonist male, not human, with purple/violet eyes
  74. Humans that shapeshift into dragons, act as judges
  75. Auction between a General and the Regent
  76. "The Black Rose"
  77. Cannot find this trilogy...
  78. Erikson with Vonnegut influences?
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  81. The secret of Immortality is Tea, Sex and Beetroots.....
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  83. Group of fantasy heroes portal to our world to pick up a helper in their quest
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  85. help please
  86. maze... something to do with a maze
  87. cat-like people?
  88. Any good Zombie Books out there?
  89. Vampire/Supernatural Books? Please.
  90. Titel of a Jack Sharkey Vampire-Story
  91. Fantasy with wolves series
  92. Trying to remember. . .
  93. I hope someone can shed some light!
  94. Help finding a book's title
  95. Non fiction book about lord of the rings
  96. what is the novel called?!!!
  97. Using rings to travel to other dimensions?
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  100. Invisible elf-like creature
  101. before Truman Show
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  105. Mechanical 'Spider Tanks'??
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  107. Walk the path of Death?
  108. Please Help me Locate this BOOK!
  109. 80s Time Travel movie?
  110. Swordfighting book from a few years ago...
  111. Book about life inside a capsized ship?
  112. A Computerized Spell Book
  113. Magic with light, and shadow familiars
  114. Trying to find the name of a book...
  115. can anyone help me find this book?
  116. Help me! don't know title/author
  117. Looking for two books
  118. Author/Title-Looking for book/series -chaos, mazes, wizards
  119. Seafarers and something to do with stars
  120. Norse-type fantasy book
  121. Tad Williams Memort, Sorrow, Thorn Audobook
  122. Fantasy book from the 90s
  123. Citadel/Coming-of-Age/Training
  124. Fantasy subscription series
  125. 80's: glasses-wearing vietnam vet -> fantasy royalty, "cestus"
  126. Looking for a fantasy novel w/dragon on cover
  127. Completely in the dark.. crystal cube?
  128. help! can't remember this series
  129. Selkie book around 1985 ??
  130. Searching for a title
  131. Movie Title
  132. I've got a couple that have me stumped
  133. Searching for 2 different series
  134. Looking for book title
  135. please help
  136. I was told you folks could help me with this book title
  137. Looking for a Book
  138. please help me remember
  139. Looking for a title to a book
  140. Looking for title
  141. Need help figuring out the name of a book title
  142. Looking for a thread
  143. need help identifying horror short story from childhood
  144. What is this book called?!?
  145. Fantasy for programmers
  146. Looking for title/author
  147. An alien who liked to bowl and a punk called 'Seethe'?
  148. Forgotten Author
  149. A book I want to finish
  150. Can't remember
  151. What's the name of this series?
  152. Can't remember :-(.....
  153. Help!!! Lookin for a series...
  154. Quest to Find Eric Chacon's Next Novel
  155. Need an author or title....HELP
  156. What is/who wrote this story?
  157. "Fire Fountain" Fantasy Book
  158. Google won't help me, I hope someone here can. Fire, Ashes Winter uhh
  159. Neeed help identifying a fantasy series from the early 80's
  160. Help me remember?
  161. Google & Bing were worthless. Someone help please!
  162. Came across a woman fantasy author...
  163. cross shaped belt buckles
  164. Help! What book/s was this?
  165. Can't remember for the life of me!
  166. Stormwatcher by fiona wallace
  167. Giant Axe, Shadowy Man on Horse with Red Eyes, Corpses and Crows.
  168. An Alternate Alice in Wonderland with Motorcycles & Machine Guns
  169. Help with Iron Tower cover artist?
  170. Computer World Based Fantasy Book
  171. Forgotten the name and author of a book..
  172. Looking for certain kind of books! (Please help :))
  173. Help with remembering book/author...
  174. Name this book
  175. Help with new fantasy book, author
  176. New Here. Need helping finding a book
  177. Help
  178. Need help finding a fantasy fiction book that was probably the first of a series
  179. I am looking for a SF novels
  180. trouble with book name
  181. Need help finding book / series / author
  182. Looking for the title of a book where people can create things by playing an instr
  183. Looking for the title of a book where people catch creatures to become their shadows?
  184. Help; searching for book/ series title
  185. Looking for name of fantasy series read long ago
  186. witch with red hands, controlling fire....
  187. Book set in far future Mongolia - Super Alien Pulling Strings
  188. Magic users cast spells by sacrificing parts of their body
  189. Forgot a book...
  190. A Helpful Resource when trying to track down books
  191. Another in need of help...
  192. small children and a garden
  193. Any help is appreciated.
  194. i have to track down a book help!
  195. Young adult novel, probably Welsh, about an underwater kingdom
  196. Author/Title by plot Vampire Series
  197. A book I loved...
  198. Book about mirrors
  199. In search of a book! Mnemikos, Storytelling, etc.. etc..
  200. earthquake refugees....the doves
  201. Help with name
  202. Help finding author
  203. warfare on the cheap
  204. country boys and nuclear physics
  205. An "old" book I am trying to track down.
  206. any one remember
  207. A story with a Feline-ish gladiator...?
  208. Everyone was in it...
  209. Have you read anything like this?
  210. help ID a book
  211. HELP! Trying to ID this Fantasy Novel I read back in the day
  212. I need an aurthor's name......
  213. Trying to find the name of a series of books?
  214. fantasy: Sophia is a student adopted by spirit which must redeem itself - title help?
  215. Fantasy series
  216. Looking for lost favorite
  217. AN OLDER Book, hope u can help.
  218. Bit vague but any ideas?
  219. horror book...sumthin..sumthin..Science
  220. Need Help Identifying a Book
  221. looking for author or title of first novel
  222. I have a few more vague ones and would like to remember the authors :)
  223. Looking for an old series
  224. Glass sword
  225. Dragon / Drake book i cant remember.
  226. Help! can anyone identify this book?
  227. Can only really remember the cover and that I like it...
  228. Another try to find a book from my youth...
  229. Help! - Book about the Golden Ones....
  230. Please help me with this one
  231. Help! trying to locate this newish short story!
  232. Aliens and Vampires
  233. Lookin' for some help
  234. Need Help Remembering a Book
  235. Fantasy Book - What was it?
  236. Shrike
  237. Looking for a book...
  238. Wheel of Time
  239. Trying to find a book
  240. Looking for a Book
  241. Cant remember the title of a book
  242. Help finding fantasy/horror/sf collection :(
  243. Looking for Title
  244. Storm Constantine book title please?
  245. I would like help finding...
  246. Looking for Book Name. Has character named: Ronin.
  247. The Left Hand of God (elements)
  248. Would appreciate help in naming this book
  249. Book about a journalist writing obituary + collection of artefacts
  250. armor that helps wearer fight dragons
  251. a couple of 80s fantasy books
  252. Seeking somewhat obscure 90s fantasy novel
  253. Please help me find this book!
  254. Trying to recall 2 fanstasy series
  255. Please help with two books
  256. A young prince, with a living suit of armour he can call on at will
  257. Trying to remember a book mentioned in the fantasy forum
  258. 7+ scifi/fantasy series
  259. this is stupid but can't remember a book
  260. Army of Eunuch's
  261. Need help finding to book series
  262. Old Book from 80s/early 90s
  263. Large/giant sentient cats?
  264. Looking for a series
  265. Looking for a book...
  266. Two countries, changing into birds, etc.
  267. anyone remember this short story?
  268. It's all about the cheese
  269. Searching for an Obscure Trilogy?
  270. Possible 80's Series
  271. cant remember book about 7 coins
  272. new traditional fantasy book--can't think of the title-help?
  273. Children's or YA fantasy series
  274. I also need some help
  275. Can anyone guess this fantasy book?
  276. Help? Knights templar, pan, magic amulets
  277. help! story about trains and nails
  278. Help remembering a old book!
  279. A mystery i need help with
  280. Theodore Sturgeon - Short story question
  281. [help] Obscure 80's fantasy novel
  282. Trying to remember...
  283. Trying to remember a book from the 90's
  284. Temporally Fractured earth... (60s?70s?80s?90s?)
  285. Different Books, same timeline
  286. Help finding book
  287. border riders, astrology charts, emrys
  288. Help with Vampire Book
  289. Looking for book
  290. Trying To Remember a Fantasy Series
  291. novel..youth live in monastic communities?
  292. Short stories where magic/science's roles are reversed
  293. Alternate Universe/Sideways Time Travel Series
  294. Help with finding a fantasy novel.
  295. Help to identify an old short story
  296. Help Please
  297. Help with titles!
  298. Book with young boy and girl..and dragons...domed city?
  299. 80's Fantasy Book - Help!
  300. Help finding novel title
  301. late 80s (or 90-91) fantasy title?
  302. Children's book from '80s or earlier
  303. Fantasy/ Middle Ages Book
  304. please help me with the title of this series!!
  305. Fantasy series from the 80's
  306. Fantasy novel read in hardcover in the early 90s
  307. Help, need title of book!
  308. Trying To Recall A Novel
  309. Which book is this?
  310. I'm looking for a series I read in high school.
  311. A book where a shark chases a man
  312. Help Identifying a Barely-Remembered Book
  313. A book about a man who can enter books
  314. Book with a thief and a mage
  315. Laord Vogh alien invaders
  316. Looking for help remembering a book
  317. Book mentioned on sffworld - Chinese characters, Possibly not Chinese/Asian Author?
  318. Single Name Fantasy Novel
  319. Name the Valhall/Ragnarok Fantasy book I barely remember
  320. Help with a book title
  321. Snow?
  322. I need help with a book that I read I can't remember the title or author
  323. fantasy novel(s) Pacific Northwest
  324. Society with wings
  325. Dark Lady somethingorother
  326. Help finding a book series
  327. Hope I'm not getting two different books mixed up
  328. Book
  329. Telepathy book
  330. three series
  331. Nursing Home Fantasy: Title? Author?
  332. Fantasy Novel That is doing my head in trying to remember it
  333. I'll be damned. Indeed, replied the demon.
  334. Book about a character with a really long name.
  335. Teleporting cups of wine
  336. Fantasy book with musical aspect.
  337. Help find an unkown author/series
  338. looking for title and author of a horror short story
  339. Need help remembering the author/title to a fantasy trilogy i read a few years ago?
  340. male warrior in fantasy book has metal mesh implanted under skin, read in late 80's
  341. romantic fantasy novel, can't remember
  342. Please help!
  343. Can't Remember Obscure Trilogy! Anyone help?
  344. Seeking Name of 90's era werewolf Novel - Allison Wolf ?
  345. Seeking Name of 90's era werewolf Novel - Allison Wolf ?
  346. Please help identify book
  347. Stumper: Fantasy w/ a princess and magic bracelet
  348. Fantasy novel: Giant lizard warrior ally vs evil ogre(?) henchman -- help?
  349. Help on a forgotten book
  350. What was this novel called...
  351. Wizard with a tea kettle
  352. Choose Your Own Adventure style novel about a ring.
  353. hi, need help with book title
  354. Female mage gladiator.
  355. Fantasy with a child vampire? and a book with a main character called pony?
  356. old fantasy. Man dying, named amaryllis, has golden eyes
  357. Looking for a specific book
  358. Chaos god of time soul gem (driving me nuts)
  359. Help with the name of a 90's book series...
  360. Almost forgotten 1980s or 1990s contemporary fantasy
  361. A badger... a boy named Nab who can talk to animals..
  362. Zombie book by Janine
  363. Martian werewolf novel? Sci-fi?
  364. Schmendrick the magician.... anyone?
  365. Short Stories - Strange "True" Stories
  366. Help...do you know this book?
  367. Trying to recall fantasy book series
  368. Novel about magical shades/sunglasses
  369. Older book civilization lives in the trees
  370. forgotten 80s or 90s book, possibly older
  371. Trying to remember...
  372. 80-era novel: Prince reads book-within-book of merchant puzzle-stories
  373. Please help!
  374. Help identify book series from 1980's based on the seasons?
  375. Two horror books
  376. Looking for 3 different Fantasy stories
  377. About a world hidden from adults, small
  378. Help me identify a piece of artwork, artist
  379. Can anyone identify this novel?
  380. need help please, book author and title, green curse
  381. celtic otherworld?
  382. Help identifying short story
  383. looking for a horror novel
  384. terrific fantasy novel + lousy memory = frustration
  385. Need help remembering a series
  386. Fantasy novel with wizards/elves on a ship?
  387. A book I read in 1986...
  388. Title?
  389. I can't remember the name of two books..
  390. Looking for a book about werewolves and The Spear of Longinus
  391. need help
  392. Can someone please help?
  393. Looking for book with Halflings Wolf Mage and True name weapons
  394. Trying to figure out the name of the book
  395. stumped on 2 books
  396. Trying to find this book forever
  397. Help!! Trying to remember a series of pulp fantasy novels...
  398. Short story from Sci-Fi textbook circa 1981 ?
  399. New to fantasy. Looking for a fantasy world with magic, witches & vampires.
  400. Trying to remember two series.
  401. c.1995 Fantasy Novel - Cover had a boat with travelers and large dog
  402. Trying to remember
  403. Need help with an author's name.
  404. Need help finding a book
  405. Need help identifying a book where the main character was put in a time pocket
  406. Fantasy book with a woman, black cat, something about a ship or mountain?
  407. Trying to find the title of a book I read many years ago
  408. 90's Fantasy Trilogy: Night, shifting castle, rooftop girl
  409. Trying to find a book series
  410. Books about judeo-christian mythology?
  411. Horror short story - might be Ramsey Campbell
  412. Help with 2 series kinda similar. One has a resurrected King arthur type guy ...
  413. book starts with the uncle finding his.nephew indentured/slave at an inn
  414. Looking for an old novel about mind-transfer with primitive aliens
  415. unknown
  416. Short story epistolary style about keeping portal to evil dimension on a hill sealed
  417. Story about Native American spirit possessing man after bee sting
  418. series of post apocalypse fantasy 1980s
  419. a novel about crossing a mountain range with mountains mirrored above
  420. Fantasy trilogy each book by different female author
  421. Young Adult Series: Two men travel the Empire see sights w/intrigue. from mid-80's
  422. Know any books like The iron druid chronicles?
  423. short story query, patient in asylum where staff is vampires
  424. Desperately looking for a book wanting to know if sequel was written
  425. Help! oriental-feel society, begins with young girl being exiled from her clan(?)
  426. Trying to remember! Early 90's Fantasy book
  427. sky galleon? Innocent village destroyed. Please help!
  428. Urban fantasy/supernatural horror something
  429. Recent book, I think Paul Revere is in it....
  430. Forgotten Fantasy Book Series
  431. Trying to remember!
  432. Post-Apocalyptic Wild West Fantasy?
  433. Searching for: apprentice wizard novel, wizards raise demons upon groups of soldiers
  434. Trying to identify a fantasy novel from the 90s
  435. british navy & zombies?
  436. Character says only three words
  437. Name of Book / Series Hero with Golden Arm
  438. Horror book with a maze of some kind
  439. Short story from 20 yrs ago -- please help me find it!
  440. Fantasay novel from the 80s?
  441. Looking for fantasy novel I read in the 80s?
  442. "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn"-inspired short horror story
  443. 80s novel, hero 'old at 35', evil wizard gets power from couple having sex!
  444. A Raft of Bodies
  445. Book from a LONG time ago