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  1. old sci-fi paperbacks '38-'71
  2. New site to support self-publised e-book
  3. Fantasy Writing Contest
  4. Nottobrite's Post-Apocalyptic Blog
  5. New Publishing Medium
  6. Dreamers of the Grail
  7. Bastard Books and other crap Blog
  8. "Never Knew Another" Review
  9. New Sci-Fi Author.
  10. Fantasy In Motion
  11. Riyria Revelations: Unlikely Heroes...classic adventure
  12. FANTASTICA Victorio Velasquez
  13. The Demon Squad
  14. Ages of Aenya
  15. New Medieval China Historical Fantasy Series
  16. [Blog] The Unravelling Threads
  17. Battle Hymns Blog
  18. ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion (The Chronicles of Ageron) - Fantasy
  19. K M Tolan
  20. Shadow's Master on Kindle
  21. Paying anthology open call...
  22. The Tower of Clavius Boon
  23. Cosmologists verify SciFi prediction
  24. Promotion zone: Rules
  25. Can you help be find a review blog?
  26. Original SF by Steven Lyle Jordan
  27. Looking for Sci-Fi Readers & Writers' Opinions
  28. Fantasy Squidoo Lens
  29. Canadian Star Wars - New parody/fan-film
  30. CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY? Dark Superhero Anthlogy
  31. 1st edition of Larry Niven's RINGWORLD
  32. I Want Your Writing!
  33. Spirit Thorn is Free This Week.
  34. Fairies Don't Flirt-Short Story-Free
  35. Suvudu Cage Match!
  36. Looking for films
  37. Staffer's Book Review (and occasional musings)
  38. How do you remove a promotion thread?
  39. Pragmatist's Promotions
  40. I'll be on Reddit.
  41. Ebook free promotion
  42. Science Fiction Comic Project
  43. Introducing bestselling Russian SF author Alex Bobl
  44. FREE Short Story: The Viscount and the Witch
  45. Sleeper Nine / Sci-fi e-novel
  46. Free urban fantasy ebooks!
  47. Global discounted ebook post
  48. The Dataminer free ebook promo
  49. Interview with Myke Cole (author of Control Point), this is my first one
  50. Jennifer's Book Announcements
  51. Distribution for SF films
  52. Call For Entries! NY TV Festival accepting indie sci-fi pilots - Win deal with Syfy!
  53. My path towards publication [Blog]
  54. 'The Fall' - Short Story Collection
  55. The Aquarium by Kenneth Eng
  56. Discounted ebooks 3/12/2012 - 3/19/2012
  57. Free Sci-Fi Short Story
  58. Help me with my book cover
  59. Golden Age Science Fiction Today
  60. Greetings And chest thumping
  61. Long time lurker desperately seeks attention from strangers
  62. The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl : This is relevant to your interests
  63. Genesis: Creating The First Terry Brooks' Film
  64. The Trivium Proportion
  65. the shadowy ones who secretly rule us
  66. Film: The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable
  67. Genesis: Creating The First Terry Brooks' Film
  68. Two Fantasy Romance Shorts- One Free!
  69. The Masks Of The Soul; Book; Fantasy Genre Book.
  70. Windows Phone Application
  71. LOKI'S CHILD -- a satire of culture and politics
  72. techtropes
  73. Modern Epic Fantasy
  74. New Traditional Fantasy
  75. [BLOG] Fantasy stories, discussion, and various topics
  76. "OPERATION HERKULES" the axis invasion of Malta
  77. Maldene, an epic new fantasy series
  78. Thomas Redpool Goes To Hell
  79. Something for the Babylon 5 fans in the house. ; )
  80. Author Talk
  81. Thanks for your help - and please join me on facebook
  82. Anjasa's Writing & Blogging
  83. My trilogy announced
  84. That Time of the Month - 1950's Horror B-Movie Parody
  85. The Darwin Chronicles
  86. Of War and Consequence
  87. The Darwin Chronicle
  88. Hi authors, I am making a site I think you'll like.
  89. Indepenent Book Blogger Award
  90. No Longer Dressed in Black - Kenny A. Chaffin
  91. Here Be Dragons - A Fantasy Map Tutorial in GIMP
  92. The Ride of life
  93. Way of the World
  94. SCOURGE OF THE BETRAYER: First book in a fantasy series
  95. Could I get some Feedback?
  96. Toby Smith and the fifth element
  97. Toby Smith and the fifth element
  98. recommending my new ebook estheria
  99. Israeli Fantasy
  100. Emmitt Hugh Novel
  101. Apologia-free
  102. Eric Diehl 24:01 One Minute After
  103. Take a look at my blog!
  104. New Blog--Guerrilla WarFare For Writers.
  105. Looking for author interviews for my blogs...
  106. Dark Hall Press Launches Horror Fiction Line with Author’s Brilliant First Novel
  107. The Recollectioning
  108. Bloody Secrets by Claire Joseph
  109. Short Story Collection
  110. A gripping best seller
  111. Epic Science Fiction Thriller Series, EXODUS: Leaving home
  112. New Sci-Fi Short Story Anthology to be released in October 2012
  113. Dark Moon Blues - new urban fantasy
  114. Mortal Mech - Book One: Replica
  115. Urban fantasy short story FREE on Kindle today
  116. New Horror Novel - Those Lazy Sundays - Free on Amazon until Sunday, 5/20/2012
  117. Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous
  118. BBC Radio panel discussion
  119. Richard K Morgan Interview
  120. Four in the Morning - Speculative Fiction Collection
  121. Trapdoor Books (Read, Review, & Win)
  122. Introducing the HUMAN TRIAL TRILOGY
  123. A Fascinating Book i read - Luwan of Brida
  124. New hard sf novella & new small press
  125. Doctor Ramani's Children and Other Stories
  126. Space: Time: a new ebook
  127. Kenny A. Chaffin - News
  128. Hard Sci-Fi Space Opera- HEGEMONY, by Mark Kalina
  129. New Web Series: Divergence
  130. Kingdom of a thousand
  131. New PROMO for Divergence
  132. You may also like this new book (and later: movie)! :)
  133. THE GODS enter the infinite unknown
  134. Wheel-Mouse vs All The Crazy Robots
  135. Machineries of Silence - Free for Five Days
  136. Upcoming meeting with Paul McAuley
  137. Dream
  138. Books Lists of the BEST New and Old books!
  139. SF stories on environmental disaster theme
  140. My Review of PROMETHEUS IMAX 3D
  141. Fantasy In Motion Interviews Orson T. Badger!
  142. The south square
  143. My article in American Atheist Magazine
  144. Rubix Apocalypse
  145. Sword and Sorcery (The Hammer and the Blade)
  146. It's Raining Good Things!
  147. Saga of D'Elem. Circle One: Inner Voice
  148. Upcoming Industrial Fantasy/Steampunk MMO
  149. The Undertakers - Starring Richard Hatch
  150. I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt
  151. Can mortals succeed where gods cannot go? (Task Force: Gaea—Finding Balance)
  152. The Mesmer Trilogy - high fantasy with mystery and romance
  153. Come Read Some Awesome Stories! Free!
  154. My Review of Graham Masterton's "Manitou Blood" - pretty good book
  155. Raven's Shadow
  156. Interstellar Fiction — Fledgling Sci-Fi Zine
  157. Battlespace Anthology
  158. Fantasy Fiction Competition Open to All!
  159. My Interview at "Fantasy in Motion"
  160. It’s BookRix’s birthday! 4-tastic deal: $4 for all self-publishing packages!
  161. AEON7 project
  162. Catherine Broughton
  163. The Demon of Pispala
  164. The Betrayed, the first book in a fantasy series - free giveaway
  165. Charity auction of King of Thorns manuscript ends 30th June
  166. New Space Opera Series on Kindle: Ockham's Razor
  167. New Horror Novel Review site - I'd love it if you checked it out!
  168. New Serial SciFi Story Blog
  169. Metal hurlant chronicles/heavy metal chronicles
  170. Basil the Handyman Fairy, Free Short Story
  171. Atheist Fiction - Nudetopia
  172. "The Wolfen Strain"--a New Release!
  173. Blood War Trilogy
  174. Phantom: Book 1 by Gabriel Common
  175. Epic Sci-Fi book 1 on sale for July
  176. Greener Grass: A science fiction short story
  177. A Fairy Tale: One Day My Prince Will Come
  178. Battlespace debuts July 10
  179. SFF blog
  180. Gaiastan
  181. Metal Hurlant Chronicles Premiere at Comic con
  182. Magefable Kickstarter - for fans of Redwall and Mouse Guard
  183. THE HONOUR OF THE KNIGHTS by Stephen J. Sweeney
  184. Blog - Fantasy In Motion Revamp/Relaunch
  185. Just So Odd Stories
  186. Nature Mage - Link to the first chapters
  187. A minor player with too much to read
  188. For any Aussie Kevin J. Anderson/Rush fans
  189. Militaryscifi.com
  190. Sci-fi/postapocaliptic novel - needs your opinion.
  191. = Rob Sanders Speculative Fiction =
  192. Origins anthology open for submissions
  193. Compendium of 500 short story submission opportunities
  194. TARTARUS - An Epic Science Fiction Film, Starring Tahmoh Penikett (BSG)
  195. Space Command - The Movie
  196. Looking for a new author of dagon lore
  197. Science Fiction Meets Magic
  198. A great, 'big screen' story of wizards and battles and all things gory. Debut Novel
  199. Weekly Flash Fiction (Sci-fi, some fantasy)
  200. The Winged Blade: Griffin
  201. Debut Authorpalooza (2012)
  202. The Seraphinium
  203. Fargoer - A Finnish historical fantasy series of short stories
  204. The Vampire Lord Must Die
  205. Star Force
  206. New Book "The Perfection Planet"
  207. New Interview with John Everson
  208. "Template" -- new piece on www.gainespost.com
  209. Earth Unaware by OSC and Aaron Johnston
  210. The merchant and the menace: Free promotion
  211. A beautiful new author and her Kickstarter project!
  212. Listening to Rain Published!!!
  213. New Interview with Michael J. Sullivan
  214. "The Interpreter"
  215. Interview with Brett Talley
  216. Looking for new authors
  217. First Press On My New Production
  218. Zombie Fighting Fitness Programs, and More!
  219. The War Gate Breaks Out!
  220. Free SciFi books for Kindle
  221. C.A.T. - a robo-cat with a difference
  222. Fresh Blood Horror Anthology
  223. "Red" (newest flash fiction piece)
  224. Gamebook Creator
  225. FILE 13 - A new, retro sci fi/horror TV series!
  226. New dark fantasy short story collection
  227. upcoming "Spirit Rider"
  228. Dark children of Naor
  229. The War Gate Now Free on Amazon!
  230. Fiction Friday: The Story
  231. SCI-FI From Afghanistan
  232. New Release from Dark Hall Press
  233. New Book
  234. Combat Replacement Of War- Brutally honest mil-sci-fi
  235. Horror authors interested in interviews?
  236. Become a character in my new novel Reclamation Mother Earth
  237. New Book! - Two Worlds, One Prophecy
  238. At the Crossroads of Equilibrium
  239. FictionBrigade - Year Round
  240. Aug. 15 - Fantasy, The Ostyragor - The Wild Lands
  241. Coffee Time Romance Blog Spot!
  242. The Airmen, released on Amazon.com
  243. Katarina the Dragonslayer and the Foebreaker's Curse
  244. Review of Igor Ljubuncic's The Betrayed by Midwest Book Review
  245. Review of CL Anderson's LAST PRAETORIAN
  246. Review for CL Anderson's Alexander Galaxus series
  247. Joanna's Dawn - Science Fiction - OLD SCHOOL STYLE
  248. My kind of review: Book I of The Seraphinium
  249. "Dark" -- flash fiction by Gaines Post
  250. Upcoming titles
  251. Looking for volunteers to review "Dark children of Naor"
  252. Digital Fantasy Cartography - A New Mapmaking Service!
  253. The Dark Epoch / Achilles Boneshank
  254. SF short fiction at Mythaxis
  255. Trailer for upcoming military scifi book
  256. Impossible Podcasts - sci-fi and fantasy literature discussion
  257. Free Sci-fi ebook
  258. Published and Looking for Readers
  259. Beyond Language's Reach: "Unthawed"
  260. The Fantasy Message Board - Fantasy Fiction Discussion
  261. The Godling Chronicles
  262. A Short Horror Story I Wrote for the Youngsters: "Peter Cushing"
  263. New SF/Fantasy War anthology
  264. Blade And Arrow
  265. Original post-apocalyptic stories?
  266. Save the Dragon!
  267. new sci-fi GRAPHIC NOVEL, free
  268. You might be interested in....
  269. My TV Pilot -- Anyone Interested in Seeing it?
  270. "UPGRADE" - dystopian Graphic Novel, year 2058
  271. I'm new
  272. Belleville : Life - A detective story with monsters.
  273. I love old sf movies
  274. Free Admission Now For One Week Only
  275. Supernatural
  276. The Grim Company by Luke Scull
  277. ScienceFictionBookClub.org - October's Book - GRASS by Sheri S. Tepper
  278. New Fantasy Trilogy: The Throne of Tranith Argan
  279. "Day One" Military Scifi Novel
  280. SciFi JAPAN TV: interviewing Japan's monster makers!
  281. Kindle only-sci-fi Space opera
  282. Investing Based on Science Fiction
  283. A Timeless Look at War Written by One Who's Seen It
  284. Discover new books from RecThing
  285. The science fiction of Robert Wells
  286. Free kindle!!!
  287. New Release from Dark Hall Press
  288. HORROR FREAKS! Read part 1 of my serial novel "The Belmont Brothers: Binds"
  289. Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!
  290. Prophecy of the Kings - a fantasy tale
  291. New piece of flash sci-fi up at www.gainespost.com
  292. Brand new interview with Tim Marquitz at Fantasy In Motion!!
  293. The war gate now free!
  294. Fantasy Mapmaking - A new blog devoted to fantasy maps and cartography!
  295. new covers!
  296. Post Apocalyptic novel free in Kindle
  297. Anyone here interested in reviewing the first part of my serial novel?
  298. Prey Has Been Unleashed!
  299. The Calling Series
  300. Exocrisis Blue - A Military SF Series About Alien Invasion With An Anime Twist
  301. The Kind of Face You Slash - annual horror review
  302. Merminia - YA Fantasy, Free until Sunday October 7, 2012
  303. New Authors wanted for website
  304. Fantasy book
  305. Upcoming book
  306. Paranormal Activity Producers releasing their first Sci Fi movie
  307. It happens every year, every season, every WINTER
  308. Wadfest 2013 scifi camping event
  309. The Art Of Magic Series
  310. ScienceFictionBookClub.org - November's Book - FATHERLAND by Robert Harris
  311. Orphans of the Celestial Sea
  312. Royalty Free Horror Music.com
  313. The Hypogeum
  314. Good, complicated 3D sci-fi space game needs your help and support
  315. Two short stories and two sample chapters free until 10/18/2012
  316. Space Devils by Cory Beal
  317. Escape From The Big Green Button
  318. The Center of The Universe
  319. Awesome Interview with Joe R. Lansdale
  320. Free Publshing Service on BookRix.com
  321. NeuroVont, Incorporated
  322. Please take my short survey on book set purchases
  323. Proofreading services
  324. The Real Monster
  325. New Frontier Series by Cliff Ball
  326. Out of Time: a time travel novel
  327. Space Opera Short Story
  328. OBSOLETE!
  329. Read Fantastica for FREEE!!! FREE....free...free.
  330. Fantasy Bastion
  331. My blog and my new push
  332. The Goddess's Choice--Review copies
  333. Blood Street out November 24th
  334. Happy Halloween!
  335. Signed ARC giveaway!
  336. PENDRAGON P.I. project with BABYLON 5's Jason Carter
  337. Submissions open for 3F anthology
  338. Belleville : Life, a unique twisting detective novel.
  339. New Fantasy/Adventure/Sword and Sorcery Book, Thief & Mage
  340. "Blend"
  341. FREE SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Anthology
  342. Epic dark fantasy FIVE TIMES VENGEANCE
  343. The Lightrider Journals by Eric Nierstedt
  344. New Authors wanted for website
  345. ScienceFictionBookClub.org - December's Book - THE STARS MY DESTINATION - Alfred Best
  346. Soliciting Reviews for SciFi/Fantasy Novel
  347. The wonder of alternative realities
  348. My WRITERS DIGEST Contest evaluation.
  349. Any 1 willin to write a "reader review" of "My Hero Peter Cushing" Support is needed!
  350. New Flash Fiction on www.gainespost.com
  351. My "Speculative Fiction - The Ultimate Collection" free on Amazon for 5 days
  352. The PATH: Which side are you on? Free for Kindle on Amazon!
  353. Looking for a unique Christmas gift?
  354. HARM - Hard Hitting Mecha SF - Free Nov 23 - 24 on Amazon
  355. Memoria. A Corporation of Lies - an action techno thriller
  356. Hard Science Fiction Cerebral Spy Novel - The Flowery War
  357. A Holiday Treat
  358. Scar Maps - fantasy romance
  359. Eclipse now online
  360. Futuristic science fiction, action adventure with suspense - 'Last Night on Mars'
  361. Self-promotion you can feel good about!
  362. Join our fan club
  363. New Novel: Escapade and Goodbye
  364. Steel, Magick and Faith - dark fantasy
  365. New anthology: Origins: Colliding Causalities
  366. Infinite Limits
  367. 'The Seed of Bas-Quirum.' Fantasy fiction/ Gothic Horror/Sword & Sorcery.
  368. Poems for website
  369. New e-book of mine free on Amazon for 5 days
  370. The 0th Dimension
  371. Apollo Quartet 2 to be published in January 2013
  372. $0.99 ebook of pure kick-*ss
  373. Investing Based on The SciFi of Philip K Dick.
  374. Thadrick Clant - tales of fantasy, mystery, and copious amounts of herb tea
  375. Bewildering Stories sci-fi site published an excerpt from one of my books
  376. Zunz'ish
  377. “Epic Win 2012″ – The Fantasy Bastion Annual Competition
  378. Epic Sci-fi series Book 1 buy for free, two days only. Dec. 14th & 15th
  379. Epic Sci-fi series Book 1 buy for free, two days only. Dec. 14th & 15th
  380. My "Essential Reading in Science Fiction" to be free on Amazon for 5 days
  381. New Book: No Worse Enemy
  382. FREE Epic fantasy novel Five Times Vengeance
  383. The End: Visions of Apocalypse
  384. New rating site for books
  385. AudioTim 41: Ramez Naam, author of SF Thriller NEXUS (Angry Robot Books)
  386. I need reader's and criticism for my "Vintage Horror Paperback Blog". shameless plug
  387. Holidays treat - the Betrayed book is FREE for three days!
  388. My "Soldier of the Brell" novella free on Amazon again for another 5 days
  389. Fantasy Bastion - Revamped & Reloaded
  390. The Fall, my dystopian sci-fi free Dec 26-27 on Kindle
  391. Filtered Future - 5-Star Fiction!
  392. Theft of Swords (Riyria Revelation 1 & 2) is the Kindle Daily Deal - $1.99 today only
  393. German eBook of short stories is free at the moment
  394. Witch Bane - Sword and Sorcery
  395. Seeds of Despair - 2nd in the Gothic Warrior series
  396. Urban Fantasy Anthology Opportunity!
  397. _Space: A retro space adventure that needs you!
  398. Free SF at Smashwords
  399. Free action packed fantasy book and more - MUCH MORE!
  400. New book, reviews requested
  401. Demons in the Big Easy ARC
  402. Where I am King
  403. Short sci-fi story of mine podcast on the Beam Me Up Podcast Site
  404. New to the board...
  405. One of the most outstanding self-published books of the year says Guardian newspaper
  406. My "Alien Hunter, Star Trooper" novella to be free on Amazon for 5 days
  407. W. B. Yeats and the Secret Masters of the World
  408. Free Sci Fi story: The Flight of the Trace
  409. Wherewolves - a new novel coming soon!!!
  410. Nature's Servant
  411. Alternate History/Future Book, New Rome Rises:Dux Imperatorius
  412. Dragon Blade by J.D. Hallowell: the epic sequel to Dragon Fate is here!
  413. Writing contest $100 prize (horror specifically)
  414. New Alternate History Ebook: "A Child Weeps in Moscow" - worth a read.
  415. Sci-Fi Book "Siege of Terra" by Robin MacMillan
  416. Jeff Salyards - AMA
  417. A FREE action-packed fantasy book of Russian bestselling writer
  418. Space Rovers - new comedy series (Free promo 26th & 27th January)
  419. rj leahy free Amazon download
  420. Free Fantasy Short Stories
  421. The Black Guard by AJ Smith
  422. Wilder's Book Review - SFF Blog
  423. Fantasy Satire: The Kingdom of Magic
  424. The Kyngdoms fantasy world launched
  425. "Hell in a Storm" by: K. J. Ester
  426. Round Table on Pro and Semi-Pro Sci-Fi Magazines at Baltimore Science Fiction Society
  427. Your last Breath By sandra Rains DeBusk
  428. Google Now: A Science Fiction Personal Assistant who anticipates your needs
  429. Free ebook featuring one badass female warrior and more!
  430. What would you do if you had it all?
  431. Like Science AND Science Fiction?
  432. New Novel: The Jekyll Alternative
  433. Sci Fi Comic: Borthaniel
  434. Soul Traveling Spy
  435. The road to dystopia - a short video of our D Generation
  436. Tales of the Undead - Hell Whore Anthology
  437. "Flame Lord Chronicles - Book of Lorrial" by S.L. Winchester
  438. Echoes of Collapse - A Science-Fiction Serial
  439. Luminance
  440. Buy My Book, "How to Survive 2012"
  441. Rhune (Book 1 of The First Empire) by Michael J. Sullivan
  442. Win a copy - Drachar's Demons
  443. My "Speculative Fiction - the Ultimate Collection" to be free on Amazon for 5 days
  444. The War Gate--Free on Amazon Today--2-19
  445. Theft of Swords Nominated for an Audie - Audio book version of a Grammy
  446. Beam Me Up Podcast advertised my "For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard" sci-fi stories
  447. FREE kindle ebooks starting Sat 23rd 2013
  448. cool new series of sci-fi graphic novels - "EONS" (first book FREE)
  449. "Spirit Thorn, A Tale of Parallel Worlds" picked up by BestThinking.com
  450. The third story in my Trathh story arc just podcast on the Beam Me Up Podcast Site
  451. The Little People, A Native American Fantasy Adventure
  452. Short Stories and Peoms for website
  453. New Short Story - nu-life
  454. New sword and sorcery novel
  455. New Demon Squad Book + Contest!
  456. Writers Contest/Sci-Fi Authors
  457. Memories With Maya : Hard sci-fi based on Augmented intelligence AR / AI.
  458. New Novel "Cavers"
  459. My "For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard" to be free on Amazon for 5 days
  460. Iron Bloom - FREE heroic fantasy about a larger than life female warrior
  461. Status and Blogs and Publications
  462. The Kestral Voyages: Sci-fi Adventure At Its Best
  463. Read an Ebook Week, March 3 - 9 2013
  464. "Spirit Thorn" free. This week only, Mar 3-9.
  465. Surprising Stories
  466. Universe Horribilis anthology
  467. Betrayal: Opheria Tales 1
  468. The Shadowbearer - Free epic fantasy
  469. New Website for author Ken Jeavus
  470. Read a book, post a review, maybe win a free smartphone
  471. My "Essential Reading in Science Fiction" collection free on Amazon soon
  472. Majestic 12: Daybreak
  473. Hollow World: pre-order by April 4 and receive the book 6 - 7 months early
  474. The Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writing Contest is now open!
  475. Several new(ish) books with butt-kicking heroines
  476. Summer 2013 anthology deadline, Third Flatiron
  477. Malevolent
  478. The Hyperscape Project Nears - Free game and wallpapers - Win book
  479. My "Soldier of the Brell" novella to be free on Amazon for 5 days
  480. Crucifying Angel futuristic crime thriller
  481. New book - Sci-Fi Fantasy Action Adventure
  482. First time writer here
  483. Master Stargazer - Currently #3 on Amazon Free Sci-Fi Short Stories
  484. Manana Literary Society
  485. Authors wanted for blog hop
  486. Free ebook through March 26 - comedic fantasy
  487. Shadow Fleet. A Star Trek forum based RPG.
  488. The Refining (Ore of Spirit series) Kindle books
  489. Lancejack, the long awaited sequel to Combat Replacement Of War
  490. Win an advance copy of Sci Fi novel endorsed by Temple Grandin!
  491. plz help
  492. In "Sarcology," human beings aren't always flesh and blood.
  493. A new sci-fi noir book
  494. Hollow World: pre-order by April 4 and receive the book 6 - 7 months early
  495. ZTAB : Free and very easy to use Gamebook editor
  496. The Tattered Banner - Duncan M Hamilton
  497. Annual National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House & Hearse Convention May 3-5, 2013
  498. FREE EBOOK NEXT 24 HOURS SWORDSLINGER posted by author.
  499. Cloud Shadows - Book One of the Spireminster Chronicles
  500. Iron Flower - 2nd in the Legend of the Iron Flower
  501. Innerearth
  502. Stargate: Special Forces
  503. The Dead War Series Trilogy. Entire trilogy now $2.99
  504. Fourth story in my 5 part "Trathh" story arc due to be podcast
  505. OUT OF TIME - a time travel web series
  506. A free post-apocalyptic novel
  507. Knightfall - Book 1 of The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight
  508. 'Dustup'
  509. Game of Souls, The Quintessence Cycle Book 1
  510. Link to Trathh story podcast on Beam Me Up Podcast site
  511. Worlds of Magic - Master of Magic recreation
  512. 'Earth Directive' a sci-fi novel Part of the Earth Command Series, by Graham McMurtry
  513. Rise of the Tempest (Lost Magic #1)
  514. The 10 Scariest Novels Ever Written
  515. Alien Hunter, Star Trooper now free on Amazon
  516. Gozeul's Dark World Toy Box by Michael Nokes (amazon kindle)
  517. Publicity in a flash
  518. "Heroes" meets "Lost" in the scifi superhero novel MISSING TIME
  519. Earthborn - The Eternal War
  520. Prophecy of the Kings - a fantasy trilogy
  521. New Read - Scarm Rising
  522. My first novella!
  523. Submission Requests, Call For Submissions - Post HERE!
  524. Robotech - now a tabletop strategy game version
  525. MISSING TIME Kindle Ed now only $2.99
  526. Lancejack- original british military science fiction
  527. Transpecial - Military/Diplomatic Science Fiction
  528. 'It Began With Ashes' - New Heroic-Fantasy.
  529. Choose Your Own Adventure style e-books
  530. Madame- Historcal style Area 51
  531. Kickstarter: Thomas Ligotti "Death Poems" Deluxe Updated Edition
  532. The Terminus Project, a Science Fiction Action Thriller, Now available
  533. Flash Fiction story of mine just published on Antipodean SF # 179
  534. Part 1 of my final story in the "Trathh" series just podcast on Beam Me Up Podcast
  535. Galactic Battlefront--New Space Opera
  536. The Mighty Brisbrom Free promotion! May 7 - May 9
  537. Deadly Intentions by David Temrick
  538. Final story in my "Trathh" series just podcast on the Beam Me Up Podcast site
  539. Science Fiction Writers of America and Baltimore Science Fiction Society Present
  540. In Spite of All- JP Ishaq- new space opera!
  541. Call For Writers - Emergence International Literature Competition
  542. The Mark of the Holy Sword
  543. Social Media Supporter Contest May 3rd-July 3rd 2013
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