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March 27th, 2005, 04:01 PM
Back in '97, a jewel of a film was made that introduced Cate Blanchett and also starred Ralph Fiennes and Ciaran Hinds. "Oscar and Lucinda," directed by Gillian Armstrong, is based on a wonderful novel by Australian writer Peter Carey.
Both Fiennes and Blanchett should have received Oscar nominations for their luminous performances, but that was the year of the behemoth, "Titanic," and well.......

The DVD is available now for an amazingly low price (Amazon), and if you have never seen this film, I recommend it with all of my heart and soul. I have long considered this my all-time favorite non-fantasy/Scifi film. It is perfect.

It is not an action film, not a thriller, but a study in quirky personalities. the two leads are simultaneously fragile and strong as steel. Oscar Hopkins and Lucinda LaPlestrier are two of the most fascinating characters one could ever encounter.

If you like these two actors and appreciate the importance of spiritual questing, then this film is for you.
A side perq is the soundtrack by Thomas Newman, one of his finest works.