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April 2nd, 2005, 04:37 AM
Heard about this a while ago and it seems to have been burried underneath all the Doctor Who hype and has had no promotion (that I've seen anyway).

It's on BBC4 at 8:20pm tonight. Which is a pain as I've got something else organised so will have to record it or catch the repeat on Wednesday (9pm).

What is it with the BBC and (finally!) bringing back British Sci-fi? Are there anyother old British Sci-fi shows you'd like to see back? Personally I'd love to see the Avengers back (taking a new route like Doctor Who rather than a re-make like Hollywood tried a few years ago) and maybe Sapphire and Steel.


EDIT: Just realised that it also stars David Tennat - one of the possible Doctor Who replacements. Will be interesting to see him acting in something other than Casanova.