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Napolean Solo
August 18th, 2001, 05:11 PM
Hello all. Since this is my first post I would just like to say that SFFworld is a great site and i have recommended it to many of my friends.
Anyway, a while back I posted my story Newgrounds in the short story section. I was just checking up on the site recently and was kind of surprised to see it was rated number one.
I don't know if this means anyone read it or what, but if anyone had any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

August 18th, 2001, 06:17 PM
Your story must have been read, NS, it's the readers who submitt the ratings, so, well done!

I haven't yet read your story myself, but when I do, I'll be sure to pass on my thoughts. http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/smile.gif

August 20th, 2001, 10:28 PM
I've just finished reading your story, NS. Not bad; I can see why it's rated as well as it has. It flows quiet well, with very few errors, presenting a good mix of politics, intrigue, action and adventure.

I must admit that I got a little confused with some of the confrontation passages later in the story where it wasn't quite clear to me whom was doing what to whom, but other than for that, and perhaps a slightly rushed climax, I thoroughly enjoyed your tale.

****Possible Spoiler****
But he didn't go back for Enrico! http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/smile.gif

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August 22nd, 2001, 12:03 PM
I did not realise until now that short stories could be rated. So after reading your message i went looking for this rating section.
I was also very surprised and delighted to find others had rated my stories.

Please could anyone tell me how to rate a story as i would like to return the gesture

August 22nd, 2001, 02:54 PM
Hi Rune,

On the bottom of the last page of the stories is a box where you can select your rating of 1 to 5.

August 23rd, 2001, 09:04 AM
Thanks erebus, i will start rating stories.

August 23rd, 2001, 10:28 AM
how can I find out what others have rated my own story? I can't find a link anywhere?