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April 6th, 2005, 03:41 AM
Maybe someone here can help:

I think the year was 1995, I know that Wolfenstein was big and that my friend had been playing Dune for quite a while. Anyway this new game came along. I think he got it as shareware. Maybe he bought it I don't remember. Anyway here's what I remember about the game:

It allowed up to 6 players. The map was broken down into "provinces" In a round robin style each person picked their "provinces" to make up their territory. I tended to choose all the Desert provinces because I was reading Dragon Prince at the time. Each province generated gold and I think had an industrial capacity. Anyway each turn your provinces would be tallied and you could start building new units: these were mechs of different sizes and abilities. One mech I think it was called the Overlord or Behemoth was heavily armoured, powerful cannons and moved slowly, there were faster small ones, I think one had a flame thrower. Any way it was turn based. As in you took your turn by choosing units to build and then you could move your units from your factory to a bordering province or just from one province to another. You could also build fortifications which were like metal castles with big guns. When you had decided your turn was done a big metal grate closed and the next person could take their turn. Once everyone's turn was done you had a resolution phase. If two opposing armies had units in the same province, i.e. you both moved into an unclaimed province or you moved your units into someone else's occupied territory or vice versa then your units would have to fight. This was a cool aspect of the game because you would give certain orders to your mechs and then you would pilot one. Each person would take different sides of the keyboard: one would get the directional numberic pad and the other would use qweasdzxc. And you would move around and shoot the enemy until your mech died or you chose to switch. Either way you would go to the next mech and you could manage your armies that way.

Does anyone remember this game and who made it and is there anything similar right now?

Monty Mike
April 6th, 2005, 06:35 PM
Not sure I know what game you're talking about..... but it sounds good. Have you played the Total War games? Also, I think there was a game called Dropship that you might enjoy (for the PC).