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Megris Vernin
May 25th, 2005, 11:05 PM
This is an Online rpg I made called the Crimson realms. It is text based, but is a nice work in progress. Heres a description of it and a poem and poster I made for it. Tell me what you think please.

It is a world in ruins. Powerful gods and lowly mortals are locked into conflict. The earth lies split between eight different realms, with 70 areas total. Conquer, build, or destroy. Shape the world as you desire and control your destiny in the Crimson Realms.

The Crimson Realms

The rule of the gods is at an end,
To their will the mortals will no longer bend.
Peace cannot be found and the realms go to war,
But what are they fighting for?
The gods fight to maintain their power,
The mortals won't tolerate that for another hour.
The rebels fight to be free,
Which the gods will never let be.
War has descended upon the earth,
Darkness and Chaos have been given rebirth



The Crimson Realms (http://s2.forumforfree.com/?mforum=crimsonrealm)

May 26th, 2005, 10:32 AM
Well, first off I have to say that your poster is gorgeous beyond belief and I'm intensely jealous that I can't paint like that :D . The little blurb in the middle of the poster is fine, though I think the period after "bible" should be a comma. The game sounds great too. I played an online text-based RPG for a few years (called Castle Marrach, found here (http://www.skotos.net)) until they uncooly started charging money for it. I loved it, though it lacked some action (it was a social game, not a monster bash). It was the only online game I ever got into. Anyway, back to your game, I checked it out and it seems pretty damn interesting (I noticed Merancapeman just joined so you've done right by promoting it here ;) ). The forum's pretty huge, with a lot of empty threads (though with 39 members you'd be hard-pressed to fill 'em all). Promote your arse off, especially on other forums like this (or keep doing it if you've started already). I might even join you for some fun (I'll check it out more thoroughly before I commit). I realize that you use a free forum provider but you might think about, sometime down the road, investing in a real url. Your current one is kinda long (but I guess that's what bookmarks are for). Anywho, great idea. Text-based games seemed to have died out a long time ago and it's good to see interesting one's still up and running. Carry on, and maybe I'll see you in the Realms!

At a Loss
June 7th, 2005, 03:59 AM
Nice work man.
I think its good for a text based game and with posters like that you should OWN all others. (if there are other text based games online?)