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June 1st, 2005, 08:08 AM
Dead guy in truck is possessed by an alien who is ancient. Chase touches him and, the alien is passed on to him.
Chase doesn't find this out for some time.
He has been inhabiting people for hundreds of years.
Moving on to the next person before his current host dies.
He learns about our species by doing this.
He gives his host a certain amount of superpowers. I'd like to have his aging slow when he hit's his mid 20s.
Usually what thier imagination can come up with, without destroying it.
He learns about compassion from this boy that he possesses.
He doesn't allow this boy to tap into his new "abilities" for some time. Learning about him first.
He finds that the boy is very strong in his faith towards God and, generally wants to help people when he can.
The alien comes to love the host that he is in and, reveals himself after several years.
The boy decides to become a "superhero" with the assistance of his newfound friend.
I think I'd like to span this story over about 30 years, from Chase at 10 to late 30's.
I'd like to then skip some decades later. Chase is several hundred years old but, still looks close to 30.
He is still helping people but, as a stranger. He wonders the globe, occasionally venturing off to other planets to assist but, always coming

__________________________________________________ _____________

Chase loved exploring the caves off of Pirate's Mouth Beach. He loved to listen to the echo of the waves bouncing off the rocks outside the caves. There were about 7 caves on the side of Treasure Cliffs. He had explored three of them as far back as he could. About a hundred yards or so each. The other four were too small. He had learned that the hard way a couple years ago by getting stuck in one but, that's a story for later. Only one of them had tunnels that ran off
of them. Chase thought of them more as rooms because, they didn't go that far. One was about the size of his room. That was his favorite, "The Fun Room" is what he called it. He had even brought in a few chairs and a card table.

Jason, his best friend in the whole world, always joined him. They would pretend that they were scientists exploring a newly discovered planets cave system. With instruments in hand, a variety of wittled branches and, some boxes with gauges and dials drawn on in marker, they tested the air, rocks and, soil. They were often attacked by a variety of imaginary creatures in these expeditions. Scruff, who was Jason's huge black mastiff, would play the attacking creature. "Smartest dog in the whole world!!, Jason would often say when snuggling Scruff. Scruff was a smart dog indeed. He always seemed to know what they were playing and, what role was his.

"I love summer!" Chase exclaimed as they were headed to thier favorite cave one summer afternoon. Thier parent's had given them permission to play late so they packed themselves each a dinner to have in the caves. Jason even packed a couple sandwiches for Scruff. "Big dogs eat big." his dad would often say. "Trick" Jones, a new kid on Chase's block was tagging along today. He moved in about a month ago. Chase's parents had encouraged him to help Trick feel at home by inviting him to play all the time. A nice enough guy. He was kinda quiet so, Chase and, Jason hadn't made up thier minds about liking him or not. At least wasn't a show off or bragger.

They had a great time playing "Aliens and Explorers" and, where sitting around a small fire they had made with scrap wood washed up and, dried on the shore. "Where'd you get the name Trick?" Jason asked. Trick grinned and said "I know some magic tricks and, my big brother, Harry, gave me that nickname. I'm gonna be a famous magician someday! I've got all kidsa books on it and, even my own top hat. My rabbit, jinx, died when we moved but, my dad promised to buy me a new one. We're going to get a new one next week!" This was the most he had said to them.

"What kinda magic tricks?" Chase asked excitedly. He had seen a real live magician about a year ago and, loved the show. "Can you saw somebody in half or, run swords through them without cutting them?" That got them laughing. "No, I'm not that good, yet." Trick chuckled. "I know a few card tricks and, some of the other slight of hand tricks. I've almost got the 'Magic Rings' figured out"

"My mom's best friend's brother is a magician." said Jason. "We get to see his show whenever his show comes through town. I think he's suppose to be in town next month. I think my mom's friend can get us in and, you can meet him before the show.. no promises." Jason said proudly.

"That would be awesome!" Trick exclaimed.

From somewhere in one of the other caves came a huge crash. The boys ran outside "The Fun Room" and out to the mouth of the cave. Off to the right of the cave, about 50 yards, was a huge panel truck that had run off the cliffs and, into the water. They didn't see any smoke so, they quickly went to see if the driver needed help.

It was a mess. They didn't see how anyone could survive a wreck like this. The whole front part of the truck was smashed into the back of the cab. It didn't look like anyone could have survived this. The drivers arm was stuck out of the wreckage where the driver's window use to be. Fingers splayed out in that suprised plee for help.

The kids cautiously approached the truck. Chase, the unspoken leader of the trio lead the way. As they approached, he was overcome with a morbid curiousity an
d, reached out to the arm. When he was just a hair away, the arm grabbed him. It was like every memory in his short life hitting him at once. Then, every memory of the driver's life hitting him and, a sequence of memories of other people and, places. Times he's never seen or people he never knew.

Jeremy fishing off of The Brazas. It's a beautiful sunny day. he's sitting on an overturned paint can he got from painting the garage. Just as he's about to nod off, he gets a bite and, his bamboo rod bows with the strain of the added tension on the fishing line.
It's a dark rainy afternoon. Kathy is on her way home in the relaxing L.A. traffic. Her day was as shitty as every. "That damn bastard Nelson! How dare he try grabbing my butt in the copy room! I'm reporting that to Hazel in HR in the morning! That son-of-a." She's pulled from her thoughts as some asshole in a Rust bucket pickup cuts her off and, almost runs her off the road. She starts yelling every name in her vast repertiore of foul language.
This has got to be the best catch he has had in years. Dave has been coming to Lake Fort for years and, has never gone home with this many fish. He'd have to total it to about 13 sand bass and 7 croppy. He's just licking his lips at the fish fry dinner he and, Marylynn are going to have tonight. He lays out his first bass and, starts sliding his fillet knife accross, right behind the gills and, right into his pinky. "How the hell did I do that! He yells and, then puts his pinky in his mouth, which is gross because he now has fish slime and, blood on it as well.
"I hope he likes tonight's surprise." she thought to herself. Things had been kind of bland between them and, she was hoping to spice tonight up with a romantic candlelit dinner. Her sister Monica gave her the idea of a little strip tease number when she was confiding about their lack of bedroom play. She bought the slinkiest sexiest silk teddy she could find. I've been practicing for weeks and, this should really excite him. She thought. She pulled into the garage, pul
led her shoes off on the way to the bedroom. She heard Fredrico moan and, a woman giggle.
This was it. The day Khefu would prove to the elders and, chief that he was a man. The great black deer bear was around here somewhere. Always a problem with the horses and other livestock the tribe raised for food, it killed two girls last moon. He hurd a russling sound over the next rise. He quickly but, with amazing stealth dove behind one of the great oaks in this dense woods. He got down and crawled towards the edge of the rise on just his fingers and, toes. The rise overlooked a small ravine. On the other side was a cave. Just inside the cave he could see what looked like the back side of the biggest animal he had ever seen. "That doesn't look like any bear I have ever seen. From his point of view, the animal looked to be at least 4 spans tall. It's hair was think and gray. It looked to be covering a scaly kind of skin. He notched his arrow. It turned around in the cave entrance. What looked like a wolfs head had no hair. It hand had only two fingers and, an odd claw for a thumb on each. He pulled back the bow string. and, released.

June 1st, 2005, 08:09 AM
On and on the memories hit him hundreds at a time. He could decipher a few but, most are a jumbled mess that confuse him and, scare the hell out of him, then black.

He couldn't see anything but he could feel someone or something was there. "Hello? Is there anybody there?" He wimpered.
There was a quiet chirping sound. Chase couldn't quite tell where it was coming from. With his hands out in from of him, hoping he wouldn't touch anything, he turned slowly around. "Hello?" he squeaked. "Where am I? Who's there?" His stomach felt like lead and, his legs felt numb.
"I am here. Who are you?" A pleasant voice spoke back. Chase jumped. Goosebump breaking out all over his body, as he turned around once more.
"I I I I'm Chase Freedman. Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here?" Chase stammers as he continues his turning. He still can't see anything.
"A friend." comes the reply. This doesn't feel very friendly to me, Chase thinks to himself.
"As to where we are, I only know we are in you. You have always been here. I am the new one here." Comes the voice. Still pleasant, still calm.
"A friend? I know the names of all my friends. If you are a friend, what's yours?" Chase tried to give a little authority but, his shakey voice gave him away
"I have had many names but, you may call me Nix. Do not fear me. I am only an observer. I will do my best not to interfere." Chase's new frien "Nix" replied.
"When you wake you will not remember this conversation but, know now that I will not harm you." He added.
"You won't harm me? What are you observing. Interfere in what? Chase was confused and scared. "How can WE be in ME?"
"It would be best I learn more before those question are answered. I will let you know when the time is at hand." Nix replied.
"For now, I can tell you no more. I will give you this."
Searing pain ripped at his forearms. He looked at his arms and, saw two symbols glowing on his skin. The glow and, the pain coming from his arms was fierce.
He was blinded by the intense light coming from his arms. His whole body shook as shrieked in pain.
"Until we meet again." The soft voice reverberated in his head.

At first, he heard the T.V. in the room and, the faint sounds of people outside the room. He could hear his mom and dad talking to someone, a man, with a deep booming voice. "We just can't figure it out. All signs point to there being nothing wrong with him. My best educated guess is the shock of seeing the accident was too much for him. The best we can do, at this time is continue to monitor him until the experts in Dallas can give thier feedback on his tests." came the voice. He had trouble focusing when he opened his eyes. He blinked several times and, looked around the room. There was Jason in a chair next the nightstand. You could tell he was fighting sleep while reading a copy of CRACKED.
"Jay, what's up boy?" He let out in a grunting whisper. Jay, freaked out by the sudden movement from his friend, dropped the magazine and, quickly stood up.
"Chase!" His eyes started filling with tears. "Where have you been man! We have been scared shitless! We didn't think you were gonna come back." Jason spilled out excitedly.
"What happened, man? Why am I here? WHERE am I?" Chases's voice was coming back a bit. He tried to sit up but, laid back down as the dizzies hit him. "Whoa! What happened to me?" He whispered.
"Dude! You've been out for 3 weeks!" Jayson breathed.
"What?!" Chases's eyes went wide. "How? Why?"
"I don't know man. We were playing in the cave and that truck went over the side. You touched that driver's arm and, Bam! You shook all over and, have been out since. You're mom hasn't stopped crying since." Jason turned toward the door. "Mrs. F, he's up! He's up!" Jason started for the door when it burst open and, Chase's parent's came running in. They stopped dead in thier tracks as they saw Chase trying to sit up. Mrs. Freedman ran the rest of the way around the bed, across from Jason, and grabbed her son in a gentle but strong hug.
"Oh, Thank the Lord. Thank the Lord! I knew you'd come back to us. I knew God would bring you back. How are you feeling honey? Are you ok?" Chase's mother
poured over her son, tears welling up in her eyes.
"I don't know what's going on, mom. I don't remember anything." Chase replied. "Can I have a drink, please?"
"Sure thing kiddo." His dad said and grabbed the little styrofoam pitcher on the table tray at the end of the hospital bed. Chase drank two cups before anybody spoke. This time it was his dad. He went to the side of the bed Jason was on. He leaned over and, kissed his son on the head. He was ruffling the hair on his head when he asked. "You don't remember anything, son?"
"No." Chase replied surprisingly calmly. "Jay was just saying something about a truck crashing off the cliff, outside the caves but, I don't remember that."
Jason grabbed the pitcher, poured himself some water and, filled Chase's cup. "Are you sure, man? Nothing?"
"Nada" Chase replied. "Have I really been out for 3 weeks?"
They all nodded gravely. "Wow." Chase whispered.

The doctor, Dr. Slade Hinsmore, insisted on Chase staying that night for monitoring. "We'll keep an eye on him tonight and, decide on him getting to go home tomorrow. I'd also like to have a CAT scan before he leaves. He seems coherent and, stable. It looks like he should be able to go home tomorrow. I would advise a phsycological evaluation. We may determine what caused the coma."

Nothing was ever pinpointed as the cause of Chase's coma episode. The alien just observed and waited.

Chase woke with a scream caught in his throat. His nightmare had been a jumbled mess that frightened and confused him. That unfamiliar voixe, like a narrator cared him. The dream had been familiar in some weird way. one minute he was a man with a sword, fighting a giant beast. The next he was a woman clad in black. She wore a ski mask and was breaking into a bank vault. This is in Chicago, Chase thought to himself. The next minute he was a boy hunting with his father for the first hunt. The creature he found and aimed his arrow at was a cross between a horse and a bear. Chase couldn't describe it any better. The creature turned and spotted him and his father. The creature then charged at them. Just when the beast was on them, the dream flashed to a new scene, on and on. All the time there was this voice in the background of his thoughts.
"You are Rogan, fist knight in his King's army. You are hunting the beast that his daughter's life. Marinera was her name." The voice told him. "Now your are Maria Fineso, a safe cracker from Chicago. Now you are Menosa. You and your father are hunting the braken herd near your tribe's camp." The voice continued with each scene.
Chase felt like he was falling. He knew he was dreaming and just wanted to wake from this nightmare. He woke as he bounced off his bed and hit this head on the nightstand. Sprawled on the floor, he came to his senses. How did I get down here, he thought to himself. Chase got up and went down to the kitchen for a drinik of water. The dream itself didn't scare him. It was the voice that made him uneasy. Chase headed back to his room. As he grabbed the banister and put his foot on the first step, he heard the voice again. But this wasn't a dream.
"soon" Was all the soft, mundaine voice said.
Chase didn't bother to look around. He hi tailed it to his room. He dashed into his room, straight for his bed. He still didn't look around as he pulled the covers over his head. If I can't see it, it isn't there, he tried reasoning.