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June 1st, 2005, 10:09 AM
Friend of mine is trying to track down the name of a book he read in his youth.
However he can't remember what it was called.

Here is what he remembers and I wonder if this jogs anyone's memory on here.

I'm looking for a book (I think books actually) that I read when a teenager. Now, I don't know the author, nor the title but rather just the gist of the story.

Compound that with the fact I haven't been a teenager for about twenty years...

The story revolves around a chap whom escapes from an icebound subterranean city into the real world, a world that is covered by ice but also has a thin strip around the equator that is temperate. It chronicles his adventures through this strip if memory serves. It's more of a fantasy story as the world is more post-apocalyptic than anything.

I think the first book pretty much chronicles the everyday life of the chap in the city itself, his awareness that not everything is as it is being taught, rumours of life being sustainable beyond the city and such. If I recall correctly, it ends with him finding his way out of the city to the surface.

The second book details his journey to the temperate lands and his journey through it. I can't remember if the society was feudal japan or something else. What I do remember is that is was always described as very colourful.

I thought he meant Amtrak wars due to fedual japan comment but he has read them all and still has his copies, so no luck there.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

Many Thanks

June 10th, 2005, 06:24 PM
This question got answered over on the fantasy board. Lowlander said, correctly:

I'am almost sure this is the Sunset Warrior trilogy by
Eric Van Lustbader. The books are :

-Sunset Warrior
-Shallows of Night
-Dai San

By the way this is a very good science fantasy series. Especially knowing it was written in the early 80's when the market was filled with Tolkien clones. The oriental/Japanese flavor is very well done.

So, in case anyone wanted to know the answer, there you go.