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September 10th, 2001, 10:33 AM

He is lying on a crumpled bed in a white, windowless room.
He gets up and looked around him, there is nothing in the room except the bed and a white door to the right. He himself is wearing a silky, green pajama. He doesn't remember his name and he doesn't remember what he is doing here, in this strange, humid room.
There is an annoying buzz emanating from somewhere, like a bee caught in a jar.
Then he hears a noise. The door slowly opens. Someone is entering the room.
His eyes go wide with astonishment.

Into the empty room comes a staggeringly beautiful woman, a white dress covering her ebony skin, while her light brown eyes and cascading black hair contrast it sharply.
Slowly, deliberatly, she comes closer to the bed, tempting, inviting.
For a minute, a thought crosses his mind.
He is certain she is an angel.
His heart is pounding, he is sweating.
She sits on the bed and hold his hand, his head fall back on the pillow, suddenly he feels very tired. She looks at him, and her eyes seem like two endless pits of compassion, he almost starts to cry, and he doesn't know why.
She is so beautiful, and he is so lonely.
He needs her, he needs someone to...
She whispers something he doesn't understand, but he knows what she means.
She is comforting him, telling him he's not alone, that she is there for him, that he doesn't need to make this journey all by himself...
she leans forward, her lips almost touching his now, a thousands heat waves conquer his slim body.
Even if he did remember anything, he would have forgotten it in this magical moment.
Her hands start to caress his tangled, brown hair, which apparently wasn't cut in months.

That humming that wouldn't stop... He wants quiet, total quiet.
He feels her intoxicating sweat, and then she jerks her head up as if in agony, and lower it again to meet his eyes once more.
A lonley tear rolls from her right eye and lands on his pajama.
The humming...
"Kay" she says suddenly in a cracked voice, and her tongue licks the second tear that rolls down.
"Kay, can't you hear that humming?"
He nodds, he's terrified for some reason.
"You have to make it stop, for me."
the humming is deafening now.
"Kay..." she moves her hand gently across his face.
Suddenly the falling tears turn red, staining his pants, while creating a crimson streak across the right side of her perfect face.
"Why are you crying?" he manages to ask, his trembling voice can hardly be heard through the din.
But she doesn't answer, she just looks at him, and closes her eyes. When she opens them again, almost immediatley, they look like two huge flashlights, pulsing in red.
He screams.

Kay opened his eyes.
The plastic canopy above his head lifted with a swoosh.
He struggled to get up, his mind still held by the remains of the grueling dream.
He was lying in narrow pod, a lot of colorfull and strange cables were attached to his naked body. Everything around him was dark, but then a powerful white light came from somewhere, and he knew where he was.
He started to remember. It would take time, but at that moment, at those first waking minutes from what seemed to be a long sleep, he knew three things for certain:
He knew his name.
He knew that this was his spaceship.
And he knew that he was the last human being of his world, except for her...
The woman in his dreams.

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September 11th, 2001, 03:43 AM
Kay arose, stumbling out of the pod as the numbing effects of the cryno pod wore off.

Shading his eyes from the two red flashing warning lights.

He screemed out "shut them off" A cluster of lights come to life on a panel then came a soft soothing voice "yes commander" the room was stone quiet again "report" snaped Kay fliping switches with gaining speed.

"550 telmers to destonation .....cause of awaking unknown...no damage to ship......no visable targets.....all systems rea.....

"ENOUGH" slaming his hand hand down breaking off a switch.

Once more quiet filled the room as thoughts raced through his now throbing head He tryed to make sence of it all.

Who would come after him, the last of his kind, better yet who even knew he was alive?

His eyes burned as he recalled the moments looking at his planet from yarns away in space and then no more.

Crumbling into a pile of despare he wept bitterly, knowing full well if not for a freak ship error he would have been toast to.

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September 11th, 2001, 11:06 AM
The memories awakened in blinding sprites. Flashes, quick, merciless, inevitable. Pandora’s box at large.
His eyes were hollow. A drunken man wondering what could have been. A soul trenched with guilt. A life carved with torment.
He knew he was followed. He knew They yearned for his power, for he was the last technomage. Yet when he needed to fuel his ship, he never thought that would endager the planet he landed on. After all it was only one day. But the day stretched into a week and the week spanned into a month, and the month lingered into a year.
And when the year ended it was too little too late.
Many lives died in vain.
There were many flagstones that led to the tragedy. He wanted to scapegoat one of them; let something bear the load with him. Was it the engine failure? Or his host’s generosity? Or maybe it was just destiny?
He knew he could keep lying to himself… but it wouldn’t make it easier for him to look at the mirror.
Slowly he stumbled his way to the mainframe. There were still many gaps in his memory; he wanted to make sense of all the chaos in his mind. His soul screamed: MURDER. But like a passenger aboard the Flying Dutchman he was sure that there was land somewhere. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all his fault.
The mainframe illuminated in a feeble hallow.
Kay’s eyes scrolled down the screen.

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September 13th, 2001, 10:41 AM
He should have been happy learning that.
But he was scared. He wasn't alone anymore.
Someone was with him on the ship.
The thermal sensors blinked on the screen. indicating that some sort of life form was moving in the storage area.
Something has awakened him, some sort of security measure, he was supposed to keep on sleeping for long years, now he was in the middle of nowhere, and he couldn't go back to the cryo pod until he finds what happened, and who or what was in the storage zone.
The "Orora" was a large ship, specified for 200 passengers, what made him feel more alone and upset, and now something lurks two decks below him, something that triggered the auto awakening system.
A wild thought crossed his mind. could it be her? no, she is far away, far behind the stars, that is the place from where he last heard of her, after he left Keret Billings, the planet which turned to atoms behind him.
And if he didn't leave alone, even if he had a stowaway which climbed to his ship before lift off, how could that stowaway stay alive during the trip?
The pod timer indicated that Kay slept for 38 years.

September 14th, 2001, 07:32 PM
"Verneen, scan for lifeforms....all bands"

Walking over to a shelf, he pulled down a black robe.Pulling it over his head and throwing up the bulky hood.This aforded him at least a little confort.

"Thermal form detected....tracking image" came the long awaited reply.

He Straighten up the two septonic patches of his order on each sleeve. A solar disk with ray's on a star background,a merit of the hightest order.

He reached for the amulet of Abbra that he kept in his big slouching pocket.Remembering when she had given it to him and how her father Abbra, had wore it before she had.

Pulling it out by the chain he put it on, preparing himself for whatever was lurking in the storrage zone.

Her words filled his ears "use only in an emergency"the words almost sounded real to him now.

The voider's relm was a limitless one, which was before there was matter.Thus it could be involked from the amulet.

It could make things dissapear or reapear to or from that relm.

At least he wasn't going in unarmed.

Turning the locking catches, the door to the storage zone flew open with a hiss,entering he tryed to remember the invoking words......Abbra K...

Sweat raced down his face as he tried to remember the scecond word.

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September 14th, 2001, 11:18 PM
...Abbra Kelaveed. That was it.
Leaving the latches open, he stepped through and slid along the edge. He heard noises at the far length of the container area. Fingering the amulet, he crouched as he tiptoed, careful to put each part of his feet down silently. When he got closer, he hid himself in the shadows next to a container and peeked.

He saw birds, giant birds, three of them huddled together, flapping and preening each other. He breathed a sigh of relief as he again hid his amulet. He must have taken them on when he was docked on the planet, while loading the raw materials.

The birds became still, finally noticing him. Kay stepped out to show himself. The necks of the birds became longer. As their heads backed up, their eyes bulged.

"Who are you?"
"Stay back!"
"Don't talk to him!"

Kay opened his mouth, finally blinking. He didn't remember sentient races of birds on Keret Billings. Then again he didn't remember much of anything. "I'm who you summoned when you tripped that heat exchanger lema there," Kay pointed up.

The birds all talked at once,"Good, finally, we can go now, Mora?"
"Why not? He can't open the door?"
"We don't know that yet."
The smaller bird collapsed its' head into it's long neck, groveling towards Kay. "Can you open for us to fly away now?

September 19th, 2001, 06:42 PM
Kay dismissed the birds as if they weren't really there, and then slowly closed the latch behind him. A distant voice echoed through the chasms of his brain, devoid of so many memories.

Concentrating, he slowly closed his eyes. He could hear her now; her gentle voice whispering his name. "I hear you..." he said into the silence. "Why are you here? Why now?"

His eyes raced violently behind their lids; his mind awash with her image. "I can almost see you," he sang. "Please, stay with me this time."

Soon, my love...soon, he heard her say. But even as the words left her distant lips, her image began to fade and she was a bird again. The most beautiful bird he'd ever seen, with a plumage so rare and colourful it brought tears to his lonely eyes.

"Why can't I remember?" he shouted, throwing himself to the floor. He buried his head in his hands, sobbing gently as he fought to regain the vision of his love. Something tickled his face then and he slowly lowered his arms. Kay stared at his hands in disbelief, rubbing the salty grief from his eyes.

But the image didn't change; his trembling palms were covered with the softness of newly-formed and brightly coloured feathers, every one of them different, but feathers just the same.

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September 25th, 2001, 12:01 PM
Kay slide his palms together in a attempt to brush away the colored feathers, only to find to his amazement that they were stuck to his hand.

A closer look provided the shocking reason why.

The feathers were permanently attached to his hand’s. Grabbing a feather, Kay tried to pull it out. After painfully succeeding and producing a small hole, with warm scarlet red liquid trickling out, he decided not to do that again.

“Told you so”
“Did not”
“Did to”

Came the voices of the three bird’s, who had somehow, unknown to Kay, managed not only to escape their cage’s, but also had opened the locked door and now stood eye to eye inches from Kay’s face.

Backing up quickly and fumbling for the amulet he finally produced it and held it at arm’s length.

“No need for that”
“We won’t harm you”
“We come in peace” echoed the three voices.

“Explain “ Kay shouted ,tightening his grip even more on the amulet.

“Sorry about the feather spell, which will soon fade, but you had to be tested.”

“For what…and who are you” Kay screamed, boldly inching closer, still holding the amulet out.”

“I am Mora, of the Keltin race, my employer who wishes to remain secret, has cast a spell on us so we could board this ship disguised as bird’s. The ship’s manifest call’s for three sentient bird’s so here we are.”

“We came to see if the Fitzern’s or the Menthrop race had succeeded in getting Abbra’s amulet. Each side want’s it to be used to move their armies to defeat the other, but it must not fall into either sides hands.”

“Since Fitzern’s don’t bleed and Menthrop’s bleed green blood, we can see they haven’t succeeded yet. We are worried because our employer was supposed to meet us by now, to unlock his spell and turn us back to our original forms. “

Kay looked at his hand which had stopped bleeding and was featherless, then he studied them quietly for awhile.

“Who are you other two “ Kay said looking at the others.

“I’m Jaffera”

“I’m Teress, but I’m just a sentient bird who was headed home. Jaffera and Mora traded places with two of my friends, who blew up on Keret Billings I might add."

Mora interrupted “I can see we are in luck” looking at the patch on Kay’s sleeve.
“Will you change us back?”
“That shouldn’t be to hard for one of your order.”

“Why should I trust you and how do I know you don’t want the amulet for yourself’

“I don’t want it at all” continued Mora “We are just to see that it didn’t fall into their hands, besides you have been chosen to ware it. Weren’t you told what to do with it?”

“Yes of course” said Kay pretending to know while still trying to remember.

“We have more important things to do yet if he is to be successful. We need to be dropped off at this planet.” Jaffera said producing a map from somewhere and pointing with his beak to the place. We can take the shuttle craft in the cargo bay to get there.”

After talking to them for awhile, Kay returned them to their human forms and sent them on their way. After all he still had the amulet. Was he rid of them for good? Kay wondered if they told the truth for he wasn’t sure.

Only Teress stayed on board as he still waited to go home.

The two of them watched as the shuttle departed. Kay fingered the amulet nervously pondering it all. Suddenly a piece of the amulet opened up emitting a annoying buzzing sound. Then it turned to a deafening humming sound, which Kay knew he had heard before.

Was it a alarm, a homeing or tracking device Kay quickly tried to shut it off………..

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October 30th, 2001, 09:10 AM
It was a strange day.
Kay sat at the bridge, the "orora" at auto pilot, looking at the stars through the skylight, 20 feet above his head.
He was sipping some kind of sour but tasty beverage he found in the storage room turbo-fridges, maybe it was poison, but he didn't realy care. it was a tasty poison.
He put the tall blue glass on the armchair and rubbed his temples. alright...
He is kay of the order of shaman tra.
He is (was) a pilot. a cargo ship pilot.
He was a technomage, he flew his ships by a power other than fuel, it was... he couldn't remember, but that was what technomages did back then.He'll check it out later.
He slept in the cryopod for 38 years and was awakened by an alarm. someone was moving in the storage room. they looked like birds but they weren't. they recognized him and his amulet, the pendant of the shaman tra. but it was only a nifty gadget, he thought, it could make simple illusions to entertain the children at the court (what court?).
What was all this talk about spells? were they trying to make him believe he is something he wasn't? to play with his mind? they just got on one of his shuttles and flew away. where? there wasn't anything they coukd go to, was there?, he saw them turn from giant birds to bald, tall, red uniformed men. they looked very familiar. he thought he once heard about a cult of aliens capable of assuming the shape of animals, but he wasn't sure it was a myth or reality The whole encounter with them, which happened minutes after his rude awakening, looked like a bizarre dream. but somehow, it all looked SO FAMILIAR. damn!
He threw the empty glass on the bridge's floor, it smashed into tiny pieces.
Smashing into tiny pieces, like Kerret Billings. Oh, no, he doesn't want to think about that right now, oh no... later.
when the bird-men went away (bird-men? on my space ship?) his jewel started to emit a screeching noise, as if trying to call them. he got it off and put it in a compartment in the dining room. he didn't like that thing, it felt like it was going to fly along with them and throw kay to outer space with it.
He didn't remember much about shaman tra, just that he was one of them. him and his family and his friends (can't remember who they were..)
And she was too. the woman from his dreams.
That thought brought a bitter smile to his face.
The shattered glass glittered on the floor like a thousand stars. like it was the universe and he was sitting right in the middle of it. he was the master of the universe, and he was the destroyer of worlds.

A single feather was clung to his shirt.

Soon he will remember it all, he knew.
And then, the memories will hit him with no mercy.

He grabbed the feather and turned it in his hand, studying it with detached eyes.

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October 30th, 2001, 04:00 PM
Kay got out of his bed and tended his morning rituals with quiet, effective energy. His mind felt much clearer. Already the events of yesterday seemed even more like a strange dream, only half remembered.

The turbolift brought him from his cabin to the bridge in a short ride, devoid of any sense of motion. Determined to sort out what the hell was going on he sat down by the main controls and started bringing the ship's onboard computers fully to life. Quickly he flickered through a series of startup and access screens, stopping only briefly to wonder why the access codes came so readily to his mind. Everything else in his past was still a blurred, confusing thing. He didn't know for sure what was reality and what were only cryo induced dreams. Not yet. It gave him headache to try to sort it out.

When the computers were finally up and running in full power, Kay leaned back in his chair with a sigh and tried to relax his cramped muscles. So far so good. He got up and started to pace around the bridge. There was still something about the situation that he didn't like. Actually, there were a lot of things about the situation he didn't like, now that he came to think about it. First and foremost he didn't like the fact that he had only a vague idea of what his situation really was!

His bad, sporadic memory bothered him. It could be damage from the cryo sleep. Such accidents were very very seldom, but not completely unheard of. It was a neat explanation. If some kind of emergency medical program had shut his cryo pod off, it could even explain his untimely awakening. And yet... yet somehow Kay doubted that seemingly simple explanation. He shook his head and sighed again. The little data he had simply didn't fit together.

He was a cargo ship pilot. He had already established that yesterday. But what was he doing on "Orora," a large passenger ship with rooms for at least 200 passengers then? Was he a passenger himself? No, that couldn't be it. Then he wouldn't have had the access code for the computers. He rubbed his temples and tried to remember. When he awoke from his long sleep, the computer had said something to him, called him something. Commander? Why? And what about these bird-men? Had they been real or just a product of his over stressed mind?

He sat down in the chair again and began punching buttons and giving verbal commands in a rapid stream. Holo screens flashed to life in the air in front of him and he navigated the menus without hesitation, again slightly amazed at his own mastery of the otherwise unknown machinery. He found what he had been searching for and examined the data in front of him carefully. It was a list of onboard shuttles. They were all parked in the hangar area, except one. The last one was clearly marked as missing. Irritated, but also absurdly a little relieved, he waved the holo screen away. Something had happened yesterday. Someone had taken one of the shuttles. He had not just imagined all of it.

Encouraged by this success he began to issue a new string of orders to the computer. Schematics of the ship, technical specifications, crew files, passenger lists for the last seven trips, navigation logs, everything he could thing of he brought up on large screens in front of him. The bridge came to life in a cascade of coloured text and graphics. It was time to find some answers...