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Chris G.
August 3rd, 2005, 12:35 PM
I need readers to critique the first three chapters of my book, Earth Stone. Don't shower me with praise unless you REALLY like it. I need people to cock that eyebrow and tell me if:

1. Is the writing done well
2. do you like the characters?
3. Did anything make you go HUH? (in a bad way or good way)
4. etc, etc, etc....

Post your e-mail address and I'll send the chaps.

Please help.

Earth Stone is the story of Faerie 10,000 years after it left Earth because Mankind was pressing them to extinction through expansion. Now, the alternate place they have created is dying because it lacks Life Energy to sustain it. In an effort to save his people, Prince Aldreas puts the Realm at greater risk and even endangers Earth itself. Sensing danger, the Earth Stone wakes up and latches on to Henry James, college student, to be its avatar in the Realm to find out what is happening and weild its power. Can Henry get over being trapped in a "fantasy world" and save the Realm and Earth both? Can he even get home again?

The book is a crossover fantasy with (I hope) very good humor and some deep themes like: evolution and natural selection.

This is the first book of a trilogy, but I just want some "look see" by folks and if you like what you read, I can send more chaps via e-mail upon request. Post direct e-mails though, because I can't send material through the forum memeber e-mails. Thanks, chris.