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August 12th, 2005, 01:40 AM
“I don’t get it… doesn’t Marvel create world famous, movie inspiring, fictionist super heroes. Shouldn’t they be inspirational?”

“Reality check on aisle five Pres, you should really try paying attention more because pop culture is really dumbing you up. Do you think that those non-supernatural nitwits can actually come up with a long lasting storyline about characters not of their own kind?”

“Worked with George Lucas,” I argued, flipping through an economics book and placing it back in its designated spot, showing Damien my annoyance in his ambiguity.

“Okay, that’s an exception; George Lucas isn’t a factor in this discussion. Let’s get back on topic.”

“So you’re saying they bop off of other underdog ideas to get their in-famous characters?”

“So young and naďve, and not to forget slow. Close your eyes Okay think of the X-Men comics as an unauthorized biography.”
“Yeah, okay”

“There is your answer…” Damien said as he placed his downy fingers on my lips and subtly hushed me, warning me not to make a sound, as sharp voices veered from every corner of the suddenly vacant and dark library.

“What the hell…” Damien muttered under his breath as he pushed me behind him, towards a corner.

“Wha…wha… what’s going on…? Damien, are you there” I said as my heart beated in sick excitement. Damien nodded as silent yes as he peered through shelves to get a glimpse of the surreal surroundings.

“Seems like we have a good catch” a deep voice rang, followed by chuckles of what sounded like we were greatly outnumbered. Through the walls we could hear cars parking and footsteps on the pavement, the sound of loading guns horror-struck me as I grabbed onto Damien’s built arms.

“I have a feeling they are not talking about the Bluebonnet Book Winners table,” I whined in a whisper. A shadow coming from the Magazine section waned into the ground as they sharply stepped out of the area where the emergency light shined.

“When I count to three I want you to run as fast as you can, don’t stop, and don’t turn around,” Damien whispered staring at the armed men as his hands went into his traditional combat position with his fist in the air.

“Are you serious?”


“Move, move people now. Roger: send in more troops, we don’t know what we are up against…”

“I’m not leaving without you, I don’t know what the…”

“Two, three, run!”

Arguing with myself, I ran to the emergency exit but defiantly stood by the door, wanting to see the ending, though intuitionally I felt it wasn’t going to be a happy one.

“C-45 through 46, take on the one by the exit”

“Run!” Damien yelled as he used his intangibility to dive though an armed troop member’s weapon of assassin, giving the soldiers a fight to remember, punching, slamming, and making sure that if he were to die at the moment, he wouldn’t wash away as a coward.

“Preston, Go! It’s for the best. I know what I’m doing!” He struggled to say while taking blows from a soldier’s rough fist in his stomach.
As more soldiers scurried in, Damien’s stern and serious face would whiten, giving him a well-matched ghostly appearance as his body would insubstantially go through solid objects and humans. Phasing through soldiers by the masses he suddenly stopped while moving through a soldier curved blade and was stuck, without any energy left in his teenage body. It killed me that he was dieing smirking with satisfaction for a second realizing it takes a group of fifteen men to take him down but Damien’s face cringed in pain as the Soldier withdrew his weapon, causing Damien to crash to the floor as blood forcefully poured from his chest. His Eagle eyes flickered as his pupil turned their attention to an emotional broken character in the corner hungry for instant revenge as I completely turned my attention to the assasins. His eyes hinted with disappointment but yet hope during a long stare and then respectably closed.

“Looks like we got a C-82 Delt” the soldier with the curve blade said while pulling out an unidentified item in the shape of a pistol.

“Finish him” A man called from the back as he made his way to the front resting his foot on Damien’s chest.

“No, Lieutenant Fisher, have you forgotten the Leader of this Mission? Boys, take him the Lab Command Center pronto with the command of Task 98,” A voice with a familiar face called.

“Yes Sir Summers, Task 98 will be processed ASAP,” Lieutenant Fisher said and then gave coded orders to the troops.

“What about her in the corner over there,” the Lieutenant said pointing in my direction as I headed for the door and finally ran like hell.

“It must be an astral projection because nobody would be have the guts or better yet be as stupid to stay visible to us while our slaughters. Move on troops”

“But Sir, don’t astral projections fade away when their task is finished instead of running?”

“Are you sassing me Lieutenant Fisher? When I say jump you ask how high, don’t tell me the average jumping height of bafoons like you, without further discussion, you are dismissed, go do your task or your dismissal would not be only of my presence but you will be dispatched of your high honor, are we clear?”

“Crystal,” Lieutenant Fisher said while turning his back on Lieutenant Summers, with deep sarcasm hinted in his voice. Commander Summer’s fidgeted with his tinted glasses and chuckled.

Meanwhile I ran through the busy streets of Houston, which were unusually empty without a trace of inhabitance for at least five seconds until I blinked and the busy streets appeared again as a car slammed into breaks less than a centimeter away from me.

“What the… hey girl you could have been killed running in the street,” the driver in the Toyota cried rolling down the windows, now feeling sympathetic looking at my lost face. “Are you okay?”

Nodding in assurance of my well being I found myself confused, knowing my own identity but not having a clue where I was or what I was doing, just having keywords stuck in my mind, not knowing where they could have possibly been acquired from.

“Did-did-did I hit you or something?” the driver asked, rather scared of my absentness.

“No, at least I don’t think so.” I said, rubbing my head, trying to lather some sense in my head. “Can you... I mean, do you… Um, I mean have you… whatever, forget that rambling.”

“Um, do you want a ride home?” a passenger in the car asked as I took a few steps in attempt to reach the sidewalk but stumbled and feels down.
“Yes, please.”

“Where to?”

“I have no clue.”

“What’s your name?”


I tried writing this a while back but I forgot about it, what do you think?