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January 18th, 2002, 02:24 PM
if you've been reading the bermuda triangle post in this forum, you know all about my newest story. but what about my former one about time-travel? well, i sent that one to sffworld.com a few days ago and should be up in the short story section soon (Even though the story is very long... 27,000 words). But just to give you all a little preview,here is a chapter below that I have selected from TIME DOME... at this point in the story, the time-travels are in the jurassic period and have been chased up a tree by a pack of vicious dinos...



30 minutes had now passed since the pack of Ornithos attacked the group. All were too afraid to leave the tree in which they were at. They silently talked to each other, trying to figure a way to get back to their time-machine, and get back to the present. But… something was heard in the near distance…

It was a roar, but much different than the roars of the Ornithos. Whatever animal the sound came from, it was bigger, and sounded much more threatening.

Crashing noises, the sounds of breaking branches, could be heard in distance. They could feel the ground below them tremoring, and the tree tops shaking. Something was coming. Something big.

But before thoughts of what was coming could fill their minds, there was something already there. Right below them, not too far below… was one of the most terrifying carnivores that the Jurassic period had ever seen. It was a giant, horrifying, Ceratosaurus.

Ceratosaurus was a large and slender dinosaur, that looked a lot like the Cretaceous period’s Tyrannosaurus Rex, but was a bit smaller, and had a distinctive feature: a short horn on its snout, and another short horn on top of it’s head between the eyes. It was an incredibly scary creature to face… and Steven and the others definitely would agree. It was 14 feet high, 30 feet long, and weighed 12,000 pounds. Most Ceratosaurs were smaller, but this particular one was huge.

Steven and the others screamed at the terror below. They shot at it, but the tranquilizer darts didn’t do any effect: the Ceratosaur was much too large! It roared in fury for the helpless shooting that the humans had done. The giant dinosaur got very ticked.

Though it couldn’t reach them up in the tree, the Ceratosaur was smart, so he didn’t bother running around the tree and snapping its jaws at them like the Ornithos did. Instead… this dinosaur had an alternate plan to get his prey out of the tree.

“Shit! Oh ****! What the hell are we going to do???!!!” Steven asked aloud in mortal fear.

But before anything could be said, the Ceratosaur backed up a bit… and smashed his head against the tree! Steven and the agents screamed, because now they knew what exactly the Ceratosaur was going to do…

It backed up, smashed his head against the tree again. The tree splintered, it started cracking… started to break in half! The Ceratosaur roared, and smashed his head against the tree one more time, as it began to slowly plummet to the ground. The group shrieked in suffering as the tree was falling…


The tree had fallen with an incredibly hard thud, knocking Steven out from the blow.

* * *

Steven was on the ground, slightly covered with some branches from the tree. He suddenly, yet barely, came to, and saw a dreaded sight. He saw one of the agents just feet away, screaming in horror as the Ceratosaur came up to the agent, grabbed him by the midsection, and bit his body in half… spaying blood everywhere. After the Ceratosaur did that, it glanced over, and stared into Steven’s eyes. Steven’s eyes then closed again, as he fainted.

* * *

His eyes wearily opened… he had no clue how much time had passed. He was lucky that the Ceratosaur didn’t go for Steven, after it noticed him. He slowly tried to get up from the ground, moving branches out of his way. He felt achy all over, and didn’t want to move or anything. But for his survival, he knew, that he would have to move. Luckily, the Ceratosaur seemed to be out of sight.

Looking around the tree, Steven tried to see if there was anyone else still alive. Instead, all he found was body parts of the dead agents, and from that, assumed they were all dead. But he still had hope left in him that at least one other agent survived the attack, so he started yelling things out loud, listening for a response back.

There was none.

Afterward, he looked for a tranquilizer gun… but he didn’t find any. He was now unarmed.

Depressingly, he began to backtrack to the time-machine… he had to get out of the Jurassic! It was too dangerous to stay any longer; his life was on the edge of death! But would he make it?

Though fear was at hand for the trek back, Steven knew he had to do so. It was the only way. But… only after taking a mere 2 steps, he heard something very close by him. It was a series of low growls… not just one, but three! Three Ornithos! His blood ran cold, fear generated throughout himself. He was too far away to get to the time-machine… much too far away. And he was now too afraid to go back up a tree again. As for the German time-machine, the Ornithos could easily get in there, as he knew. That left only one last resort for Steven…

Quickly, he turned around, and started running. The Ornithos then showed themselves from behind the bush they were hiding, and started running after him! Steven kept running and running, the Ornithos getting much too close, and before he knew it, he ran passed the German time-machine… he was going in the direction that he wanted.
Running a little bit slower, due to his many aches and bruises that he received, the Ornithos got even closer to him! He was running out of breath, Steven felt like he had been running forever. And then… he reached the destination he wanted to get to… the cliff… with the river right below him. With a minor hesitation, Steven jumped off the cliff, falling from a height of 60 feet, landing with a splash into the river.

He didn’t get hurt at all, but the water was very cold. He looked up, and saw the Ornithos at the top of the cliff. Were they going to jump down as well?

Steven didn’t hesitate, and tried to get out of the river… swimming to the left side of it. But while swimming, he noticed there was something along the left side of the river… just floating there as if nothing. It was… a wooden boat.

“A boat, oh thank god!” Steven yelled out. The boat must have belonged to the Germans’ as well.

He swam to the boat, and got in it. It was an old and beat-up boat, but it would do. There were 2 wooden paddles inside for rowing. Steven moved himself and the boat more into the river, and he started rowing.

Behind him, he heard a few splashes. The Ornithos had jumped into the river, and were now swimming after him! But Steven did not have to worry at all. The boat was moving at a fast pace, and the swimming Ornithos could not swim fast enough to even be close to him. Before long, they slowly got out of the river, and left… not even bothering to continue the chase. Steven was relieved.

* * *

The sky turned a golden red, a beautiful sight to see, though it struck fear inside Steven. Night was coming, and carnivores were always more dangerous at night. But he was flowing along a river, in a boat. In truth, he was at the safest spot he could possibly be. You can imagine why.

Noises of dinosaurs could be heard in the distance… some sounded quite peaceful, yet some sounded bone chilling. But just as night was almost fully there, Steven slowly fell asleep in the boat, while it continued to flow down the river.

so wha did you think of that? do you like my writing style? is it similar to any well-kown author?

January 21st, 2002, 08:28 PM
Your writing style (and the sequence of what happens in the story) is very movie-like. Ever imagine writing a screen-play?

January 28th, 2002, 09:42 AM
the story is now available at the short stories section of sffworld.com