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Evil Agent
August 17th, 2005, 05:21 AM
Anyone run into this?

I found out today, while browsing in a store, that season 6 was out. First I was excited, because it's the main season I've been waiting for. But then I was shocked, dismayed, and confused as hell by the box. It was in a big clunky, plastic, cheap looking box shaped like Homer's head. I couldn't believe it! Worse, it was being helped to stand upright by a flimsy plastic sleeve. The box itself has a hinge/ridge that runs right under the box, so it can't even stand very well. And Homer's eyes and face bulge out, making it somewhat awkward and ugly to sit on your shelf, especially if you have any of the other seasons (I only have season 5, but that's enought to make them not match).

Then I logged on to Amazon.com, only to see hundreds of reviewers talking about this. It sounds like 95% of people are upset with the box, but here's the weirdest part of all: The box comes with a paper that gives you a phone number..the number directs you to this website (http://www.simpsonsbox.com), where after you are repeatedly insulted (for being an anal retentive nerd), you can order a more standard box (for several dollars shipping and handling).

What a mess! I don't get it. Personally, I like Homer and his head, and would have been willing to go with the new style... if only it was a bit more compact/sleek/flat, rather than bulky and cheap-looking. Apparently the next 4 seasons will come with similar giant head-shaped packaging.