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August 21st, 2005, 09:38 AM
The Show Opens With Lilian Garcia In The Ring She Welcomes Us To Summerslam And Introduces Chris Benoit And Orlando Jordan Which Means The Us Championship Match Is The Opener Benoit Hits The Ring First Then Orlando Then Just As Thay Start To Lock Up Lilian Garcia Introduces Christan And Booker T As Well Just As Booker Is Coming Down The Ramp Orlando Is Distracted And Benoit Chucks Him Out Of The Ring As The Bell Rings.
Booker And Christian Are Exchanging Punches In The Ring And Orland And Benoit Are Outside The Ring Benoit Hits Orlando With A Series Of Chops And Throws Him Into The Ring Just As Benoit As Going To Climb In The Ring Booker Baseball Slides Him. Booker Turns Around And Christian Hits Him With A Right Hand And Then Gives Him A Ddt Cover 1....2...no Orlando Breaks It Up.orlando Stomps A Mudhole In Christian And Benoit Comes Back In And Gives Him A German Suplex Orlando Rolls Out Of The Ring And Benoit And Booker Give Christian A Double Suplex And Benoit Hits Booker With A Snap Suplex He Goes Over To Christian And Gives Him A Chop Then An Irish Whip Into The Ropes And Benoit Gives Him A Back Body Drop.
Orlando Comes Back In And Gives An Uppercut To Booker And Goes To Give Him A Right Hand But Booker Ducks It And Throws Him Back Out Of The Ring!!booker Goes On The Top Rope And Gives Orlando A Cross Body To The Outside Christian Gives Benoit A Scoopslam And Then Gives A Flying Croos Body To The Outside Onto Booker And Orlando Then Just As The 3 Of Them Get To Their Feet Benoit Dives Through The Ropes And Hits A Tope.all 4 Are Down And Booker And Benoit Start To Work As A Team First Throwing Orland Into The Steps And Then Christian With A Conchairto.(the Thing Edge And Christian Used To Do)orlando Sneaks Back In And Gives Benoit A Low-blow And Gives Him A Neckbreaker Then Booker Hits The Bookend On Orlando!!!!!!1.........2.......no Christian Breaks It Up!!!what A Match Booker Tries To Give Christian The Bookend But Christain Counters Into A Leg Sweep Orlando Comes Back And Rolls Up Booker Buts Get A 2 Count Soon Booker Chucks Orlando Out Of The Ring And Benoit Comes Back In Te Other Side Of The Ring And Gives Booker 3 Germans He Goes To The Top Rope But Christian Pushes Him Off To The Outside And Benoit Fell Onto Orlando.
The Finish-
Booker Then Hits Christian With A Back-breaker And Sets Up For The Scissors Kick But Orlando Grabs His Foot From The Outside Benoit Gives Orlando A Neckbreaker On The Outside And Christian Gives Booker A Roll-up In The Ring 1......2............3!!!!!!!!! Christian Wins The Us Championship!!!!!!!orlando Looks Really Angry As Does Booker And Benoit, But Christian Just Celebrates And The Fans Are Going Nuts And Started A Christian Rulez Chant.
What A Match!

Jbl Is Walking Backstage And He Bumps Into Orlando Who Just Came Through The Curtain Orlando Asks Him Why He Wasnt There For Him But Jbl Walked Away And Orlando Is Looking Pissed Off.

Eugenes Music Then Hits The Arena And He Walks Down To The Ring And Does His Usual Comedy Routine And Steps Into The Ring With Christy Hemmne.kurt Angles Music Then Hits The Arena And He Doesnt Show Up Eugene Is Wondering Where He Is And Kurt Angle Sneaked Through The Crowd And Sneaks Up Behind Eugene And Beats The Hell Out Of Him And The Bell Rings And The Match Begins
Kurt Is Punching The Hell Out Of Eugene And Grabs The Gold Medals And Starts Choking Eugene With Them And Then Gives Eugene A Sick Belly To Belly Overhead And Then Starts Taunting Christy With The Little Dance She Does Eugene Then Gives Kurt A Dropkick Out Of The Ring And Gives Him A Spring Board Cross Body And The Ref Starts Counting To 10 Both Men Get In The Ring And Kurt Takes Control With A Thumb To The Eye And Then A Waistlock Takedown And Puts Him In A Facelock Christy Then Starts To Get The Crowd Behind Eugene And Fails But Eugene Counters With A Fisherman Suplex And Gives Kurt A Chop And Than A Tornado Ddt 1.2.no Kurt Takes Him Down With A Dropkick To The Knee And Starts To Work On Eugens Knee By Giving Him A Couple Of Stomps A Figure 4 Leg Lock And A Heel Lock.eugene Kicks Kurt In The Face With His Other Leg And Starts To Build Up Energy He Gives Kurt A Clothesline A Back Body Drop,suplex,ddt,he Then Gives Kurt A Angle Slam But Kurt Kicks Out!!eugene Starts To Get Angry And Argues With The Ref
Kurt Nips Up And Puts The Anglelock On Eugene And Grapevines The Legs And Eugene Is Forced To Tap Out!!!

After The Match Christy Comes Into The Ring With Eugene And Gives Him A Kiss But He Pushes Her Away And Cries(heel Turn)he Then Gives Her A Bigboot And A Leg Drop As Christy Is Carried Out

Interview-the Dive Search Winner (cant Remember Her Name)
She Says That She Has Found A Man Who Would Never Hurt Her And Who Would Treat Her Like A Women She Says She Met Him In The Locker Rooms And He Supported Her And Voted For Her.........john Cena!!!he Says All That Was True And Started A Rap Saying That He Would Never Hurt A Women And Insulting Y2j And Saying That He Would Beat Him Tonight.(weird I Didnt Get That At All)

Match 3 Edge Vs Matt

Matt Hardy Makes His Way Down The Ring And Then Edge And Lita Come Down And Start To Snog
The Two Have A Staredown At First And Matt Jumps On Him And Beats The Hell Out Of Him For At Least A Minute Edge Goes Outside And Lita Tells Him To Calm Down But Matt Gives A Crossbody Onto Both Of Them He Throws Edge Into The Steps And Rolls Into The Ring With Him He Gives An Irish Whip And A Backbody Drop Lita Gets Up On The Apron And Tries To Distract Matt But Fails Edge Gives Matt A Droptoe Hold And Kick Him In The Gut He Pulls His Hair And Pounds Him And Matt Comes Back Up And They Brawl Into The Corner Where Matt Hits A Tornado Ddt And Pins Him For 2.
Edge Chucks Matt To The Outside And Bangs His Face Into The Post And Matt Gets Busted Open!!edge Takes Control And When They Come Back In The Ring He Puts Him In A Chinlock The Crowd Get Behind Matt And Matt Give An Elbow To The Gut And Hits The Side-effect 1...2..no!matt Looks At The Ref And Edge Hits Him In The Back And Gives Him The Edgecution Edge Then Throws Him Into The Corner And Spears Him In The Corner 3 Times Edge Hits A Bulldog And Gives Matt The Sleeper Matt Fights Back And There Is Blood Everywhere!!he Hits A Right Hand And Then A Left But Edge Knees Him In The Gut And Gives Him A Backbreaker He Goes To The Top And Jumps But Matt Dropkicks His Gut And Both Men Are Down. Matt Gets Up First And Blocks Edges Right Hand, Matt Is On Fire And Hits A Neckbreaker And Then A Legdrop To The Back Of The Head 1..2...no!
Lita Starts To Panic And Matt Tries To Hit A Clothesline On Edge But Misses And Hits The Ref Lita Smiles And Gets The Briefcase But Jeff Hardy Runs Down And Gives Her A Twist Of Fate!!!!!!!!!!!!!he Hits Edge With The Briefcase And Wakes The Ref Up Matt Covers 1...2....3!!!!!!!!!!! Matt Wins And Jeff Returns!!!!!!!!!the Crowd Are Going Nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When Jeff And Matt Are Backstage Matt Goes To The Traiiners Room And Jeff Says To The Camera The Hardys Are Back!!

Match 4 Wm21 Rematch Undertaker Vs Randy Orton

Undertaker Comes Out First And Then Orton

The 2 Lock Up And Undertaker Takes The Advantage He Gives Orton A Right And Then A Left But Orton Ducks And Hits A Dropkick Into The Corner And Poses
Taker Gets Back To His Feet And Goes Over To Orton And Hits A Clothesline Over The Top Rope And Chases Him Around The Ring Orton Goes Abck In And Attacks Taker As He Is Coming Back In He Hits A Couple Of Blows To The Back And A Dropkick To The Nose He Goes For Another Dropkick But Undertaker Catches His Foot And Sweeps Him And Gives Him A Slingshot Onto The Turnbuckle And Gives Him A School Boy 1..2..no Orton Gets Up First And Gives An Uppercut And Then A Few Chops He Hita A Backbody Drop And A Scoopslam He Puts Taker In A Chinlock For Minutes And Tsker Fights Back With A Kick To The Gut And Runs Off The Ropes But Orton Gives Him Another Scoopslam And Puts Him In A Sleeper.taker Fights Back And Gives Him A Running Ddt A Tiltawhirl Slam And A Leg Drop Off The Apron But Orton Kept Kicking Out!he Gave Orton A Chokeslam A Last Ride And Even A Tombstone And He Kept Kicking Out!orton Hit A Legsweep And Just As He Was Going To Cover Him Taker Put Him In A Dragon Sleeper And Orton Passed Out.

Eddie Came Down To The Ring With A Smile On His Face And Then Mysterio Came And Gave A Louthess Press To Eddie And The Bell Rings
Dominic Came Down To Ringside And Sat On A Chair Near The Barrier
Rey Looked At Dominic And Said Its Ok You Are Coming Home
Eddie Came Up Behind Rey And Gave A Tiltawhirl Backbreaker And Brought A Ladder Into The Ring And Set It Into The Corner Rey Dropkicked Eddie Into The Ladder And Eddie Ate Some Ladder!rey Then Gave A 619 Through One Of The Rums And Got Eddie In The Face He Then Dropped The Dime From The Top Of A Ladder And Set It Up He Was A Finger-tip Away From The Papers When Eddie Came And Gave Him An Electric Chair From The Middle Of The Ladder!both Men Were Down And Eddie Gave Rey 3 Suplexes Onto The Ladder And Missed The Frogsplash Rey Went To The Top Rope And Hit A Hurricinrana And Gave Eddie A Tornado Ddt And A Neckbreaker Onto The Ladder Eddie Then Gave Rey A Slam And A Sidewalk Slam He Put Rey Into A Modified Choke And Climbed The Ladder But Rey Woke Up And Tipped The Ladder And Eddie Fell All The Way To The Outside And Landed In Front Of Dominic Rey Started To Climb The Ladder But Dominic Ran In And Hit Rey With A Chair!! Eddie Ran Down And Eddie And Dominic Smiled At Eachother And Eddie Climbed The Ladder And Got The Papers!

Match 6 Wwe Championship Batista Vs Jbl

Batista Won After Orlando Turned On Jbl And Batista Hit Jbl With A Batista Bomb

Aftermath-jbl And Orlando Were Arguing In The Ring Until Batista Gave Both Of Them POWERBombs

Match 7john Cena Vs Chris Jericho

Cena Won After Chris Went For A Lionsault But Cena Moved And Chris Turned Around Into An Fu

Dream Match

HBK Won After Sweetchinmusic

Evil Agent
August 23rd, 2005, 02:16 PM
Well, I'm responding to your other thread, where you asked why no one has replied. Here's my guesses:

1. Maybe no one here is very interested in wrestling? It is, after all, primarily a Fantasy and Sci-Fi forum.

2. Maybe no one wants Summerslam spoiled... It looks to me like you've transcribed the entire thing. I don't think I'd want to read that, even if I liked wrestling.

3. The post is very very long, and somewhat confusing. I don't really understand what kind of reply you want... :confused:

Anyway, I'm just trying to help. :)

August 23rd, 2005, 04:36 PM
I have to agree with Evil Agent... while this is a more general forum with regards to TV and Film I don't think WWF fits in here.

You did put a whole lot of effort into that post though! I sure any wrestling fans would have enjoyed it.

August 25th, 2005, 03:45 PM
Meh, it was a pretty average PPV imo

Cena should have lost the title though considering how poor a worker he is in the ring. (Although It was never going to happen due to what was gooing on with Jericho's contract).

The ECW PPV has still been the best one of the year