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August 21st, 2005, 06:12 PM
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Melinda and Nathan Jonhanson were spelunkers, that is to say they were cave explorers. Even when they were on vacation, you could find them probing deep into a cavern to find unknown secrets. This particular summer day they were in a cave not far from their vacation home, located in the North East section of the United States. They were doing research on an unusual rock formation that led them a good ways underground. It seemed to be bottomless. It was not just for curiosity, they were both geologists and it was their job to look for anything irregular.
“We better go back now, according to my readings the air is starting to thin out.” Nathan suggested.
“Ok, I guess we better. Melinda answered. Kalinda and Andrew will be coming soon anyway.”
No sooner did she get the words out of her mouth than there was a brilliant flash of multi-colored light and the wind inside the cave picked up to hurricane force. The two helpless adventurers could not even call for help, as in that instant they were swept into a swirling vortex.

Later that day Andrew and his sister Kalinda arrived at the house to visit their Aunt and Uncle for the summer, only to find them not at home.
“What does the note say that they left?” Andrew said noticing the piece of paper Kalinda was reading.
“It says. Kalinda answered. That if they are not here when we get here we are supposed to go down to King Solomon’s National Park. They will meet us at the entrance if they have their work done. They are exploring again!”

“I have never seen two people who enjoy snooping around in caves so much” Andrew said with a laugh.”
“I know, that is why I don’t think we should wait. You know they have their noses buried down in that cave. Let’s go, Drew. It is not too far from here.” Kalinda said pointing in the direction of the entrance to the cavern.
As they reached the area of the caverns they saw their Aunt and Uncle’s landcruser parked in the lot, but still no Nathan or Melinda.
“Well which one do you think they went in? Wait a minute, what is that.” Andrew said as he motioned his sister to look down into the far caves passageway.
Deep down in the cave, there was a light that was shining. The two hurried and went into the cave to investigate.

At another place, and another time.

The planet was called Trigon; it had a dessert like environment because of constant exposure to the twin suns. The inhabitants of the planet survived by growing what they needed underground where it was cooler. They got small amounts of water from a spring that was located on the southern equator of their world. The trip just to get water was long and harsh. The surface was barren of any life; it was an arid and desolate land. The kinsmen of the planet lived in cave like dwellings that were connected to underground storage rooms where they kept their food and supply of water. Out to the north there were a great many other cavities in the sun bleached rock, but they were used only for the test of survival and courage for all males coming of age.

A young man named Kali Theil sat down at the bottom of the large dune he had just crossed, this was only the first part of the survival test and he was doing well. He wiped the perspiration off his face and the crimson dust of the planet off his pants and boots. He looked around checking his progress, and then shielding his eyes he looked up at the fiery orb that beat down on him.
“Helios, why do you torture me so?” He asked in vain. It was bad enough to have twin suns, but this one was the worst of the two. The glowing sphere above made it almost impossible to tell if he was going in the right direction. He was not yet used to the dessert sun of Trigon, though it had always been his home.
Kali scooped up a hand full of sand and let it sift through his fingers.
“I except the challenge of the Elders of Trigon! I do this for the honor of all that dwell here! He said as he got up. I am worthy of this task.” He had wasted enough time, armed with only a hand blade and old cloth covered urn of water the young man set off on his journey again. After a long walk across the hot sand he finally got to the confrontau, the place of decision. Kali bravely walked up and stood in front of the dais. There were three triangle shaped stones that indicated the direction to be taken. It was the selected ones choice. He entered the center opening that would lead him into the abyss. He was in total darkness now. Kali ventured forward into the blackness, all at once he lost his footing. Now he was falling downward, he could not even yell. The speed of his fall took away his breath. Then he landed abruptly on something sticky, like a web or net made from unripe hemp. He took out his blade and cut one side of the vine like net to get free. The hemp like net began to unravel and slowly lowered him to the ground. Once at the bottom of the shaft he let go the sticky vine and it recoiled back up. It was dark except for a dim light that got brighter as he moved closer to it.
“Well. Kali said aloud. The Elders of Trigon have said to “follow the light, for with the light come knowledge.” Maybe the light is showing the way out.” He hoped. As the young explorer headed toward the light a tremendous wind came up from out of nowhere. The storm picked him up and pulled him into a multicolored maelstrom.

Back at King Solomon National Park, Andrew and Kalinda were still looking for their Aunt and Uncle. They tried to follow the strange light, thinking it might be their torchlights. They both called out to them, but there was no response.
Then suddenly and without any warning a strange wind came up; blowing with the intensity of a storm it forced them both to the cave walls.
“Kal! Hold on to the sides of the cave!” Andrew yelled against the high wind.
Just then something hit them, knocking them to the ground as the wind suddenly dissipated as quickly as it came.
“Drew, is it one of them?” Kalinda asked.
“No, I don’t think so. Whoever it is they are out cold. Come on; let’s get out of here and back to Uncle’s house.
Once out of the cave they could see it was a strangely dressed young man. They bundled him into the Land Cruiser and took him to the house. On the way back they wondered if they would ever see their Aunt and Uncle again. For now least they thought they have a new friend that needed their help.

December 17th, 2005, 05:09 PM
"dust mites and desert blizzards, where the hell am i? i'm never going to do that again, thats for sure." kali woke up, expletives flying, from his extended stay in unconciousness to find he was lying on a very soft felt of somekind and yet he was moving at high speeds, he could tell that for sure. he looked up to find himself inside what appeared to be a, a moving cave with smooth walls and clear sides. a young woman was sat next to his head looking at him witha confused expression on her face, she gently lifted her hand and slowly placed a finger on kali's forehead where he knew a pentagon had been stained. he flinched slighly. slowly he sat himself up to look at the woman face to face. he took a breath and asked "where am i? who are you? where are you taking me?" he stopped when she put a finger to her lips. he waited for her to answer.

kalandra turned to drew, who was driving at speed to get back to the villa. "he doesn't speak english. he doesnt speak any language i've ever heard!"