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February 18th, 2002, 06:12 PM
i thought we might make another story so here goes make it what you will.

Gwen ran her hand over the soft velveteen fur of her mount, her eyes scanning the dense forest around her.
“Ok move out.” She yelled to her small group as she lunged into the saddle kicking the nalgar into a brisk walk. Jock road up beside her.
“Where are we heading?” He asked.
“Sald.” Came the stiff reply.
“Why Sald?”
“The emperor’s armies lay thickest to the west so if we head east to Sald we can skirt around the worst of them and hopefully not get caught.”
“I see then we shall.”
“Then we shall use our tactical advantage to eliminate the small army residing in the Crang bypass.”
“Is that wise although small that army is quite formidable.”
“Formidable they may be but we have the advantage of the bypass we can surround them from all angles.”
“I hope your right we’ve got to many men down.”
By the time they reached a good campsite the sun was low in the sky and the first of the moons making its way into the twilight sky. Jock was discussing battle tactics with Solon when Vesba came back with an imperial scout held tight in her grasp. “What have we here?” Gwen said clutching the hilt of her sword.
“The emperor will do away with your pesky rebellion.” The scout yelled.
“I’d like to see him try.”
“Your forces are spread too widely he will crush you like miniscule bugs.”
“Shall I kill him?” Vesba asked.
“No strip him and send him on his way the forces of nature shall decide his fate.” Gwen said looking to the snow heavy clouds darkening over head. “Tarl, Milla go ahead to Sald and report back to me this time tomorrow I want to know the exact layout of the happenings in the citadel.”
“We’re on it.” Milla said leaping into the saddle.
“Clay prepare a fire and get the meal cooking, Jock bring the map and some candles and you…” she turned to the group of about 20 men. “Decide who is going to take first watch, then the rest of you set up camp.” Gwen walked over to Jock and helped him roll out the map; they used rocks to hold it down over a flat stump. “Ok we are here…” She placed a pebble on the location of their camp. “To the east lays Sald…” Gwen marked Sald with another pebble. “To the west, the emperor and his elite army, but here in the Crang bypass is one of the emperor’s lesser armies lead by one of his elite generals, General Samson I am lead to believe.” Gwen placed her last pebble on the bypass.
“Why waste an elite general on that miniscule army.” Jock asked.
“The emperor’s skill in the field of battle tactics may appear unjustified but I sure he has something on his mind.” A commotion caught their attention. Gwen and Jock walked to where the disturbance was taking place. “What’s going on here.” She yelled. At the sound of her voice the whole camp became silent...

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February 18th, 2002, 09:38 PM

February 19th, 2002, 11:03 AM
some joker yelled from the fireside.

February 19th, 2002, 07:15 PM
sorry about that i wrote it in word then pasted it and it didn't work properly

February 19th, 2002, 09:38 PM