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Monty Mike
September 26th, 2005, 10:45 AM
Today during lunch time I went round to my American friend's house where he showed me the Shadow of the Colossus demo - wow!

From what was available in the demo this game is looking to be one of the most influencial titles since Zelda and Final Fantasy - in fact I'd say it's a perfect mix of both.

What I love about the game is that you can very literally travel anywhere, and the map insanely big. It feels strangely like a life simulation - the graphics/physics are incredible and the freedome factor is unique - no other game I've encountered pulls it off so well with amazingly life-like surroundings while maintaining such a vivid fantasy setting. For anyone who's played Ico they'll know the detail and style I'm refering to (only I believe in this game it's better).

For those who don't know your on an enormous Island inhabited by 16 gigantic colossi (plural?), one girl, your horse and yourself. It's like your roaming america before it was discovered. Everything in it feels so natural and you aren't barred by those annoying computer/invisible walls which leave you asking "Why can't I go up those mountains!" or "Why can't I jump off this cliff?". The only place you can't go in this Island is off it.

The demo allows you the oppurtunity to fight the first colossus - an experience in itself. You have to make do with your bow + arrows and sword, and due to the fact that it's around 100 metres tall you have to take advantage of being so small and climb up it's legs, back and onto its head in order to really do some damage. Again let me stress the graphics and physics in this game - they're like nothing else I've ever seen!

If anyone else is fortunate enough to play the demo between now and the game's official US release in October then be sure to share your thoughts. I'm can see this quickly becoming my favourite game of all time. We're being treated to something very special indeed - it really is the midpoint between this generation os consoles and the next.

September 26th, 2005, 10:55 AM
I'm super jealous and I don't trust myself to say anymore :( .