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March 10th, 2002, 09:03 PM
In Australia, there are no TAFE courses in Writing (TAFE is like college).

I'm not sure about University and don't want to study for three years particuarly doing Communications like Feist did. There must be some course in writing somewhere. I'm in Perth, Western Australia. I think i'm a capable enough writer, but a course would be helpful for all budding writers.

March 11th, 2002, 02:46 AM
There used to be a free online course at Barnes & Noble.

http://r1.us.rmi.yaho o.com/rmi/http://www.barnesandnobleuniversity.com/BaseServlet/containHome2;jsessionid=aaaeVrEPhtemBO/rmivars%3ftarget=_top?pid=50102 (http://r1.us.rmi.yahoo.com/rmi/http://www.barnesandnobleuniversity.com/BaseServlet/containHome2;jsessionid=aaaeVrEPhtemBO/rmivars%3ftarget=_top?pid=50102)

There should be one on writing there. Give it a try. Otherwise, get a book called "Writing Down the Bones" and do every excercise on it. Have friends (or people on this site) post critiques, then do re-writes on each excercise. That's basically what you'd do in most college courses anyway.

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