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October 6th, 2005, 04:35 AM
I don't know if this is an appropriate place for this but I'll give it a shot...
As character/enviroment/concept artists we often create designs that may perhaps be visually appealing, exist nowhere, in no world, with no real substance surrounding them.

I thought it might be intersting and inspirational to collaborate in a creative exercise that could benefit both us artists, and you writers. If any of you writers have any characters or worlds that you would want to see generated beyond the literary form and rendered visually please respond with a vague or detailed description of your vision, and feel free to include the context story or setting in which they exist if it would benefit. Hopefully this will catch on and we can get some good stuff going.

Here are a few quick character designs that I've done. Click the tumbnails for larger image
http://img121.imagevenue.com/loc13/th_42d_0.JPG (http://img121.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc13&image=42d_0.JPG) http://img17.imagevenue.com/loc44/th_efb_1.JPG (http://img17.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc44&image=efb_1.JPG) http://img121.imagevenue.com/loc12/th_3b9_2.JPG (http://img121.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc12&image=3b9_2.JPG) http://img15.imagevenue.com/loc169/th_325_3.JPG (http://img15.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc169&image=325_3.JPG)
http://img108.imagevenue.com/loc66/th_a13_4.JPG (http://img108.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc66&image=a13_4.JPG) http://img101.imagevenue.com/loc107/th_e85_5.JPG (http://img101.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc107&image=e85_5.JPG)

October 6th, 2005, 05:59 AM
Hi IILooney.

I like this idea but unfortunately i cna only see two of your thumbnails and i clicked the rest and they didn't work. :confused:

I hav a few questions though:

Are you looking for any particular genre? character style? etc
Do you hav a Deviant Art account?

I'm interested.

~ Tari

October 6th, 2005, 06:37 AM
This place is a science fiction/fantasy forum, and I consider these genres to offer the most creative potential for both writers and artists, but any genre, or character/environment style is cool. Of course, the more original and interesting the characters or enviroments, the more likely a design will be better, but its always a good challenge to take a streotypical, common, or seemingling boring concept and see what can be generated.

If this catches on I'm sure I can get a good flow of artists through here to collaborate with the vast amount of writers already here.

Lastly: Yes I have a Deviantart account, but most of the stuff is in the scraps section (what I consider my sketchbook page), and is a little outdated, but here it is Guerilla Warfare (http://guerillawarfare.deviantart.com)

October 6th, 2005, 06:51 AM
Thanx for the link :)

I write mainly fantasdy but my latest piece has been horror so if you get anything from me it is most likely to be that. if you're interested i can send you a piece on a character of mine my friend and i have writing a duologue on her and her sister.

Her name is Risika Sa Diablo.
she's the youngest daughter of Saeton
Assassin/Courasen spy by trade.
has a pet known as Daemon. (Daemon is a demon. also known as "The Sadist" but she enjoys his comforts.)
She has no heart and only really cares for her sister though she wont admit it.
i imagined her slim build. she has either red or black eyes. (and yes i mean they are entirely black not just the pupils) her hair is long, black with coloured streaks or tips with a slight wave. but other than the eyes and hair i don't see much.

anyway if your interested i'll be interested in seeing wat you come up with.

~ Tari

P.S. i nearly forgot she is very skilled at arms (her rank is third. her sister adn father exceed her. she is ranked emerald.) adn ehr fav weapon of choice are two daggers and a whip

October 6th, 2005, 07:13 AM
Perfect, exactly the process I envisioned. I'll say about a week to get a final concept, but I'll post upates of my progress, and maybe get some feedback from you as I go along. You can email or pm me with any other relevent information, but this is sufficient enough for me come up with something. Awsome! :D This is getting exciting.

October 6th, 2005, 07:23 AM
Lol. Am looking forward to seeing the progress. :) :cool:

~ Tari

October 6th, 2005, 07:46 AM
Might I ask if you do other art work besides the "hard bodies, soft curves" type ;)

My characters don't fit into the leather thong very well ;)

October 6th, 2005, 09:18 AM
Might I ask if you do other art work besides the "hard bodies, soft curves" type ;)

My characters don't fit into the leather thong very well ;)

I do any work that is necessary to get it right, just name it. Also, I don't plan on being the only artist participating, more will come to contribute their talents.

October 6th, 2005, 03:03 PM
Well, let's see what you make of these two characters...;) They are taken from a work undergoing extreme editing!! :eek:

The first one is asexual or rather "sexless" in the fact you can't tell by looking at it what sex it is.... it is human though.

Oracle knew even through the haze of the frothing words that it had become the subject of inspection. It could, if it thought hard enough, even make a guess at what the Master Reaper saw; a figure made shapeless by its over-large, short-sleeved tunic and ragged, knee-length britches. With feet shod in rough cut wooden clogs and a pack and bed roll lashed to thin shoulders, lank, white-blonde hair hacked off at the shoulders tumbled out from under a straw hat complete with ragged ears of wheat. Features comprised of not quite human eyes, colourless, as if the visions had bleached the humanity out of them, a button nose and sensuous lips set in a lineless, sunburnt, oval frame. © SJB

Second; male....

The panes of glass in the double doors of the hotel shimmered in the late afternoon sun. As he placed his hand on the polished brass of the door handle, the glass made Pugh’s reflection twist and turn. Pugh, for a moment, studied his mirror image, seeing in that moment a stranger, a career officer dressed in a dark green jacket, with shiny brass buttons and gold rings round his cuffs, a thick polished leather belt, from which hung a sword and a small pistol, snug in its holster. Grey doeskin britches and black polished knee-high boots completed the uniform which encased the man; the man with the deep-set dark grey eyes that sought to recognise himself in the stern-faced reflection.. ©SJB

October 6th, 2005, 07:30 PM
Hmm, is all this going to basically go on in the SFFWorld forum, or are you linking up with artists somewhere else? Might have to check how Dag, the owner, wants to handle that. In the meantime, you might want to go over to author Kevin Radthorne's author forum here on SFFWorld and check out the thread on cover art, and get in touch with him. Kevin does graphic art and did the covers for his novels, and we've been fooling around a bit in this sort of vein over there.