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K.D. May
October 19th, 2005, 09:39 AM
If you have a SF or F novel you want to market, check out The Dragon Page (www.dragonpage.com (http://www.dragonpage.com)). This is a radio show which broadcasts from Phoenix AZ (but picked up all around the USA) devoted to Science Fiction and Fantasy books and movies (but mostly books). Their shows are also podcast, so you can listen any time.

They have a weekly program called Cover To Cover in which they interview two authors and finish up by speaking briefly about all the books they receive in the studio that week (mentioning title, author and what it's about). They welcome us authors to send them our books! They review some of the books they receive, and if you're a special interest person, they might invite you to be on the show. They recently interviewed Greg Keyes, Diana Gabaldon, Jane Yolen and Holly Lisle, as well as some folks who are brand new writers.