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November 30th, 2005, 07:36 AM
Sounds good; tell me what changes you'd like for Caprice, and I'll edit them in. :)

November 30th, 2005, 07:45 AM
8 turns and Evita lasted until the 5th? Wooo! ^_^

December 2nd, 2005, 01:37 AM
Sounds good; tell me what changes you'd like for Caprice, and I'll edit them in. :)

I suggest changing his physical attack number to 3, enough to keep him alive, but not enough for any real attack. Allow him to attack a specific opponent, then make who that one attacks a function of the numbers on the dice. I'm not sure how to word that, maybe number the opponents (1-5), and take the lowest number of the two die, unless it's that cards number.

And I would reconsider how much of his actions you tie to to the dice, I suspect editing out the two parts "if the dices' sum is odd" and "if the dices sum is even" --If you really like it keep it in, it's just there is so much to keep track of for one card.

I'm still working on the update for the rules, soon I hope. (I'm trying to limit myself to doing only eighteen things at once, but you know what it's like this time of year. :rolleyes: )

In the mean time, I finished two more cards I think I have about ten more to work on:


V ..A ..D
P ..7 ..8
E ..15 ..8
M ..7 ..8

Name: Lazer
Sex: M Age: 21
Physical appearance: Tall and blonde. He likes to wear red.
Power: He can shoot laser like beams from his fingertips. Lazer is actually Joltís younger brother who ran away from home when they were both young.
Attack options; Energy attack only.
If attacked; The damage caused by an energy attack will recharge after two turns.
Weakness: Heís single minded to a fault. If he attacks one opponent, he has to sit out one turn before he can attack a different opponent.
When the dice are rolled: If the dice show eight and he is attacking on this turn, he can attack a second opponent.


H ..A ..D
P ..5 ..8
E ..7 ..10
M ..8 ..8

Name: Switch
Sex: F Age: 17
Physical appearance: Brown hair, grey eyes and full of angst.
Power: She can teleport only by changing places with another person. She can only switch with someone if she can see them, or knows where they are. According to her, it's not an ability, it's an old cliche'.
Attack options; Cannot make a direct attack, but can change places with any other card on the table, if she changes with a card on her side, if she is being attacked, the other card is the one which gets hit, if the other card is being attacked, she gets it. If she changes with an opponent, it is taken to her side for two turns, and cannot attack even if it had been attacking in this turn. If she was being attacked in this turn, the opponent loses the points from the attack. She can also Switch with the top card in the reserve deck, if she is returned to play, her numbers are restored to their original levels.
If attacked; she would attempt to switch away from the attack.
Weakness: Not a fighter, and tends to be scared.
When the dice are rolled: If the number is even, and Switch is being attacked, she gets to switch with another card.

What do you think?


December 2nd, 2005, 01:46 AM
Switch sounds interesting. You've got some good characters.

I'm still playing around with the idea of the player building a deck with powers and equipment that they can fight with.

December 2nd, 2005, 01:54 AM
I'm still playing around with the idea of the player building a deck with powers and equipment that they can fight with.

What do you have in mind? Show me some examples.


December 2nd, 2005, 02:28 AM

Black Knight
Bodytype: Normal. P7 E3
Social: Agent of Justice - Skills: Criminology, Forensics

Action Deck:
Superior Body Armor P A2 D10/ E A2 D10
Superior Helmet P A2 D7
ElectroSword P A7 D5/ E A7 D4
ElectroGauntlets P A7 D4/ E A7 D5
ForceSheild P A4 D7/ E A3 D4
Knockout Gernades P A7 D2
Superior Armored Motorcycle P A5 D5/ E A3 D3 MV9

Zone Cards:
Oil Slick: Mv-3
Open Manhole: Mv hazard for non-flight char.

December 2nd, 2005, 02:49 AM
Bodytype: Mutant P6 E4
Social: Brotherhood of Mutants - Skills: Disguise, Evasion

Action Deck:
Shapechange: Human P A5 D5/ E A2 D2
Stretch Costume: P A2 D2/ E A2 D5
Hammer Fist: P A5 D5
Reflect Attack: P A2 D8/ E A2 D2
Foot Stomp: P A6 D4
Cannonball: P A5 D5
Flight (wing): P A4 D4/ E A2 D2 Mv6
Limb Stretch: P A5 D3/ E A2 D2 Mv3

December 2nd, 2005, 09:20 AM
Okay, Caprice V1.1 ;) (How does that sound?)


P 3 / 24
E 4 / 8
M 18 / 18

Name: Caprice

Sex: male Age: 17

Physical appearance: ~1.75 m, slim, blond wavey hair, bably-blue eyes.

Power: Caprice is a mental Vortex. His presence confuses people and has them do things. When he's gone they wonder what the **** they've been up to.

Attack options:
* Caprice cannot make physical attacks.
* Whenever Caprice performs a mental attack on an oppenent, if that opponents MD is lower than Caprice's MA, Caprice can choose to have this character attack a random ally instead of dealing out the damage. (To choose a random ally, number the allies from 1 up to 5. Roll one die. If a 6 is rolled, Caprice can choose the ally to be attacked. If you roll a number higher than the number of remaining allies [and not 6], the attacking opponent can choose.)

If attacked:
* Caprice is so annoying that all opponents attacking him will chase him in a blind rage, until he's utterly exhausted. (Must deplete physical defense before attacking either energy, or mental).

Weakness: Refuses to fight physically; little stamina; Mentally unstable

When the dice are rolled:
If the sum is exactly 2, Caprice throws a tantrum, reducing the mental defense of all allies is reduced by 5.
If the sum is exactly 12, Caprice takes the day off. He can't attack nor be attacked. When he returns, he's rested (all values reset to default level.)
If the sum is exactly 7, add 1 to his MA & MD, then switch them around.

December 4th, 2005, 01:04 AM
DS-Looks good, less complicated but still a few twists and turns possible.

Ex-Looks interesting, intriguing characters. How does this fit with what we've got so far? It looks like a bit of a change of direction therefore I would tend to want to explore the concept further before I jump into it. The additions look like a good way to make things interesting, but how does one access these additions? What if the wrong character picks an enhancement card not belonging to it?

Also, I have made a few minute changes to the rules. I edited the original post, but for the sake of those who would prefer not to switch back and forth between pages:

The players are either super heros or super villains. They are locked in mortal combat over the fate of the planet, or universe, and are defined by the following grid:

Hero/Villain/Civilian ...Attack level ...Defense level
Physical ability ........0 to 24 .........0 to 24
Energy ability ..........0 to 24 .........0 to 24
Mental ability ..........0 to 24 .........0 to 24

For the ability levels, 5 would represent a normal human, therefore the grid for an average person would be:

P 5 5
E 5 5
M 5 5

Physical ability is strength in the Attack level, resilience in the Defense level. Energy in whatever form. Mental ability can be anything from a low level; being able to outsmart your opponents, to a high level; taking mental control of a personís mind.

There are two decks of cards, one for heroes and one for villains. The players on each side draw 8 cards from their deck. (Alternate, mix the decks together.) Five cards are chosen for the playing field, three are put face down in a reserve pile. The positions are numbered 1 though 5 ( positions 6, 7 and 8 are possible).
The turn begins with both players choosing two cards to attack, by pushing that card out from the rest. They chose the type of attack, Physical, Energy, or Mental and the target, to be revealed at the end of the turn. Unless otherwise noted on the card, an opponent who attacks with a 5 in Physical, for example, will delete 5 points in Physical Defense(PD), if there are not 5 points in PD, the rest of the points are taken from PA (Physical Attack). If the points in two Attack Abilities for a particular card reach 0, that card is captured by the opponent, which is to say, it put in the captured pile on the opponents side.
The points for each card are refigured after two dice are rolled and the instructions on the cards for when the dice are rolled are executed. This is the end of the turn. T he grids for all active players are tabulated and written down. If any cards have been captured, they much be turned over to the opponent. When a card is captured, if there is at least one card in the reserve pile, the top card is put into play.
There are specific rules for each card which may or may not follow the above rules.
When an attack or defense level is reduced by half, round up to the nearest whole number.
For those cards with a choice of general or specific attack. A general attack effects all of the opponents, a specific attack is aimed at one opponent.

Comments are always welcome,


December 4th, 2005, 03:04 AM
Each character card comes with a basic action deck of powers/gadgets that character would have. Expansion packs of cards have new powers/gadgets that the players can replace some or all the basic action deck with. To keep the game from getting lopsided, each card has a price. The better the card, the more expensive it is. Each player is only allowed $3.00's worth.

Like in the examples I gave for the Black Knight and my shapeshifter - both might have Hammer Fist as one of their powers/abilities. Or Rubberman tries hammer fist on black knight, and BK counters with his right electrogauntlet. On a successful attack, BK might lose that gauntlet. (Discarded to the discard pile) BK might do some basic attacks but he can't use his right electrogauntlet anymore.

Advanced Play replaces the character card with a mode deck that adds enhancements to play. Players will have to come up with their own concept ideas and do a write up.