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November 21st, 2005, 01:10 AM
And now for something a little different.

I have an extended outline of a superhero story, which I've pretty much given up on, not much to the story. And the other day I was looking at one of my kids cards (pokemon, among others), and started thinking ... hmmm.

I propose we collaborate in writing a game. I have a framework of the rules, which are open to discussion and revision (especially I haven't yet actually 'Played" a game, I don't know if this works yet), and am in the process of transferring my characters from the story onto cards, which takes a bit of creative thinking. I'm asking for additional characters with which to populate this game as well. I seem to be short on villians, but any input would be helpful.

And if you feel like it, you can add a short segment of a story showing how your character might act in a fight. (I only add that because I have a really excellent scene with some of my characters.)

If you're still reading, here are the rules:

The players are either super heros or super villains. They are locked in mortal combat over the fate of the planet, or universe, and are defined by the following grid:

Hero/Villain/Civilian Attack level Defense level
Physical ability 0 to 24 0 to 24
Energy ability 0 to 24 0 to 24
Mental ability 0 to 24 0 to 24

For the ability levels, 5 would represent a normal human, therefore the grid for an average person would be:

P 5 5
E 5 5
M 5 5

Physical ability is strength in the Attack level, resilience in the Defense level. Energy in whatever form. Mental ability can be anything from a low level; being able to outsmart your opponents, to a high level; taking mental control of a person’s mind.

There are two decks of cards, one for heroes and one for villains. The players on each side draw 8 cards from their deck. (Alternate, mix the decks together.) Five cards are chosen for the playing field, three are put face down in a reserve pile. The positions are numbered 1 though 5 ( positions 6, 7 and 8 are possible).
The turn begins with both players choosing two cards to attack, by pushing that card out from the rest. They chose the type of attack, Physical, Energy, or Mental and the target, to be revealed at the end of the turn. Unless otherwise noted on the card, an opponent who attacks with a 5 in Physical, for example, will delete 5 points in Physical Defense(PD), if there are not 5 points in PD, the rest of the points are taken from PA (Physical Attack). If the points in two Attack Abilities for a particular card reach 0, that card is captured by the opponent, which is to say, it put in the captured pile on the opponents side.
The points for each card are refigured after two dice are rolled and the instructions on the cards for when the dice are rolled are executed. This is the end of the turn. T he grids for all active players are tabulated and written down. If any cards have been captured, they much be turned over to the opponent.
There are specific rules for each card which may or may not follow the above rules.
When an attack or defense level is reduced by half, round up to the nearest whole number.
For those cards with a choice of general or specific attack. A general attack effects all of the opponents, a specific attack is aimed at one opponent.

For example, the card for Santa Clause:
P 5 10
E 10 15
M 10 20

Name: Santa Clause
Sex: M Age: Indeterminate.
Physical appearance: He is a right jolly old elf. Wears red, and flies in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer.
Power: Magic, and the power of the spirit of Christmas. Can cause objects to appear, snow to fall, and can move through openings too small for any normal human. He can warp time, moving from place to place faster than possible, and can ingest large amounts of food without harm.
Attack options; Apparently always non-lethal. General attack: Christmas Snow, lowers all opponents attack levels by 2, Santa can only do this once in a game. Specific attack; the exact right gift, lowers defense levels, and the opponent cannot attack for the next turn.
If attacked; He can get away millions of different ways, and can get help from the most unexpected places.
Weakness: Cookies and milk.
When the dice are rolled: If the dice show a multiple of 6, he goes up the chimney, and the other cards on his side get a 3 point increase in all of their defense levels.

Here is a template for the cards:
Note, if you see any room for improvement, please suggest...


? A D
P 5 5
E 5 5
M 5 5

Sex: Age:
Physical appearance:
Attack options
If attacked
When the dice are rolled:


This is about it, there is no need to PM me for permission to post, just go for it.
I will be adding some of my characters to this thread as I finish them.


November 21st, 2005, 01:34 AM
Here is a start,


V ..A ..D
P ..10 ..21
E ..6 ..15
M ..8 ..8

Name: Superthief
Sex: M Age: 31
Physical appearance: Tall, dark and arrogant.
Power: He manipulates objects, having the ability to “slip away” from things and people, that is to say, nothing can hold on to him, or to have things, (jewels, money) stick to him. Conversely, he can cause people to be unable to stick to anything, lose traction, or have objects (bombs, etc) to follow and stick to someone else.
Attack options; If he is attacking an opponent who is attacking, that attack level is reduced by half.
If attacked; If he is not attacking, the effect of any attack on him is reduced by half.
Weakness: Low mental defenses.
When the dice are rolled: If the results are odd, he can call another card from the reserve pile.


H ..A ..D
P ..7 ..9
E ..5 ..7
M ..12 ..24

Name: The Living Computer
Sex: F Age: 25
Physical appearance:
Power: She can think like a very complicated computer, remember everything she sees, and is a master strategist. If she is on the playing field, every other player on her team gains 2 points in each of their attack levels.
Attack options; mental attack level is based on her ability to second guess any opponent.
If attacked; She can defend by being a step ahead of her opponent.
Weakness: She is physically normal. Also, she can’t predict every move an opponent might make.
When the dice are rolled: If the number is a 5 or a 10, one of the heroes can make an additional attack on any opponent.


H ..A ..D
P ..6 ..10
E ..5 ..10
M ..21 ..21

Name: Esp
Sex: F Age: 22
Physical appearance:
Power: She can read minds. She can communicate thoughts to other people. She can also “turn off” the ability of another. If she is on the field add 2 points to each of the other players defense levels.
Attack options; mental attack can be devastating. If the mental attack does not capture the opponent, it will not be able to attack in the next turn.
If attacked; will know the attack is coming, therefore has extra defenses.
Weakness: Physically normal, and knows exactly what the men in her life have in mind.
When the dice are rolled: If its doubles, she can call a hero from the reserve pile.


V ..A ..D
P ..10 ..10
E ..10 ..8
M ..5 ..5

Name: Ka-boom
Sex: M Age:19
Physical appearance: Short, muscular, dark hair and eyes.
Power: Can cause a kind of tremor which can cover a kilometer in every direction, and knocks everyone in that range out for ten minutes. He can direct his tremors to avoid knocking out his allies.
Attack options: General attack; all of the opponent cards lose 2 points in their Physical defense levels. None of their attacks take place this turn. He cannot launch another attack for three turns. A specific attack takes away the appropriate points, and leaves the opponent unable to attack for the next turn.
If attacked; The usual.
Weakness: Not really very smart.
When the dice are rolled: If the dice show a multiple of four, and Ka-boom is attacking, he loses control of his ability and launches a general attack which deletes two points from the Physical defense levels of every card on the field.


More later,

November 21st, 2005, 01:40 PM
Here are a few more 'cards'

H ..A ..D
P ..5 ..15
E ..8 ..24
M ..7 ..8

Name: Fury
Sex: F Age: 11
Physical appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, kind of wiry.
Power: Fury has the ability to store energy, and to change one type of energy into another. She gains 1 point in her energy levels for each turn because of her ability to absorb ambient energy. Also, if an ally “attacks” her with either physical or energy points, she absorbs those points into her attack level. When her attack levels those are equal or higher than her defend levels, then points are divided between both to keep them equal.
Attack options; Her energy attack deletes opponent energy defend levels, & transfers half of those points into her own. She can attack with either physical or energy.
If attacked; An energy or physical attack deletes defend levels as usual, then attack levels, if she is not reduced to 0, the attack is absorbed into her attack points.
Weakness: Pre-adolescence. Silence, darkness and cold.
When the dice are rolled: if there is a 1 showing, she cannot attack in the next turn, in order to recharge.

H ..A ..D
P ..9 ..20
E ..9 ..20
M ..8 ..20

Name: Jack of all Trades
Sex: M Age: Unknown, 30?
Physical appearance: Tall, nondescript, wears jeans and flannel shirts.
Power: He is an anti: his ability is to develop abilities to counter whatever is used against him.
Attack options: Red glow-Physical attack, deletes opponent defend points in either Physical or Energy, using the red glow deletes one point from all three of his Defend levels. Blue glow- Energy attack. Black glow-Mental attack, deletes opponent Energy attack points, and deletes one point from his own mental defend level.
If attacked: Delete appropriate points from the defend level and add three points to that Attack level.
Weakness: He does not get to choose what his ability uses to counter a new threat, he is sometimes dangerous to his allies.
When the dice are rolled: If it’s doubles, decrease defend points by 3 for every other hero in play.

H ..A ..D
P ..6 ..8
E ..18 ..15
M ..5 ..8

Name: Jolt
Sex: M Age: 26
Physical appearance: Brown hair and blue eyes, wears bright colors.
Power: Can generate and control electrical impulses. Using them he can fly, throw sparks and lightening, watch television and listen to private phone conversations.
Attack options; Sparks attack, level 6, the remaining energy in Energy attack reinforces his Defense level for the turn. Lightening attack, full power.
If attacked; if not attacking during the turn, he can fly away from an attack, limiting an attacks damage by half.
Weakness: Doesn’t think things through.
When the dice are rolled: If the roll is snake eyes (1-1), Jolt joins the opponents side.


H ..A ..D
P ..7 ..7
E ..7 ..7
M ..7 ..7

Name: Queen of Spades
Sex: F Age: 27 or so...
Physical appearance: Average. Dark hair, brown eyes. Dresses like an executive.
Power: She has the ability to change luck, either for herself or for others, sometimes with amazing results.
Attack options: When the dice are rolled, her opponent’s Defense points are deleted by the number on the dice, starting with Physical and moving down if all those points are deleted.
If attacked; The number on the dice is added to each of her defense points, for this turn only..
Weakness: Luck is fleeting, and difficult to predict.
When the dice are rolled: In addition to above. If the roll is a seven and she is being attacked, she can delete that number of points from her opponent, without losing any of her own.


I need to go work on some more villians....

more later,

November 21st, 2005, 04:31 PM
Here's an idea - what happens when a super hero goes bad? Is there like a reputation level?

What about resources? Or do you just want to do straight battle?

November 21st, 2005, 06:04 PM
Here's an idea - what happens when a super hero goes bad?

That's a good idea, I think. There's nothing in the character cards so far that makes them specifically heroic or villainous; what if it's in the way you play them?

November 21st, 2005, 06:31 PM
This is my first one, be gentle. I'm open to ideas and criticism.

P 20 20
E 20 20
M 7 7

Sex: N/A Age: N/A
Physical Appearance: Slim metal and plastic humanoid body.
Power: Widget was the brainchild of Sean McGregor, a young engineer paralyzed after an industrial accident he was blamed for. Somehow from his bed he managed to design and build Widget, his cybernetic android. The android makes use of holographic projections to disguise itself. Various devices built into Widget allows it to open safes and bypass security alarms. Notorious for covert break-ins, corporate espionage and tech theft.
Attack options: Arms and legs can telescope to capture individuals. Electroshock stun. Short-ranged CO2 Laser. Brute strength.
If attacked: Will try to escape at first opportunity, disguising itself as one of its pursuers or surroundings. If Widget can reach a street, it will alter itself to appear as a car and make its escape. Favorites include taxi, sports car and police.
Weaknesses: Holograms will glow noticably in low light. CO2 Laser neutralized by water. (burns holes in clothes but can't harm healthy skin cells.)
When the dice are rolled: If the dice roll multiples of 1, Widget will disguise itself as a celebrity then use electroshock to stun disbelieving pursuers.

This is one that can go different ways. It's creator, Sean McGregor, was set up as the fall guy by the company he worked for to hide their own wrong-doings. The industrial accident that paralyzed him was supposed to kill him and destroy evidence. Widget is his way of getting back at the people who did this to him. Could make for a good anti-hero. Could make for a good villian too.

November 21st, 2005, 09:08 PM
Had a thought about the super-hero goes bad thing (or the reverse, a villain becoming a hero). How about this:

Every hero/villain starts out with a basic "piety-level" of 100. He also has a basic piety-stat. Whenever he does something "good" the piety-stat is added to the piety level; when he does something evil the piety-stat is deducted from the piety-level; if the piety level goes below zero, the hero/villain switches sides, and the piety level is reset to 100.

For example, attacking somebody could be an "evil" deed, but defending somebody (not themselves) could be a "good" deed. Extremely fickle characters would have a piety-stat of say 25; which means after 4 attacks, they'll change sides, if they never defend.

Interesting things are possible. For example, friendship. If two characters are friends, their piety level could be avaraged (round down) every round; attacking a friend could cost double piety, and protecting a friend could yield double piety. Things like that.

Androids, like Widget, could have a piety-stat of 0, which means they'll never change sides, unless through special events.

Of course, you'd have to playtest the precise numbers.

Just brainstorming here.

November 22nd, 2005, 01:40 AM
What about resources?--Well, I hope to keep things as simple as possible, the resources are in the cards, usually unlocked by a roll of the dice. (Which also allows a level of chance to what could otherwise be a straightforward game of matching numbers with totally predictable results.)

A superhero goes bad? For that matter what is a villian goes good? I have a couple of characters who are capable of that, Jolt is one of them. (I have not yet finished the other.) If I can work it out at least one character will be able to convince other players to her side.

Piety level? Interesting idea, let me think about it for a while. It would mean adding another number to the array. Or perhaps adding a few; 'if this other card is on the playing field, and this number is rolled, he changes sides.' There also might be room for 'if this other card is on the playing field, increase all attack levels by 2.'

Okay, comments on Widget;

Pretty much kind of what I was looking for. (Had thought about the idea of bad robots, but you've done it better) This is a very strong character, maybe just a bit too strong, I think there should be some weakness built into the system somewhere, a lower attack level and maybe a need to recharge. (On the other hand, Fury might be able to take him.) We also need to add some numbers, and or results, to the creative features, so it plays into the game, for example, "Capture attack; Arms and legs telescope to capture individuals with less than 8 Physical defense level, the card will be put directly into the Captured pile. Electroshock energy attack; stuns, opponent so he/she cannot attack for the next two turns. Brute strength, lowers defense points, then attack points, as usual." And perhaps with when the dice are rolled, (Um...aren't they all multiples of 1?) "Widget disguises itself and escapes, any attack is ineffective." These are suggestions, you may come up with something better. I hope this was not too painful, feel free to retaliate, I'm sure there are errors to be found in my cards.

Additional information which might be helpful: when two die are rolled, there are 21 possible combinations (or 36, depending on whether you count the transverse--I have not), number values ranging from 2 to 12, 6 possible doubles, 12 combinations are even, 9 are odd, combinations resulting in values of 6, 7 or 8 are most common, each occuring 3 times.

I'm also trying to think of a way for one card to defend another from an attack, and what the cost/benifits might be. Any ideas?


November 22nd, 2005, 02:05 AM
Holography should be a big drain on Widget's batteries, so I can see where it'd need to recharge. Maybe even find a conveinent plug and recharge while maintaining a holographic projection. If you think it's too strong, definitely make it weaker. It might be possible there's more than one of them too.

Maybe there's some sort of counter - a super/villian with an opposite power or some device that amplies the user's ability or modifier.

November 23rd, 2005, 01:37 AM
...maybe the guy who makes tidal waves appear out of nothing. Sounds good, but how to make the number part of the game reflect that?

The holography is a defense, perhaps if it's used, it lowers Widget's attack power levels, then if a certain number is rolled on the dice Widget can recharge. Just a thought.

No cards today, I'm still trying to figure out how to make the latest one work. It's kind of complicated. And I have a cold; I lose half of my mental defense score and my mental attack number is decrease by five. :rolleyes:

I'll be out of town for a few days, but I will check in when I can. Stay tuned, next week, the long awaited introduction of Alchemy, and Blue Jade. (among others.)