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December 9th, 2005, 03:59 AM
I finally received my copy of Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre Overview today, and it looks really first class. As a sort of coffee table book, it's a wonderful guide and resource for us struggling, Aussie spec-fic writers, and genre artists as well. :)

There's even a few of us SFFW members gracing the pages.

You can read what Horror Scope had to say about it HERE (http://ozhorrorscope.blogspot.com/2005/11/news-australian-speculative-fiction.html), and also find links and info on where you can grab a copy for yourself, if you don't have one already.

December 10th, 2005, 02:42 AM
Hi Neil - I got my copy too, and it's great to see you included ;-)

It's a nice looking book.


December 10th, 2005, 04:02 AM
Thanks, Simon, and likewise for your inclusion of course. :)

It will be interesting to see how the publication will evolve in future editions. Donna has done herself proud.

December 10th, 2005, 04:28 AM
Do you know if the collection includes anything by the super Ozzy writer, Geoff Maloney?

December 10th, 2005, 04:56 AM
Yes, he's also included. But it's not actually our work thats been compiled in the publication, but interviews and bios etc.

Rocket Sheep
December 10th, 2005, 10:36 PM
My copy's on order. Should be here any day.

December 10th, 2005, 11:54 PM
My copy's on order. Should be here any day.

Well, I can tell you that you look great in it! ;)

Hope it arrives for you soon. Mine took ages as well, and a few frantic emails to and fro with Donna. She must be so stressed at the moment.

Rocket Sheep
December 11th, 2005, 03:49 AM
Really? I sent a really ordinary photo... er... just quietly

Does Donna run the little bookshop too?

December 11th, 2005, 03:54 AM
Yes, I believe the book store on the ASF site is another of Donna's projects as well.

Rocket Sheep
December 13th, 2005, 01:34 AM
I got my copy today. It's great. Lots of great info about writers and artists and the people behind the anthologies. I've heard lots of people speak on the radio etc, and some of the faces are quite different to what I expected.

Your photos are both very nice. Very handsome and poised. Not just snaps outside, squinting in the heat, with your hair frizzing, that've been cut in half to take out most of Nalo Hopkinson bar one dreadlock (I think I chose the wrong photo but... I don't think anyone will recognise me from mine... unless I have a hangover or I'm sitting outside squinting in the heat with my hair frizzing next to a free-roaming dreadlock).