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The DarkSide
April 1st, 2000, 06:27 AM
At first the world was one. The lands, though separated by The Great Ocean, were well mixed and shared their wealth with one another. But the lands began to drift apart as the people of Horen, also known as The Magi, keep to their old ways of magic and chivalry, while the people of Mertz advanced far into the bows of technology harnessing the powers of electricity. Soon the two lands began to feud and war broke out. It soon became apparent that each had advantage over the other is destructible ways. In an attempt to save the world a group of anti-war mages called the Peacekeepers gave their lives to build a giant magical border across The Great Ocean to seal to two worlds away from one another. …

…This occurred a thousand years ago and the worlds have long become separate from one another. In the land of http://www.sim-battle.8m.com the people of Horen have put an end to the long lasting Technological Inquisition and those Techie who remain alive in the Magi land hold dear to their ways.
http://www.sim-battle.8m.com is a chat-based RPG that uses the abundant supply of creativity that’s given from it’s players to feed it’s own quests. It’s built and run by Veteran Simmers and is by far one of the best Sim-based sites around with three different and creative BattleChats. You’ll be sucked in from the moment you set foot on their welcome mat.

“Battle like the pros, oh yea, sign me up for one of them ass whoppin’s”