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December 11th, 2005, 05:10 PM
Just saw quite a funny show. It was a plot for a comedy called Heat Vision and Jack staring Jack Black and Owen Wilson and directed & written by Ben Stiller back in 1999. Sadly it was for the Fox network so never got picked up.

For UK people, the show is a bit like an American version of Garth Marenghiís Darkplace. As there Darkplace parodied British sci-fi programming like Doctor Who and Sapphire and Steel, Heat Vision and Jack parodies stuff like Knight Rider and The 6 Million Dollar Man.

Jack Black plays NASA astronaut Jack Austin who has been changed while on a space mission (wonít say what, in case you decide to download it). Owen Wilson plays his best friend who has been turned in to a motorcycle aka Heat Vision. Jack and Heat Vision are on the run from NASA, being chased byÖ well the actor Ron Silver playing Ron Silver actor/NASA hit man. In an A-Team like style, while they are on the run they come across people in need. In the plot they are helped out by the local sheriff Ė played by Christine Taylor (Ben Stillerís wife).

The effects are intentionally bad as is the plot, acting and script. However, much like Darkplace itís so cheesy itís quality.

Rumour has it that itís being developed as a potential movie.