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December 4th, 2000, 09:14 AM
How many of you like to role-play?
have you ever heard of MUD? (Multi User Dimension or Dungeon) Its like AD&D but funner and more origanal and you can play online using telnet or Z-mud. (zugg's multi-user-dungeon client) Personaly I play a more RP oriented game, (Compared to some more hack-an-slash games) called Cardea.If you like the idea you should try it out. E-mail me at ominousblade@aol.com if you want info or anything.

December 6th, 2000, 06:55 PM
well, I first played on the internet back in 1991 on a mud called Igor. Great hack and slash mud. Subsequently have also played on Ancient Anguish Mud, was a wizard on the now-defunct dark towers mud, and have wound up playing on a role-play only MOO called Virtuapern. I originally met my fiance online through virtuapern too. So I guess you could say I liked the rp scene.
Still, muds and moos are in decline which is a shame really. I'll admit I'm not really an active player any more. Some things you grow out of. *shrug*

December 7th, 2000, 02:55 AM
You should really try Cardea, it is great. And as for the decline I still know a few GREAT muds, its just you got used to mediocre muds.

Elan Morin Tedronai
November 21st, 2001, 02:38 AM
For 2 nights I have passed Icewind Dale!
Now I'm playng Baldur's Gate 1! After I pass her I'll import my paladin on Baldur's Gate 2!

November 21st, 2001, 03:12 PM
I've done RP stuff like Dungeons and Dragons, although have kind of stopped that due to (a) too many claims on my time, and (b) my little RP circle has fallen apart http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/frown.gif

I was very heavily into MUDs when I first got the net about five or six years ago, and started off on the MUDs based on Eddings' Belgariad books/world. Since then I've also played a great sci-fi MUD I can't remember the name of, and quite a few others. Some MUDs start off interesting and grow boring quickly, and others are hard to break into because all the players have a very tightly-knit circle. I'd love to play again, but at the moment don't have the time.

February 8th, 2006, 10:29 AM
i like to play adnd and dnd 3rd edition

February 8th, 2006, 10:55 AM
I used to roleplay but in E-wrestling. Really enjoyed it for a time

February 9th, 2006, 02:39 AM
I played a LotR based MUD for a while when I first got on the internet. I can't even remember what it was called now unfortunately but it was quite fun at the time.

I switched to playing graphic based MUDs such as Ultima Online and Everquest after that and found them to be more involving as games if somewhat lacking in the roleplaying department. You can play on roleplaying servers and most people tried to roleplay on these servers but due to the popularity of the games you tend to get a lot of people who are less interested in roleplay and more interested in being twats :p

Broken Skies X
March 12th, 2006, 07:57 PM
Hmm, i had been playin Dark Legacy, its a great mud really, good if you don't have ne thing else to do really, still fun to play

May 11th, 2006, 01:53 PM
well i have set up a forum specifically for roleplaying but i only have 1 member..me! would some of yall join and tell your friends please?its at http://forum.aceboard.net/?login=193137 thank you dudes!