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January 7th, 2006, 05:23 PM
This is just to show my progress so far. These questions were posed to me by Onions for one of my short stories.
These are the answers I came up with.

- How do people find a place to live? Build their own shacks?
- If not, who builds the houses? Do they live alone, in family groups, in larger communities (to save on rent)?

Local and outer city masons/builders would be contracted to build housing units and such for the city. People could build their own if materials are available. Peole typically live in apartment communities, some families live together, other people choose to live alone.

- How do people get food, clothing, heating material etc every day? Buy them in shops? Barter? Scavenge? Where does it come from?

Clothing is made and handed down; Heating & Cooling systems are built into housing units. Bartering and scavenging go on often. Economic support is given by outer city-states via shipments of food, clothes, other items, etc.

- What products are valuable, because rare?
- Who controls the means of production?

Not sure yet.

- Is there money? Who has the most of it?

Yes, but not very much revolves within the city. Outer cities have more and the country's capitol has most of it.

- How are your classes distributed? (very rich people, poor, bourgeois?)

Most people in the city are either poor or middle class, and are or have been educated in nearby cities who have existing public school systems. The rich typically live near the capitol, and they attend private schools.

- How does religion get instrumentalised? To provide meaning? To discipline? To dupe the masses?

It's the same as always, their leaders preaching one thing, and doing another. Not many have much faith left as a result of the war they've been through.

- What knowledge has been lost, which still exists?

The Fallen have lost the knowledge of their true identities after being cast into human bodies to suffer for their defiance. However, it is still within the mind and a few elders know of the events foretold to occur.

- Politics: who rules? On what merit? What story have they invented to explain the atomic faux pas? Does everyone accept this as common lore or are there different rumours?

The Republic of Leona rules over the small counry of Persaphone.
-On the merit of traditional rule of heir along with a council of advisors.
-Everyone knows the nuclear attack was retaliation from another country years before, so there is no need for lore or rumors.

- Crime: how is it organised, who, if anyone, fights it?

Crime is organized via gangs and such. Other gangs of different persuasions fight to defent their territories and the people within them.

I'll post back in a while to give a synopsis of this story as well as the names of the cities/countries involved in it. BTW, I will descride who The Fallen are if it isn't already obvious. Thanx again Onions ~Angela

Comments and crit welcome for answers and synopsis when I post back.