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November 27th, 1999, 02:52 AM
An epic battle and a wonderful real-time-strategy in 3D... If you want to experience some of the feeling of excitement and grandeur which you encounter in Epic SF tales like Star Wars and Babylon5 you cannot simply miss this game... It will captivate you from the first moment... And NO I do not work for Sierra :-)

Cheers from the Virtual Voyager - Boldly venturing into the fringes of Virtual Space

Black Echo
January 30th, 2001, 05:05 AM
Homeworld was a grand game, I was caught up in it from the moment I opened the rule book, seeing the Terran Trade Authority-esque inspired vessels, mostly reminding me of Peter Elson paintings from the '70's. The artwork looked like it was taken from ILM's story boards for a new Star Wars movie.

My one contention was that the one scenario that really disrupted the whole story line was the ghost ship. That was just dumb. It broke a good story's back and it never healed after that.

The first few missions were incredible! The story and atmosphere were very rich and moved quite fast. The Gardens of Khadesh were also incredible with their story (no spoiler here), but when we moved to the Ghost Ship it was like hitting a speed bump at 70mph and getting thrown off of the highway then having to drive a wrecked vehicle to the final destination. THAT scenario could have been substituted for something far better, or wider ranging.

The ship graveyard was also very cool. Anyone notice the debris of the Tantive IV (rebel blockade runner) from Star Wars? There were many Tantive IV wrecks scattered around the graveyard, and I think the graveyard was the remains of a Dyson's sphere, see the 'struts' far off in space in the background?

Overall (I'm not finished yet, on the destroy the hypershield, whatever emitter mission), it was one of the deepest and most fulfilling games I've played yet. I've gone back and played it just to get some screen shots (playing with the ships) that rival anything seen in the TTA books!

January 12th, 2002, 03:37 PM
If you liked Homeworld, I urge you to buy the next one, Cataclysm.. Also very good. http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/smile.gif