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February 6th, 2006, 08:56 PM
Note: There's only one rule (if you don't mind). Each story must have a 'see no evil', 'hear no evil', or 'speak no evil' sort of theme. Doesn't matter how you do it, just give it a try, lol.

My breath became labored, as if each intake would be the cause of my death--half sobs, that was all I could afford. The knife, slick with blood, grew heavy; in my hands the weight of it seemed to intensify. Heavier and heavier it grew, until the weapon dropped from its trembling wielder. What have I done? I sank to the ground unceremoniously. What have I done?

Soft breeze began to nibble at me, but I paid them little attention.

I pressed my head close to my knees, refusing to see the apparitions. In my mind I could still see them, however, their faces a silent reminder of what I was. Their wordless speeches were forced into my head, demanding that I carry out their will.

I donít want this. My mental thought was nothing but a whimper compared to theirs, a pathetic pled to those with powers that I could barely comprehend. Reflectively, my hands darted to my ears. I forced them shut, refusing to listen. See no evil, hear no evil. I began to rock back and forth. See no evil, hear no evil.

The words were my only weapon against these wraiths. Knives, swords, and spears had no effect on them.

The sound of footsteps on damp grass came, hauntingly familiar, yet it felt so distant. Please, I donít want to hurt no one. Let me live my life the way I want it.

The taste of salt was unmistakable in my mouth. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

The sound grew closer; my chants grew louder within my mind. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

And then...

August 13th, 2006, 10:07 PM
She stopped. I could feel her standing beside me. The hairs on my body stoop upright. I tried to be as still as I could. My eyes were shut. My ears were shut. See no evil. Hear no evil.

I could hear a soft laughter. As if in the distance. I knew it was her. I could still hear her. The sound traveled through me, paralyzing me. Instantly, my hands came down. My eyes opened. I could see her. I wanted to run away, but I couldn't move. I could hear her laughter.

"Pretty good for a newcomer." She finally spoke.

I looked down at the grass beneath me. I wished I was a blood stained blade of grass. I wished I could disappear. I wished I was dead.

"Come. I have a bigger job for you." She cackled as she disappeared into the wind.

I was alone but I could feel her presence. Don't look up. See no evil. She was whispering things into my ears. Hear no evil. I didn't want to, but I was slowly following her...

September 16th, 2006, 04:23 AM
This has the makings of a great storyline. If I may, I would like to develop the character a little bit. May I also make a suggestion? Now that the theme "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" has been firmly established, I suggest that we don't have to use the words again and again in our contributions.

I was both awed and horrified by the power she held over me. I fought hard to shut out the terrible thoughts and images that plagued my mind, but the demons that seemed to do her bidding had suffocated my will. They controlled me now, making my body do their bidding instead of mine. If only I had the strength to run, to fight back. I knew it was useless to do so.

Reciting the mantra "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" made little difference, except that these words, drummed into my head when I was a child, comforted me somehow as I blindly followed the she-wraith.

The waif-like creature seemed to float in the mist. The chill breeze that accompanied the apparition also seemed to give her form. She was beckoning me, pulling me towards her, giggling and teasing me. "This way, lover. Come," was all she would say.

I vaguely remembered reading medieval texts on the subject of the succubus. It was part of the teachings at my seminary, to prepare men of God, such as I was until two nights ago, to recognize the many facets of evil. My bishop had warned me that the Devil would send emissaries in many forms to tease and tempt me into doing his bidding. At the time, I thought this was so draconian. These teachings came right out of the middle ages. Christianity had long progressed from such superstitious nonsense.

Yet, here I was, a 21st century man of God, armed also with the knowledge of modern science, albeit it lay-knowledge, being manipulated so easily by an apparition, a creature so fair of face, but with a heart of pure evil. An emissary of the devil.

I easily pulled the blade from between the corpse's shoulder blades as it lay face down in the sod, licked it clean with my tongue, and got up, grinning at the apparition the whole time. Why had she come to me? Why was she doing this, making me perform such vile acts?

My will was gone. I was her servant. A servant of evil...

February 26th, 2007, 10:45 PM
a servant of evil, and i shall continue to do this evil justice. She was speaking to me because she knew i had the power and will in me, the power and will to kill, hear no evil no longer layed true in my state of being.

She was sending voices into my head telling me to run, run away from it all and kill whomever tries to be an obstacle to my freedom, my freedom was a neccesity, i just killed a man in cold blood but i had still seen no evil. To me it was justice to the cause i was scared but reassured by the friendly female voice in my head instructing me of what to do next.

and she said...

March 6th, 2007, 04:28 PM
"Lover, come with me. This way, this way."

Blindly I followed, through the night, across the lonely moor, lit by the milky moonlight. As I ran, the apparition floated ahead of me. Always, she seemed to be moving just slightly faster than me, as though she was getting ahead of me. And yet, she seemed to remain fixed in front of me. She was teasing me, always staying just ahead while managing to appear as though she was accelerating away from me. She was my carrot-on-a-stick as I ran across the moor, and I was her puppet-on-a-string.

My breath was becoming ragged now. I had been running for what seemed like a long time; hours? I was flagging, feeling tired, needing a rest. I half-stumbled. "Where are we going?" I panted.

"Not far now, my love. Not far. You'll see. Come."

Ahead of me, bathed in the pale moonlight, the moor rose. It was a shallow incline, yet it seemed to go on forever. I knew that whatever task she had set for me would become clear. All I had to do was run up this hillock to find out. I slowed my pace to prepare for the run up the incline. Suddenly, I felt her around me. She must have sensed my tiredness because as she wrapped herself around me, I felt a sudden vigor that I had not felt before. The feeling was exhilarating. My tiredness vanished in an instant. I felt like leaping as I ran up the hill, running faster now. I raced to the top, laughing all the way.

As I reached the top, I looked out over the moor before me. She was carrying me forward, urging me to run. I wanted to stop running....horrified at what I saw ahead of me, and horrified at what I knew I must do. Ahead of me, with floodlights blazing, stood a prison. I baulked. Surely I would die in there. I fretted, became afraid.

Then I heard her speaking to me again; the temptress, the voice inside my head. "Fear not, lover. I will protect you. I will keep you safe from harm. I will see that you get the job done."

With that I smiled, no longer the God-fearing minister of old. "Thou shalt not kill". Those words echoed in my head, but no longer was I bound by them. The men in that prison were about to be claimed by the evil that they had wrought upon others. They were sinners who had not atoned for their sins. I will make them atone. I will purge the world of this evil, using evil to do it. But, what of the guards? They had not sinned. In fact, they were doing the job of keeping the sinners contained in one place.

Once again, I heard her in my thoughts, cleansing me of doubt. "They are ordinary men. Once they were good men, but now they are evil too, just like the evil men they are guarding. They, too, must die!"

With all doubt removed, I ran on, knowing what I must do.