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February 28th, 2006, 05:21 PM
Im pretty sure its a christian book.

I think it starts out where there is some kind of war..and this guy takes his family to maybe his lab? and puts them into tube like things so that they can survive after the war is over...and then the boy wakes up years later and i think there is a man that is there thats maybe a little man like a dwarf?he has to go find his family...and he meets werid creatures along the way to different lands to find his family.i know he has to hide through out the book i think because hes a human he cant be seen im not sure though? I think on the cover it looks like a deseret with crumbling bulidings around and i think hes flying on something. I remember that i loved this book and i would really like to know the name so i can buy it again. Thanks~