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March 5th, 2006, 04:42 PM
Hi guys, if you've seen our comics section you'll know it's not really up to scratch but we intend to change that and we'd like your help. Basically the staff will be burning the midnight oil to put up lots of official reviews, news and some articles. We'd like to ask for your help by submitting reader reviews and adding to our comics A-Z if your willing, so that the comics section can become as interesting, enjoyable and productive as the rest of the site :)


Liam Sharp
March 6th, 2006, 06:29 AM
What's really interesting about comic readers, I've found, is that they are creatures of habit and only really read what they know. The biggest problem we've had as a fledgeling publishing outfit is getting people to look at what we do, or read any Event Horizon related threads. If I put Event Horizon in the title, for instance, most long term comic readers skip it as it means nothing to them. They won't check it out out of curiosity, they'll go straight to what they know.
As somebody who's been in the industry for twenty years I'm thinking of doing a monthly piece here about the great stuff that's being missed, the unsung heroes, the classic graphic novels, the inherent troubles with comics in general, and my experiences - as an artist primarily, but also as a writer and publisher - and it would be great if we could actually have some impact on what people chose to pick up.
I beseach you, spread your wings! The good stuff is right under your nose, and isn't always produced by DC, Marvel or DarkHorse...