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April 21st, 2006, 08:40 AM
I read several books about 10-13 years ago by an author that i cant remember the name of now, nor can i remember the names of the books. They were sci-fi, and connected in setting but each was a standalone story.

I think the first one was about a man operating a starship trading vessel alone, somehow taking on a female passenger, then they were transported to some far end of the galaxy by accident and eventually ended up crashing on a planet that supported life. They found human-like people there, with almost no technology, settled down and taught the people about their technology and essentially started a new civilization on that planet. The next book(s) was set far in the future of that planet when they were about to launch their first interstellar flight, and i believe it was about a boy and an old man and their fight against the corrupt/totalitarian government (this might actually have been some sort of prelude though, or set in the earth of the future that the 2 humans from the first book left behind, cant really remember). Then another book about people from that planet returning to or looking for earth to look for the roots of their civilization (think they had a stowaway onboard as well, that had telepathic abilities). Think it was 4-6 books or so in all.

Also remember another sci-fi book that im unsure if it was from the same author as the others, about a young girl somehow ending up on a newly constructed enormous starship that takes off with her in cryosleep. I Believe it was a sort of Noahs Arch, with a destination of another galaxy, carrying enough people to restart civilization on another planet. Might be off on that though. She wakes up, alone, as the ship has suffered damage (i think), and its forced to land on a planet that isnt its destination. For some reason i cant remember noone else could wake up or was allowed to wake up and she is forced to explore the new planet on her own, with the ships AI helping her. She also finds humans or near-humans on this planet if i remember correct, and there is some sort of conflict where she is forced to use weapons from the ship.

Might be they were written with a teenage/young audience in mind as i was a teenager myself when i read them, but i remember enjoying them and would like to remember who it was that wrote them. Dont remember if i read them in english, but im fairly conficent it must be an english language author(or authors) in original, since we dont really have any significant sci-fi authors in Sweden. Have a very faint recollection of a long'ish lastname with an L or two somewhere in it, but that might be wrong (and its not Heinlein).

Any help would be appreciated :)