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April 22nd, 2006, 04:11 PM
I'm trying to figure out the titles of some science fiction books I read 10+ years ago and hoping the sffworld hivemind can help me out.

Book 1) Every morning, folks drink some liquid that messes with their memories, causing people to live in the moment. A young man rebels and stops taking his drink and is sent to a reformation camp or something. This could possibly be a young adult title. Publication date guess of 1975-1985

Book 2) A criminal/retarded person from the far future is sent back to current day earth for his crimes. He's still a genius with psychic powers. Hijinks insue. Could possibly be a young adult title. Publication date guess of 1975-1985

Book 3) There's a time traveller, he goes back in time right before Russians attack the US. He has some misadventures as he travels around. There's a ape-king-thing in one of the time-lines (or a crazy king with a weird ape-man in a cage). He gets himself to an alternate-history past where a creator of a time machine helps him get back to normal time where he arrives in a frozen moment and there's some manner of gas attack occuring. Publication date guess of 1950-1970

Book 4) Post-apocalyptic tale of Merlin who is either reborn, or had been stuck in stasis and suffers amnesia for awhile, but he's a young man in a post-apoc world. He gains power as the book progresses. No publication date guess.

I realize this stuff is vague, hence why I haven't had much luck in the past figuring out what the titles/authors of these books could be.