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April 23rd, 2006, 01:51 AM
For anyone who is a hard core gamer and is very upset with the way the movie industry has ****ed up various games (Like myself), You can relax for the time being. Today I watched Silent Hill, and although they changed the main character, they did an awesome job with the movie. I congradulate them for being the first to make a video game movie the right way. Silent Hill was a great movie, and most of all, it felt like Silent Hill. They used aspects from all of the games, and the scenery was flawless, you truely were watching silent hill on the big screen.
This has made my day very great.
So dont worry, I dont think they plan on releasing the next Resident Evil Movie untill another year. So we can relax with what we were handed with silent hill and not worry about shitty directors ruining great games. Thank God.

April 23rd, 2006, 01:58 AM
and actually to follow up my last post I wanted to add something. The people who made the Silent Hill movie did what I wish most would. They made it so that if you had never seen or played the game, you would get the feeling that the game gave off. And that what I want to see, I meen ALOT of people who watch these movies are not familliar with the game. There fore they get the wrong iamge for games such as resident evil. With silent hill you get the TRUE image that the game had created and that all I could ever ask for. You dont have to be exact or dead on, just keep it how its supposed to be.
That is all