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June 12th, 2006, 12:45 PM
Hello all ... I'm new here, so if this query is in the wrong forum, I apologize.

When I was a wee laddie I got a book out of my school's library. It was a young adult-type book with a Sci-Fi theme, and I believe it's what started my interest in the genre. For nostalgic reasons I've been wanting to find it, but unfortunately I don't recall the author's name or the title.
Here's what I do recall about the book:

-Likely written in the early sixties.
-It dealt with a young boy who finds an alien artifact, a small marble-sized metal sphere. The "marble" responds to his mental commands; for instance it can fly through the air at his bidding.
-Someone (the government? the aliens who created it? both?) wants to get their hands on it.
-At one point in the story the sphere is stolen by an adult (a government Man In Black-type, I think), so the boy wills it to heat up in the man's pocket, burning the guy and causing him to hastily get rid of it.
-I believe there was a secondary alien device, some sort of block with metal bristles on top. This part is especially hazy, but it seemed to factor in as something important in the story.

If these details ring any bells, I would appreciate any info anyone can provide. It may turn out to be a very obscure little thing that no one else read, in which case, thanks very much anyway for your time. :)

Now I'm going to peruse the forum and get to know some of you!