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Monty Mike
June 22nd, 2006, 12:27 PM
What a beautiful film. I quote:

He left the Royal Palace and went alone into the forest. This departure took place more than 2,500 years ago. Was that flight an abandonment of the world? No, the departure was simply the process of returning. In fact he never left. He came back inside us all. You know the reason for his departure was to come back totally within us? I became a hermit to free myself from the dust and the dirt of the world, looking for perfection. But I realized that it was impossible without loving the garbage and the dust of the world, even life’s passions. One has to embrace all manner of things. If it is easy to fight against reality and fate, it is difficult to love them. What a beautiful world when you know how to love it! The world is not imperfect. I think imperfection is in our language, our knowledge, our consciousness.

Isn’t enlightenment a dream?

Since I believed in Enlightenment, I left the world. But when I look at the things I sacrificed, I seem to be full of bitterness and I was afraid I would fall into a hell of remorse. “Saving humanity”? What does it mean to those who left father, mother, wife and children…for enlightenment? Who is Buddha? Who isn’t he? Is it not said that there is no Buddha and no creature unenlightened? I am going back to the world, to the turbulence of life.