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June 24th, 2006, 09:32 AM
Well i'm writing a sci-fi novel (First attempt ever writing a novel)) a brief background is a couple of heros basically having an integral role in the saving of a Galaxy from a Power looking to take it over completley. Im focusing very much on the Characters and some of the main ones are involved in things that overall have very little impact on the greater issues, but contribute nevertheless in their own small way. Its soley based on humans, while i have weird creatures im not including alien races. I'd really like some opinions from any sci-fi readers as to what sort of things are good in such a book and what things to avoid, i've got plenty of my own ideas but any advice would be more than welcome. for example is it always neccessary to go into detail about any new creatures or spaceships etc..etc

June 24th, 2006, 11:06 AM
Go into detail only as needed. If the creature is merely a part of the background used to show how different this world is from our own, a general description with emphasis on its odd/unique features works well. Avoid an excess of descriptive creatures, keeping such things to encounters with your characters.

FOR EXAMPLE: Maybe they are having lunch and some beast 'phases' in one wall, tramples a patron or two in the dinning room and 'phases' out again. Maybe this creature is unique to a certain part of the planet and its presence is a shock, starting an investigation. Such a scene would set your world apart from Earth and spark a mystery maybe leading whatever character is investigating into your main storyline.