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July 16th, 2006, 01:37 AM
(The story itself takes place over the years the following description takes place.)
The City of Blackened Metal is a dead city. I guess you could say a giant ghost town. Few live here, only about 300 in a city which could populate 100,000. The city has been abandoned for 40 years now and the hopes of ever repopulating the city were lost about 20 years ago when the cities infrastructure was declared unsafe and infested with various rodents and diseases. 40 Years ago the city experienced a depression along with the rest of the country, but this city was hit the hardest of all. Much of the population who lived here were either put out of a job or were sent off to the countries civil war. The following years were sad ones too. The cities industry and business' shut down one at a time until all that was left was a few meager business' which attempted to sell items but soon they went out as well. By the end of the countries civil war 32 years ago many returned to nothing. They were depressed by the state of their country, their homes, and their loss of the war. The following two years were even more devastating. The countries new leaders who came up through the coup which the civil war preceded changed into a communist type country. Many resisted and were either killed or had fled the country. It wasn't until another ten years later the city had nearly met its end. A fire started in part of the city from some kind of arson and it spread rapidly from building to building creating an inferno which claimed the lives of about 2,000 men, women, and children. The first week was considered a tragedy of the fire. The fire was going for another two years and by then the city was considered a complete loss and was abandoned by the countries leader due to financial deprivation too the city. For the next twenty years the city sat untouched by civilization and the fire which consumed a seventh of the city had finally died five years ago. After 17 years of burning though the city was covered in ash due to the North winds which carried the smoke and ash across the city which soon caused the city to by dub as the City of Blackened Metal. Now 300 or so people live in the city, but only a handful still sane enough to be considered human.

July 16th, 2006, 02:26 AM
welcome to sffworld.

I moved your thread from the General Fiction forum to here because I think you are asking for critique?
It would be helpful to also write in your posts what you want or why you post it. :)

If I am wrong with my assumption, feel free to tell us what you want. Not a threat but just in general: if you only want to advertise your writing with this, the thread will be removed.